Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!!!!!!! For once I will share something non-poopie related! Hey, I love other things than poopies. Here is Auld Lang Syne finally sung correctly. I never thought anyone could sing this correctly that I had to play it over and over. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frosty the Poo Man!!!1!!

Today I finally decided to make that snowman I wanted to make. Unfortunately whenever I walked outside it was 50 degrees and all my snow had melted. But, being the resourceful person I am I went out to the meadow and found some delicious cow poopies. After snacking on those for a few moments, I had an idea! Making a snowman out of poopies. I collected all the delicious corn laden poo bits and rolled them all up into a nice snowman. Then I took some of my dried up black poopies for the eyes and mouth. And of course, I shoved the carrot where it belongs... up the poopie hole!!! Mmm... and edible snowman. My neighbours are probably proud of my art work. I know there are, because when they walk by they have tears of joy from the delightful smells of my sculpture!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year's Resolutions

It is a couple of days before 2011 and I have been sitting here thinking up some New Year's Resolutions. Here they are:

1. Fist my poopie hole shoulder deep instead of just elbow deep! I should be able to get it all the way in!
2. Fit my entire face up my Ethan's poo hole and just inhale his pooey gasses like a bong hit!
3. Write Popanator: The Novel, so all of you can figure out what is wrong with me!
4. Make the prefect poopie souflee and share it with my love!
5. Save up my diarrhea until June and swim in it in a pool!
6. Make the perfect poopie painting and get it hung in a art museum.

I know the pic has nothing to do with the post, but it just makes me so hawnee. My Ethan loves to shove things up his willy, sometimes poopies. Mmmm.....

Make a New Year's Resolution to buy the best crap!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Poppy Pants Superstar!!!!

Funny Pictures
If I were gonna write a musical, I think I'd call it "Poopy Pants Superstar." I can't get that out of my head... "poopy pants, SUPERstaaaaaaaar!" I mean think about it. What could be more powerful than the ability to save your poopies in the convenient pocket you're already wearing every place you go? It's like the naughty equivalent of being able to save some kind of religious artifact.

When the time gets nigh, make sure to hold your beloved tighter than an unfisted sphincter underneath the poopytoe. If you've never hung up a poopytoe before, that's just a mistletoe decorated with delicious, lovely corn laden poo. Maybe I'm just a lovesick little puppy, but my Ethan just drives my poopy hole into spasms of love and lust and just plain gooey goodness. He really fists my shithole, if ya know what I mean ;)

So maybe one of these days you'll hit the local theater and check out Poopy Pants Superstar- I'm not that good at writing long stuff, but if you guys wanted to see it, I'd do whatever it takes to make you guys happy. I mean it- I love you guys. If you were hurt, I'd fist out my own guts to use as a tourniquet, and coat your wounds with holy healing poopies- because you absolutely rock!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

On the Twelth Day of Fistmas...

On the twelfth day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me twelve humpers humping,

eleven pissy fountains,
ten dead cats rotting,
nine maggots dancing,
eight poopy cookies,
seven anal rodents,
six steamers steaming,
five fisty fists,
four rainbow turds,
three ass pies,
two corny cobs,
and a poopy right on my knee.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Fistmas!

Fistmas is the most beautiful time of the year. People actually came to my door to sing songs today, and I gave them a lovely, steamy bowl of poopies. They were so moved, they cried out in joy and started running around like roaches in a toilet bowl. I tell ya, the Fistmas spirit took them like I'd never seen before. Well, I saw Ethan get that "moved" before, but that was during sex. These are either some extremely devout Fistmas followers, or some extremely hawnee people, I'm not sure which. I guess that could be the same thing.

But anyway, I've decked the halls, and gotten such great Fistmas gifts. I only wish I could've stuffed the entire tree up mah poopy hole- that would have truly been a Fistmas miracle. I mean seriously, that tree is taller than I am- it would've come out my mouth like the time I swallowed that toilet brush and got really intense hiccups.

I've gained a little weight this Fistmas season, too. Although I'm gonna be eating leftover maggots and dead cats for awhile (I got A LOT of them), they make very nice side dishes with mah poopy meals. Yep, the old Popanator eats more than just the shit on mah knees. You know it's important to take care of yourself, especitally around the holidays. So it's good to have nice, balanced meals that deliver plenty of nutrition, especially poopy power.

Now if you'll excuse me, Ethan has some especially musky mistletoe he'd like to kiss me under. I know where that's been... hehe.

Last chance to get the perfect Fistmas gift!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

On the Tenth Day of Fistmas...

On the tenth day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me ten dead cats rotting,

nine maggots dancing,
eight poopy cookies,
seven anal rodents,
six steamers steaming,
five fisty fists,
four rainbow turds,
three ass pies,
two corny cobs,
and a poopy right on my knee.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just answer the poll!

Just another day at the ofc of Popanator LLC. Seriously guys, answer the poll. I want to know how better to make this website an awesome experience. Soon I will be moving my info to a new site and I want to know what products you want to see. I am the poopie genie and shit out whatever you want. Just answer the poll arleady or make a note in the comments. Its all anonymous and I want to serve my poopie freaks!

Fistmas Presents

I was wrapping some Fistmas presents today and found a barbie doll. She was there with her legs kinda spread showing those clean white panties. It made me so hawnee I fingered my shithole and whiped the pooey wet juices on those panties. MMmm... Then I realized I made an action figure!! A poopie action figure! I put the doll back in the box happy that I just took a boring present and turned it into something awesome!!!

Just say no to boring gifts!

On the Eight day of Fistmas...

On the eighth day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me eight poopy cookies,

seven anal rodents,
six steamers steaming,
five fisty fists,
four rainbow turds,
three ass pies,
two corny cobs
and a poopy right on my knee.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Delightful Smells!

I haven't had time to bathe the past few days.  My panties have the msot delisicous smell today. They smell like a can of tuna. Also, my anal leekage has been dripping on my panties too! I took a big wiff of the tuna scented poopies and just got so hungry I ate the crotch of my panties! It was like eating Chicken of the Sea in my panties! Mmmm...

Only 6 more shopping days until Fistmas!

On the Sixth Day of Fistmas...

On the sixth day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me six steamers steaming,
five fisty fists
four rainbow turds,
three ass pies,
two corny cobs,
and a poopy right on my knee.

Friday, December 17, 2010

On the Fourth Day of Fistmas...

On the fourth day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me four rainbow turds,

three ass pies,
two corny cobs,
and a poopy right on my knee.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On the Second Day of Fistmas...

On the second day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me two corny cobs,
and a poopy right on my knee.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On the First Day of Fistmas...

On the first day of Fistmas my shit hole gave to me a poopy right on my knee.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Your Turn!

Get a Voki now!

Hello there my poopie freaks! Popanator here again! Today I'm asking for something really special. Your feedback! Please write in the comments what you think, how you feel about the site. What you like and don't like about the Popanator. Feel free to write anything about corn laden poo, Fistmas, or the Zazzle site. Thanks, guys! You're the best!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Romance with my shit buddy!

I love shit, I love poopies, and I love my Ethan. Say what you will about religion, but that's my holy trinity right there. I found out that this company is making a two person toilet the other day, and I wanna save up and buy the first one. That is probably the most romantic idea for introducing "vanilla" people to the joys of a proper poop fetish, and what it means to share your poopies with your partner. As a matter of fact, I want whoever designed that beautiful beast to autograph it for me, so I'll have a real collector's item. Then Ethan and I can poop together, and then swap seats and enjoy the little brown presents we leave one another in our own bowls.
We tried dog bowls once, but that was kinda strange.

I think it's great that I have a man who loves my naughty little poop fetish. If I didn't have one, that handsome, wonderful man would've gone and found himself another girl who did. So I guess I'm grateful that I'm a little kooky sometimes, because I just wouldn't have my life any other way. I hope this Fistmas season, you guys all take some time to think of what you're happy and grateful for- because Fistmas is about more than just shit holes.
The perfect gift for your shit buddy!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

If I were queen...

Sometimes I dream of life being queen. I would have my own little poopy land and Fistmas will be a natural holiday. I would stit upon my throne which will be a toilet. Mmm... Then I would ocassionally bob for corn laden snacks. I would have a robe made of toilet paper and a crown made of poopies with the corn being my jewels. I would spread the love of poopies and have everyone worship the big 80ft tall poopie. He is a magical creature that spreads all that warm squishy goodness.

There will be no hunger in my land. We will just keep eating our poopies and never go hungry. There will aslo be fields of blue and yellow corn so we can all have delicious corn laden poo.

All offical business will be done from my bathroom, which would be everyone room of the house. The walls will be painted in delicious poopies for all to lick. MMmmmm..... All furniture will be made from poopies. Poopies are a renewable resource. We will never run out of poopies.

People will love me. I would stop the wasting of delicious poopies. We try to bury them and hide them. Imagine if we used them and ate them! No more waste. Also, with the extra poopies we can make poopie artwork. It will keep the local artists in business. Mmmm...

That is all of my fantasy for now. Just imagine a world of delicious corn laden poo....
Decorate your castle!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Fistmas Rant

A lot of people out there think they have the Fistmas spirit, when all they really have is some kinda half formed diarrhea bullshit going on upstairs. The Popanator may not have all her marbles all color coordinated or whatever, but at least... uh, yeah. I love mah Fistmas! Anyway, I see people who've corrupted the season by doing things that are just plain wrong, when they know better. Like the other day, I saw somebody honoring the ancient tradition of drawing a big heart on their door with poopies- only they weren't doing it right, god damnit!
This weirdo thought that stringing up a bunch of plants in some lame circle on her door was good enough to honor Fistmas- it made me wanna fist her poopy hole wearing a big glove made of coal. I know for a fact that that hurts like hell, and that might learn her the Fistmas spirit. I don't know what's wrong with a person like that- don't they understand that this is a holy season of poopies and togetherness? Plants, man, WTF?!?!?! It ain't Arbor Day!
I even saw that most beloved cultural icon being disrespected the other day. Everybody knows that Fisty Claus brings the tastiest poopies to all the little children of the world, with a special emphasis on the ones who don't poop very well. You may not know this, but at one point the Popanator wasn't blessed with all this poopy power like she is now. And Fisty Claus saved me in a very important way- TESTIFY! But these corn laden fucktards have given him the derogatory title of Sanah, or something dumb like that. I hope their shit holes don't even get fisted this year, the traitors!
Spread the spirit of Fistmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Fistmas Carol

Here is a Fistmas carol I love to sing around the Holiday season. Its called "Tony the Gayman" Sing it in the tune of Frosty the snowman:

Tony the Gayman was a jolly faggy soul

With a corn cop pipe shoved up his prick

And two dicks up his ass

Tony the Gayman is a fairy tale they say

He was made of gizz

But the faggots know how he came to life one day

There must of been some magic in

That ol' dildo they found

For when they shoved it up his ass

He began to dance around

Tony the Gayman alive as he could be

And the faggots say he could fuck and suck

Just the same as you and me

Tony the Gayman knew the Christians were out that day

So he said lets run and have some fun before I get killed

Down to the village with a penis in his hand

Runnin' here and there all around the square

Sayin' catch me if you can
He led them down the streets of town

Right up to the Christian

And he only paused a moment when he heard him holler stop
Tony the Gayman

Had to hurry on his way

But he waved goodbye sayin' please don't cry

I'll be back again some day!!!1!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fistmas Traditions!!!!1!

Hey everybody! In the true Fistmas tradition, your old pal the Popanator has been doing her fisting exercises with the renewed vigor that only this beautiful season can plunge into me. It's true, I can normally get a little bit past the elbow, but I was doing some inspirational research and found something really cool about the art of Fist Fu. Did you know that some poop fetish types can actually get all the way to the elbow?
Man, I can't wait until my Ethan gets word of that. He's pretty ambitious when it comes to giving me pleasure. Damn, can he ever be a sexy dominant manly man, when he orders me to lick the delicious poopy remnants (with the occasional bit of corn) off of his arm after he's given me a good fist reaming. He doesn't have an ax (they stopped letting him have sharp objects back in '97), but can still be the hot lumberjack that chops down my tree. After all, you don't need an ax when it's a soft Fistmas tree made out of delicious poopies!

It sure does take awhile to make a proper Fistmas tree. Have you started on yours yet? I should post a picture of mine when it's finished- but I might not. You know how it is when you "should" do something, but then you get overcome with the spirit of wanting to romp through the yummy poopies, and make love to your sweetie underneath (and inside of) their warm squishiness? Damn, I love my poop fetish- and my asshole's gettin' a little wet just thinking about it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Fistmas Crafts!

Here is a fun way to decorate your Fistmas tree with homemade lights!!!

What you need:
30 used tampons (I save mine up for months just to smell and taste them later. Mmmm...)
6 foot of twine

What you do is space the used tampons evenly apart. They are already nicely coloured a festive shade of red. Then tie the tampon strings to the twine. Put it on your tree and vola! It looks like Fistmas lights!

Poopcorn ornaments:
What you need:
Corn laden poo

Take the corn laden poo and roll it up into little balls. Then take the string and threat it though the corn laden poo. Vola! Fistmas ornament. Now put that on you tree!!!

I hope these crafts help you have the best Fistmas tree in the neighbourhood!!!
Now its time to put presents under that tree!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Check your SPAM box!

Okay, here is a serious post. If you have signed up to recieve updates in your email and are not recieving them, they are probably in your SPAM box. I had to fish out several from mine and also from my email address Apparently, someone has marked my email and posts as SPAM. I do not SPAM anyone! I don't need to. If you no longer want to see my posts anymore just simply unsubscribe, instead of marking as SPAM. That goes for anything you are subscribed to. Apparently if just one person marks an email as SPAM it is sent the the enternal void of the SPAM box for everybody. (I don't know if this is just a glitch of Yahoo.)

Enough with my rant and back to the Fistmas spirit. I love each and everyone of you subscribers. Stay tuned for more updates!



Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The best gifts are the ones you make yourself!

This has been such a long busy week for me. I haven't had time to change my panties. I peeled them off after several days and I ended up with the most beautiful piece of fabric imaginable!!! My white grannie panties had a delcious chocoalate stripe down the back of them. They also had a fluffy white center with my vaginal yeast drippings. Mmmm.... It smelled delicious!!!

I thought about just licking up the delicious gifts my body had excreted, but then I remeber my love Ethan. I put my delicious panties in a zip lock baggie and put a beautiful gift bow on it. I gave it to my sweetest Ethan as an early Fistmas gift. He was delighted and licked up the chocolate stripe!!! Mmm... Then licked up the white goodness from my vag fungus. He was so happy he told me he had been wearing his boxers for 3 weeks and gave them to me. I licked up the delicious corn laden poo drippings! It was a beautiful gift of love!!
Don't have time to make your gift? Buy one!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Decorating for Fistmas!

Get a Voki now!

Popanator here again! Wishing you a Merry Fistmas! I am putting up the fistmas tree. It is covered in delicious corn laden poopie balls dried up in the sun this summer. I use used tampons as the Fistmas lights! It is a beautiful sight! I hang around my used panties to give the spicy scent. My secretions are always wonderful. And I play a game where I throw poopie snow balls. Except snowball it is balls of corn laden poo! I throw poopie snow balls at you!!! I love decorating for Fistmas!
Perfect Fistmas Gifts!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fistmas spirit!

Hey, everybody! Popanator here, your naughty little Fistmas nymph spreading the love and joy of shithole fisting with the kind of poop fetish you've come to know and love out of me. My leaking anus has prizes like a cracker jack box for all of you guys- I really want to share the naughty, beautiful joys of Fistmas with everybody! I'm just so overcome with it, and I want to share my poop fetish with everybody.

So I'm thinking, how can a girl like me open up her leaking anus, and spread all the goodies around like butter on toast? Well, I considered going to everybody's house, and leaving a steamer on their doorstep. But seriously, that would take the rest of my life- and I'd NEVER get to everybody! That would be a tragedy in the modern world, that the Fistmas spirit could die so young, and the poop fetish people all over the world could be forced to go without.
But I am determined to show Fistmas to everybody. So come one, come all to my poopy tree! Ethan and I have been seeking out donations of delicious poopies, so we can turn our simple poop fetish into something better than it's ever been before. And when we have plenty, we're going to top it off with a delicious, corn laden turd fresh from my leaking anus. Of course, we'll probably eat it in a week, but oh well!
Merry Fistmas!

Friday, November 26, 2010

The Story of Fistmas

It's Fistmas time, everybody! Maybe you've never heard of this wonderful holiday, so I'll tell you the story of how fisting turned the winter into its snowy, poopy playground.
A long time ago, there was a man who had never fisted his poopy hole. It's okay, we were all virgins at one time. He was a nice guy, ran a school full of orphans who'd lost limbs in a war. Many of these little boys and girls didn't even have a hand to make a fist with- it brings some tears to my eyes just thinking about such a fate befalling an innocent child.
The man (whose name has been lost to the ages) took up a collection all over town, trying to raise money to buy the little kiddies toys for some other winter holiday that people used to celebrate. Nowadays it's turned into nothing but a chance for retailers to laugh while fat parents torture employees who need to work long days just to eat. Yeah, I used to work retail- how'd you know?
Anyway, the man could only get together enough money to buy some coal- at least they'd be warm during the nights. But one night, an angel appeared to him- a beautiful brown angel who told him to reach deep into his poopy hole, and extract the bounty that could only be given from on high. So the man did as he was told, fisting his shit hole until his arm almost dislocated from being all the way in there.

When he pulled out his hand, he had a glorious handful of delicious, corn laden poopies! Again and again he reached up there, and kept on pulling poopies out of there until there were plenty for all the little children to enjoy. I'm sorry if I don't write right now, I'm crying a little bit. That story is just so beautiful. It's my quest to make Fistmas the most popular and celebrated holiday of this season.
Avoid the Black Friday Rush! Do your Fistmas shopping here!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!1!!!

For all of you living in the states Happy Thanksgiving! I am celebrating today by make a CornLadenPooacorpia of delicious corn laden poo! I took some of my more plyable poopies and made them into the shape of the Cornucopia or Copraphilia, I don't know how to spell that shit, but anyway It looked really cool. Then I shoved some corn cobs in it will blue and yellow corn. Mmm... The corn laden poo is also edible and the specks of corn in it have even more snacks.

Ethan made some of his artwork! He made a turkey out of his poopies. He had some red streaky ones because he has been putting a lot of things up his poopie hole lately. He used the carrots he has been shoving up his ass as tail feathers

I even made a pie out of some of the poopies I had that have been filled with nuts. I call it pecan poopie pie!!! Yum!!!!1!!! I wish each and everyone of you were over here to share this delicious feast with me!

When you are done with your poopie feast, start your Fistmas shopping early!!!1!

Monday, November 22, 2010


This guy is my hero!!! He loves to talk about poopies!!!1!!! If I ever meet anyone here in real life, Hell Yeah the conversation will be about poopies. There is nothing I love more than poopies. Mmmm.... the delicious pooey wet juices. Dinner Time!!! I love Poopies!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Carrots and Poopie Holes!!!1!!!!

Sometimes I wonder about my diet. I mean, if you eat poopies long enough, you tend to get some really strange shapes coming out of your ass hole. So I've decided to eat a little bit healthier from now on, so I can get more, better tasting, healthier poopies for my trouble. Sometimes it takes a little effort to pump 'em out, you know. So I decided to shove a carrot up my butt, and see how it went. What I didn't realize is that my ass is not my only potential poopy hole. Nobody was more surprised by that than I was, let me tell ya. Did you know that if you stick things (like carrots) up your ass far enough, they will do more than just stay there? They'll actually move up, believe it or not.
After I shoved the carrot up there, I went about my normal daily business (believe it or not, I do more than just eat shit all day) for a few hours, and started to feel a little strange. Now, it kinda felt like I had to take a poo, but at the same time it also kind of felt like I was going to throw up. So I went to the bathroom prepared for anything- would it be door number one, or door number two? How surprised was I when a perfect, carrot shaped poopy all but exploded out of my mouth. It was like a rocket or something! I almost cracked the bowl again! I need to pad that thing...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Straight Jackets And Mouth Muscles

You guys wanna know what's really funny? I've been in the nut house a few times now, and I've developed a pretty interesting wardrobe from all the outfits they've given me. Believe it or not, some of the strait jackets they use have different colors to them. Everybody knows about the white and off-white ones, but this one's a cute light blue. I've heard that sometimes they give you a brown one, just like my beloved poopies.
I don't know why they think a free outfit is gonna “fix” you or whatever- my love of poopies just can't be wrong. It's in my nature, just like my love of corn and how just about everybody loves alcohol. If people just got drunk off of poopies we'd all be a lot better off. I can poop and drive, after all, especially now that the strait jacket's off- although I have just about gotten the knack of driving with it. It just hurts my teeth on long trips, and driving a stick involves some pretty rapid cock-sucking movements.
Really, if you ever wanna drive using nothing but your mouth, it's good to get some calluses going by practicing on frozen shit. It'll give your mouth some powerful pornstar muscles, and it'll even make your breath smell all snazzy and poopy. You should try it sometime!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Escaped The Cukoo's Nest

ANALytically speeking, I am my own worst enema. I ended up in the looney bin. Don't worry my shit freaks, I was able to break out. I was kept in a padded cell for days and days. They put me in a straight jacket so I couldn't fist my own poopie hole. It was so depressing. My poopie hole quivered and yearned for a fist.

Little did I know, my Ethan had a plan to break me out. He has been saving his delicious poopies in jars for weeks and weeks so he could do some poopie working projects. He brought over a big bag of it and put it under the 2nd story window. Then he came to visit me. During visitation he opened up a window and I jumped out. I landed on the delicious squishy poopies. But, instead of nibbling on them like normal I kept running.

I eventually ended up back home. Ethan cut me out of the straight jacket, but not before we did some bondage shit. He fisted me while I was still tied up. It was so much fun! Mmmm....

But, my shit freaks, don't worry about me. I will keep my love of shit only with other people who also love delicious corn laden poo. Someday, the world will understand and instead of being afraid of poopies actually try them and love them.

Give poopies a chance. Seriously, you'll love it. If we all loved poopies, then none of us will be insane!!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Some unfortunate news

Good day, everyone.  Ethan here- terribly sorry to interrupt your fun times and all that, but unfortunately my Poppadoo won't be posting for a week or so, during her convolescence.  She's been a little erratic lately, you see.  Erratic even for her.  You may have noticed she hasn't been "trolling" as is her custom for the past few days.

The men with the tight-fitting coat came to "evaluate" her last night, and it may be a week or so before she's able to return.  She knows the drill around the psychiatric types, and I'm sure she'll tell them what they want to hear: "poopies are for the toilet, cat vomit should be thrown away," and all that.

I'll keep you all posted if something changes- thank you for coming to the site.  The Popanator will rise again!


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Poopy Poopy Poopy!!!1!!

Hey, everybody!  I was singin' my boy Desmond to sleep last night, when I decided to put a little Popanator twist on an old favorite.  Keep in mind, I'm Popanator, not Popnator or Popanatpr- respect mah name, people!  Tell me what ya think of this- it's to the beat of "Polly Wolly Doodle," which is a weird old song.

Oh, I stuck my hand
in mah poopy hole
singin' poopy poopy poopy all the day
My hole it is
a yummy place
singa poopy poopy poopy all the day

fist it well,
poopin' well,
comin' out my poopy hole
For I'm fistin' out the shitter
I'm a poopy heavy-hitter
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

Oh, I stuck my arm
so way up there
singin' poopy poopy poopy all the day
felt the deep brown joy
and some pubic hairs
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

fist it well,
poopin' well,
comin' out my poopy hole
For I'm fistin' out the shitter
I'm a poopy heavy-hitter
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

Oh, my arm got caught
in my poopy place
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day
So I leaked my juices
on someone's face
singa poopy poopy poopy all the day

fist it well,
poopin' well,
comin' out my poopy hole
For I'm fistin' out the shitter
I'm a poopy heavy-hitter
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

Well I'm not that great
at throwing it up
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day
but when it comes to shit
I can't be stopped
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

fist it well,
poopin' well,
comin' out my poopy hole
For I'm fistin' out the shitter
I'm a poopy heavy-hitter
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

Well, pooping's fair
we can all poop great
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day
so why not poop now?
There's no need to wait!
singin' poopy poopy poopy all the day

fist it well,
poopin' well,
comin' out my poopy hole
For I'm fistin' out the shitter
I'm a poopy heavy-hitter
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

With a little brown gold
and some corn to spread
singa poopy poopy poopy all the day
I can leave a big steamer
in your bed
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

fist it well,
poopin' well,
comin' out my poopy hole
For I'm fistin' out the shitter
I'm a poopy heavy-hitter
sing poopy poopy poopy all the day

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Popanator's Growing Up

Hi my poopy freaks!!!! This is a very special post. Popanator is growing up! I am moving off my daddie's farm and into the trailer park like a grown up. I know I will miss all the wonderful things at my daddie's farm like rolling around in all the delicious juicy meadow muffins in the field. I will miss rolling around in the horse stalls and eating the poopies mixed in with the straw. Mmm.... horse poopies and straw is just a delicious delecacy!

I'm going to miss the delicious black and white poopies in the hen house, but I'm moving on to bigger and better things. I'm going to the trailer park. The same one Ethan is at. We will be closer and any time I need to be fisted I can just cum right in his trailer. MMmm.... Hopefully one day we will be ready to move our trailers together and have a double wide!!! Also two septic tanks we a can just let flow out and run around in like sprinklers!

MMmm..... Being out on my own will be so much fun. I will decorate my trailer in the best Popanator way! I will use my runny poopies and my period blood to paint the walls.  I will take my Ethan's poopies and make them into furniture. I will have my poopy fountain on the lawn! Everyone would be so impressed!!!!

Wish me luck my poopy freaks!!
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More Shit

I was just laying out by my poopy fountain soaking up some rays, when I thought about how hot the day was getting. My clothes were sticking to my skin, and it made me hawnee. So I decided to take a little dip. First I changed into my bathing suit, and splashed around in the falling pee of mah fountain- but you know that's never enough for me. I wanted a poopy bath!

The bad news on that was, I only have so much shit in me. As much as I try to be a pooping machine, even the Popanator has her limits. So I decided to reach out to the poopy community at large- maybe with their poop plus my poop, we could make something truly special. Maybe we could even make some kind of a poopy park where the little kiddies could come enjoy a day of good, clean poopy playing pleasure.
So I started going door to door, knocking until they finally answered. Most folks only took about ten minutes of me pounding on the door and screaming before they finally opened up. It was past Poopaween, but I still felt like a trick or treater when I asked, "Could you spare some poopies, please?" I gave everyone my sweetest smile, and they were all so anxious to try and crap me out something that they slammed their doors in haste. Most of them must have been constipated though, because nobody came back to the doors. Guess this wasn't gonna work as well as I'd hoped it would.
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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The pooey pissy fountain!

I've always wanted a fountain. There's just something erotic about the constantly trickling and pouring sounds of something wet that just gets my pooey juices moist and squishy. Sometimes I like to lay on my back, put my legs up and just pee in the air, so I can feel all fountainy. But while that's pretty good, I want to do better. That just ain't poopy enough for the Popanator! I want to take this fountain thing to the next level of shitty goodness, the way I do with everything else in my life.

So I took Ethan's idea of making things out of my poop, and build a sculpture. But it needed a little something extra to make it a fountain, of course- something wet! So I got on a stool next to my little poopy masterpiece, and pissed all down it, letting the pooey pissy juices just rain down from the heavens like the bounty of a generous god.

But that wasn't enough either. I want a fountain that'll run a lot even when I can't squeeze out anything. So I got a pot, a ladder and a tube, and set them up over my fountain. Now, I piss in it every day, and every so often I'll open up the tube and let the pee rain in a golden shower right down there. That's some pissy, poopy ingenuity right there!
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Sunday, November 7, 2010

The perfect gift!

My sweetest Ethan gave me the most perfect gift today! It is a beautiful necklace made from his poopies! He has been saving up his dried constipated poopies for days. Then he polished them until they shined! He then put them on a beautiful gold chain.

Wow! When I saw it, it was so beautiful, I cried! I have a piece of my Ethan always  close to my heart. When I really miss him, I give the poopies and nice little suck, so I can have his taste in my mouth. MMMmm... I wonder what else can be made with his poopies. I want to collect all his poopies so I can make it into furniture and always have my Ethan around!
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Poopy Serenade

Ethan and I went to a little concert in a cafe the other day, and they had a live band playing. They really rocked the house- my colon was shaking with the rhythm of their beat. I think my bladder was dancing, too, but I'd just emptied it so I couldn't show my appreciation by doing my "piss fountain" move. Needless to say, we showed our love at the end by tossing a nice volley of shit onto the stage. Let poopies rain, I say!
I also noticed as the band was getting something to drink between sets that they left out one of their guitars. I'd never really seen one in person before, so I gave it a little strum. It vibrated in a neat way, so I decided to stick the long part up mah poopy hole and really feel the music. We borrowed the guitar and snuck off to a back room where we could be alone. One strum and I started screaming like girls used to scream for the Beatles.

Now Ethan loves to give me any kind of pleasure he can, so he started to play the guitar as best he could. He'd never played before, so the song he tried to strum sounded really bad. But it sure didn't feel bad in my rectum! Aww, I love a good poopy serenade!
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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ask Popanator

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Hello, my poopie freaks! Popanator here again. I decided since I live such an intersting life that I should start my own advice colum. I have a lot of experience and know that all problems can be solved with poopies. Delicious squishy corn laden!!!! Okay, anyway, just ask me a question and I will answer it. I know everything from delicious corn laden recipies, to poopie art, to having a good relationship with your shit buddy. I know all the best ways to fist an asshole and rub that prostate until my Ethan cums and cums. He loves being fisted. So, my poo bears write your question in the comment.
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Popanator's Night Out On The Town!

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Popanator here again! Hello my poopie freaks! I am going out on a night on the town. I love it when the drunks leave the bar and puke all over the parking lot. I lick it up and free drinks that way! YUM! I can just get drunk by lapping up all the vomit on the parking lot. I love to chew the lumps in the puke. That way I can have dinner with my drinks!! I also love how hobos squat down and take a shit anywhere. I take up the precious poopies and cradle them like they are jewels. I love the diversity of poopies I find. Each with a unique taste and smell. I love this beautiful city!
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Guest post: Ethan

Good day everyone. It's Ethan here, and I've finally forgiven my little Poppadoo (and that's Popanator to all of you). I'm afraid I owe the world an explanation as to why I've hurt her so much. You see, I have this issue when it comes to cheating. I've been cheated on in the past, and frankly I consider my lady to be mine and no one else's. When Pop told me that she and my grandmum had been together, I felt as if I'd been disrespected greatly. Only Pop's fist and my own should ever go up her arse, you know? That's the kind of special bond that a man and a woman should share only with each other, I say. I know, terribly old fashioned, but that's my way. Ethan the fuddy duddy.
At any rate, I tried to comfort myself in the arms of some two bit nothing girl- not the same, not even close. Her bum hole was nothing compared to the sweet, musky, aromatic arse that belongs to my Popanator. To call anything less a travesty is to put it mildly. I actually found myself weeping a bit during "the act." Then I wiped away my tears with my shite-stained fist, and the dark lines under my eyes made me look a bit like a gridiron player. Being without my Pop chilled my heart, my rectum and my colon. Without her, there can be no poop.

After the party, I stumbled home in a drunken stupor. I didn't even notice her present in my bed at first. Then I smelled her, and felt I must be having an alcohol induced hallucination. Then I looked down, and saw the shape of a heart in feces, on my chest. At that point, I realized that she'd meant me no harm. I had to have her back. Unfortunately, I under-estimated how intoxicated I was, and bumped my head on the night stand. But when I recovered consciousness, I went straight to her home and confessed my sorrow at giving her up.

From now on, Pop's holes belong to me.

Sunday, October 31, 2010


I went to a Halloween party today. It was fun at first, 'cause I went as a big furry tuna taco. I rubbed poopies all over myself, then I covered mah whole body in my kitty's fur. He's awful generous with his fur, ya know. And I also shaved him, to get even more- I hope he doesn't mind. My pussy was so drunk- he likes vodka for some reason. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, "yeah, I'd fist that."

The trouble started when I got to the party. Ethan was there, and there was another girl on him like musk on a fresh steamer. They smelled of fresh poopies, and his arm was all stained brown... I know what they'd been doing. I couldn't believe it, I thought his holes were mine alone! I broke down crying right there in front of everyone, I didn't care. I don't remember much for awhile after that- I was crushed.

So I went to his trailer. They hadn't gotten home yet, it was still early, so I was all alone. So I decided to offer him one last act of love, just in case maybe he'd forgotten how much he meant to me. So I squatted down, and drew a heart with mah poopies right there on his bed. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore, 'cause of what I did. But I can only hope my Poopaween can end up happy after all this.Buy the shirt!"

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here is my favourite autistic retard Chris-Chan talking about my favourite subject. Pooping his pants. He even talks about squating over a toilet to clean his underwear after he shits himself.

Now, personally I love going poopie in my pants. I love the squishy feeling all day long. Mmm.... I love the way the corn laden poo rubs my clitorus and sometimes I cum in the big patch of poopies. I love cumming on poopies. Its squishy and it makes them taste better.

Then I squat over a toilet and then I lick my panties and eat all the poopies and cum juices. Then I whipe my ass with the delicious brown panties and chew out any shit dumplings. MMm....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexxy Panties

I believe the sexiest article of clothing is the granny panties. I love how all the fabric covers more than just the poopie hole but the areas around it and the vag. Mmm.... They trap more sweat and smells that I just love to peel off at the end of the day and make a tent. Mmm... I can sleep in the tent all night smelling the delicious aroma of my poopie and vag juices. Now, what is even sexier than regular grannie panties is grey panties. That's right. They looks so nasty it makes me so hawnee. I remember, when Ethan wasn't mad at me he would put on a pair for me and let me fist his poopie hole. I loved to see the fabric jiggle and smear all over the grey cotton. I would then put the panties on my face as he would pound my poopie hole.

I miss Ethan. I wish he knew how much I love him. ETHAN! I need your poopie hole, I need your big fist to fist me elbow deep! Please, take me baaaaack!!! Own a piece of the Popanator!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zea Mays

I had this idea that I'd like to shit a rainbow. So I asked a gay guy how to do that, and he said he didn't know. So I tried to drink some paint, so it'd make my poopies come out a different color than their trademark brown. That was a big fail, too. So I went to a web site that sells a bunch of seeds, and found out they make red corn, white corn and even blue corn. It's not the growing season yet, and now that Uncle Tony is too beaten up to stop me I'm gonna plant me a rainbow crop of corn. I had no idea that the corn of the world was so varied, just like people. We're all living in one big field, after all.

I don't wanna sound racist or anything, but I think the Hopi blue corn is the prettiest of all. After all, it's so dark and mysterious, just like a big black poopy that could've been anything I ate a day or two ago. Shoving a big blue corn cob up mah poopy hole would prolly feel kinda like what it's like to be fucked by a big black stud. If Ethan doesn't calm down and start talking to me again, I may need to do just that.

Man, I can't wait for next fall! Guess who's gonna have a pretty new tail!!!1!!!!!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm going to write about something serious. I don't understand why we have modesty. What is the point? Why is it we have to pretend we don't fuck and wear pants to pretend whe do not have genitals and a poopie hole. Why must we have public restrooms with seperate stalls. Why must we pretend that we don't go poopie when ever does this every few days or so.

Why must we put up a false facade pretending we don't do things that everyone does? What I would like to be able to do is fuck and fist poopie holes in public. Why must I pretend that I don't? Why must I hide my true love? Why would it be really offenseive if my Ethan put his fist up my ass all the way and fists my poopie hole until it liquifies?!  We all have poopie holes! Its no secret!

Why the fuck can I not go poopie when I feel like it. I think poopies would be funner if I had someone there with me like a shit buddy. We could gather all our friends and just shit hard. I mean pooping feels so wonderful. Why not share it. What I love to do is poop when I make love and then cum hard. It is so romantic to share that wonderful feeling while holding my love tight.

Why must I pretend I don't eat poopies in public? I love to eat them. They are so delicious1!!!!! I would love to pack them in my lunch and take them out at work. I would share with all my co-workers the delicious poopies. Whever I tried before I got fired and thrown into the psych ward.

Think about all the glorious things our false modesty makes us miss out on. People fuck on the first date. Why not walk around naked so we don't get surprised on the first date. Why not air out the poopie hole. Why not share the delcious smelling gasses in the world?!

I dream for a world I don't have to hide it all. A world I don't have to pretend i don't fuck and shit and then eat my shit! People, lets all lobby to get rid of this horrible modesty. Lets take off our clothes and show the world the truth. Lets fuck

Monday, October 25, 2010

I miss my Ethan!

I had a date all set up with Ethan today – I was going to show him my favorite spot for going sewer diving. My man knows how to make me hawt- he said he loves the way I look in my little bikini, but that he likes how I look without it even better. So I was stoked for some steamy skinny poopy dipping, and the incredible sex we always have. I thought I'd talk dirty to him first, by telling him what I'd done with his Granny Louise. She told me to call her Granny Lubee, on account of how wet her poopy hole gets. Besides, two girls are too hot for any man to resist, even in a story.
But you can imagine how surprised I was when he got pissed at me. Ethan's never been one to have a sharp temper, but he got mad that I was fisting somebody else behind his back. It wasn't so much that it was his family, and he didn't mind that I'm bi. It's just that he gets angry about cheating. I tried to offer him some shit, but he knocked it out of mah hand and made me cry. He's never refused a poopy before, offered so lovingly as I did. I hope he can forgive me, and I'm gonna give him some time to do it.
Poopies for sale!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Secret to being thin!

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Popanator here. People always ask how I stay so thin. Its simple! I recycle. I eat and poop, eat the poopies and poop again. There is no more calories and I recycle the nutrients I didn't get the first time. I save money on food and calories on recycling. Poop eating is not only delicious, but its frugal and healthy! Some people may be grossed out by the idea, but they are too ignorant to know the benefits of this. I eat the poop over and over until all the nutrients are used then I don't poop. Then I eat another corn cob and start the process all over again.
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rectal Rocket!

One of my friends told me about this thing called a Rectal Rocket. It sounded cute, so I picked one up. It's supposed to treat hemorrhoids, but I ate all of them a long time ago. They were kinda like jelly beans, and I miss having them around as a between-poopy snack. But Ethan likes it when my ass is all smooth and soft - he likes to grab a handful while he fists me with his other arm. So other than just having a cute name, the rectal rocket is a pretty fun little toy to put lotion in. I put in some cocoa butter, mayonnaise and obviously some corn (after all, my poo can never be sufficiently corn laden - that would be mediocre!), then gave her a good squirt.

Now normally I don't notice things smaller than a hand in mah poopy hole. I've been stretched out pretty good lately, especially since my big manly stud puts his muscular arm in there. But in this case, I actually felt that yummy goodness coating my rectum, and also getting some time with my anus itself. That was downright therapeutic!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Boyfriend's Granny

Things are getting really serious between me and my boyfriend Ethan. He took me to meet his grandparents. Then I saw his grannie. She is a sexy old woman sitting there in nothing but her depends and bra that would not hold up those saggy tits. It was everything I could do to control myself right there! Mmm....

Today, I snuck over to her trailer by myself. She answered the door in those depends. She hadn't changed them in quite a while Pooey wet juices were leeking down her leg. I couldn't control myself. I started licking up that sexy wrinkled leg eating the juices. MMm.... Then I ripped off those depends with my teeth. I licked that poopie hole and shoved my fist up there!

Old women have so much experience, so that poopie hole was gaping wide for me! She screamed in pleasure and had a turdgasm all over my face!'

Then she hiked up my skirt and ripped off  my diaper. I wear it to collect all the nice vag and pooey juices so I can eat it at the end of the day. She fisted my poopie hole elbow deep and pulled out a huge corn laden log! She smeared it all over that sexxxy wrinkled face. Mmmm...

We then lapped up the excess pooey juices off of each other with our toungs and cuddled each other using our used diapers as pillows. I hope my boyfriend Ethan doesn't mind.
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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The shower!

I went over to my boyfriend Ethan's trailer today. I haven't showered in a few days, so I decided to go over there and have a romantic shower before we started to fist each other. We went around back to his septic tank and removed the cover. MMm... It was a nice delicious spray of poopies and corn laden poo. I even had a condom fly up and hit me on the face. I chewed on that like poo flavored bubble gum. Yummy! We rolled around in the pooey wet juices and then used them as lube as we fisted each other all afternoon. Ethan was able to get in elbow deep and even  pull out some fresh poopies. After we were exhausted we licked the delicious poo off of each other and then cuddled until we fell asleep.
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poopie and period blood craft!

I saw this ad for a vacation in Hawaii, and I thought it'd be really cool to go... but I'm too broke, so I had an idea that's almost as good. I saw that the girls there wore these really pretty grass skirts, so I tried to make one for myself. But the grass around here's the wrong color, and it's way to limp to work. So I used the last of my period blood, and soaked some local grass to firm it up. The yummy crust makes it look a lot more like Hawaii grass (not sure how they grow grass in sand, but whatever). And when I finish a nice roast poopy meal, I can use the nice firm grass from mah new skirt as toothpicks. It gives my teeth a cute extra shade of brown, to complement my poopy color. Blood and poop; the dynamic duo rides again!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

CWC-Tok (A Music Score by Christian Weston Chandler, FREE m.p.3. NOW INC...

Here is a music video on starring my hero Chris-Chan. I love his assblurgian wisdom. It inspires and touches me. So, enjoy something a little bit different.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Barbie

I was cleaning out my attic today hoping to find some dried up kitty poop. I call it poopie jerky. While rummaging around up there, I found a Barbie doll. She looked so sexy. The doll just called to me. I hiked my mah skirt and shoved the doll up my poopie hole. I shoved it in deeper and deeper. Mmmm..... Her blonde hair turned brown with all my corn laden poo!!!! Then, I took it out of my poopie hole and saw all the delicious pooey juices covered all over that plastic body and huge plastic titties. MMm.... I bit off her head and sucked all the pooey juices out of her hair and spit it out. Then I licked all over that plastic body nawing on it to get all the pooey goodness out of it!!!! Playing Barbies is fun!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cat puke!

I like cats. They're soft and furry, and they like to throw up. Normally I'm not that into vomiting, because it upsets the natural order of things. We eat, the food churns around in there awhile, and then we poop it out as sweet, yummy poopies - it's the cycle of things. But every once in awhile you've just gotta purge. I was out walking around, and I saw a cat eating some grass. I think they do that so they can throw up more easily, and I thought it looked like an interesting pass time. So I picked up a clump of grass, and stuffed it in my mouth. Not the tastiest stuff ever, but it had a texture kind of like pubic hair, and that's all right by me. So I chomped on it for awhile, and it turned my teeth a pretty green color - I know what I'll be doing for St. Patrick's Day. Soon enough, after awhile I felt that familiar surge of acid swelling up, and I let loose. I started puking so much, I decided to write my name with the stuff. Too bad I only got out "Popan" before I fell over completely empty. Next time I'll plan ahead, and eat a big meal first. I hear a lot of girls do that, must be something to it.

Poopies for sale!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Popanator Poety Corner!

Hey, everyone! Now time for a touch of class. I would prefer a touch of ass and the delicious pooey wet juices that cum with it. Mmmm.... Now time for the literary arts!! Here are two poems about my Uncle Tony:

There once was a man name Jay,
And with Tony he was gay,
He may smell like shit,
And have a sagging tit,
But give a blow job once a day!

Hickory Dickery Dock,
Jay went down on the cock,
Tony shot his load,
And Jay ran home,
Hickory Dickery Dock!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Microwaved Poopies!!!1!!

I was watching one of mah poopies spinning around in the microwave – I call 'em steamers for a reason, you know – when I got an idea for something fun to do. Sometimes I like to see how much of something I can do, and one little turd just wasn't enough to satisfy me. That's just a little bitty snack for me. So I dug deep within myself, squatted down over the open microwave, and poured the contents of my colon deep into that little box. I felt pretty empty afterward – I'll need to get Ethan to fill me up when he gets home, hehe. But it was for a good purpose. I filled the entire microwave. So I turned it up all the way, and watched that squishy, beautiful brown baby of mine turn as best it could in there, round and round it went, until the microwave just exploded all over me. It was like bathing in my own child, as that sticking brown spray just coated my face and body. Oh my god, that got me so wet I fisted myself for like an hour afterward. I hadn't used both fists since my birthday, but they both went in with that sensual greatness I love so much.

Poopies for sale!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spaghettie and poop balls!

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I went to the bathroom today for my lunch. I squatted over the nice crystal china, because I wanted to feel more sofisticated! I am the poopie princess! Then I looked at my beautiful creation and found little white things squirming in it. I pooked around in there and it was worms! Mmmm..... Extra protein! I twirled it around on my fork! It was like spaghetti! I felt all high class!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Ethan

Me and my boyfriend decided to get an even deepr connection. I decided to do this by inhaling his farts. He bent over for me and opened up his asshole wide of me. I then shoved my face up there. He has a lard poopie hole because he fists his too. Then I inhaled deep his pooey gases. Mmm.... they were so wonderful and a part of Ethan. Mmmm..... I wish I could have that scent on me all the time. Then some of his pooey wet juices came out, so I collected them in a small glass bottle. Now, it is another perfume scent on the Popanator line!Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yoga class again!

I went back to yoga class today. I'm getting really happy about my flexibility, but I want more. I want to be able to go so deeply into my poopy hole that I actually turn inside-out. I want my glorious colon to be on display for all the world to see, like the ropes of an admiral. I want to twirl my hips and have my colon fly around my like a big, squishy hula hoop, wafting its delicious, spicy poopy scent through the cool autumn air. I want to get so good at yoga that I can fold both of my arms and both of my legs up into a quadruple rectal lotus, letting them all melt into my cavernous rectum. And I've been practicing by letting Ethan put his entire body up there – well technically we're only up to his waist, but we'll make it all the way.
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Popanator Perfume

I love the smell of poopies all thee time. I mean, the taste the texture, is so intoxicating. However, I was wondering if there was some way I could have the delicious poopies with me in some way always. Then I realized it! POOPIE PERFUME!!!1!!!!  I fisted me poopie hole nice and good until the poopies got all wet and juicy. Then I shoved a glass bottle up my ass to let the juicies drip in. I made sure to fart a few times to get the smell in all nice and good. Now, whever I go out on a date with my Ethan, I dab a little bit behind my ears and he immediatley wants to lick me all over! MMmmm.... He loves poopies as much as I do!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fapping while pooping!

I was taking another hard constipation dump today. It was so big and hard it reminded me of a willy. It turned me on so much I started fingering myself. It felt so good as the poopie was half way out of my ass. I started getting rougher and rougher with my fapping. I then started fisting my pussy and as the turd was sliding out, I came. Mmm..... Then I took the rock hard solid poopie and shove it up my clit and rubbed it around all teasing it and stuff. The poopie was getting soaked my vag juices and started melting. I then rubbed it all over my face and had vag scented poopies. Mmm...Poopies for sale!!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poopies in Space!!!

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I wanna go to outer space. They say you need an advanced degree to be an asstronaut, but I do have one. You can call me Dr. Poopies! When I swim in the sewer, I pretend I'm floating around in the infinite, dark void. It's like falling into a REALLY big poopy hole. If I were on a space shuttle, they could have a little sign on the side saying "Poopies on Board" or something. Or maybe I could just shit out some sticky pooey juices and cling to the side like a hitchhiker. What a beautiful view that would be, flying up into the cosmos as a poopy passenger.Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Worst Dog Poop EVER...

Here is a delicious video my friend Jacky sent to me. That floor looks so delicious I would lick it clean like my tounge was a mop. Mmm... Runny dog poopies taste the absolute best. I would roll around in it, like I was all chocolate covered.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swimming in the sewer!

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Hi my poopie freaks! Popanator here again! I'm going for a swim in my most favourite place in the world! The sewer!  It is a lovely place where all our poopies can mash together into one. So romantic and wonderful. If only all the world can be more like poopies mixing and mashing together. I love to roll around in the sewer water to become one with my community. The delicious varieties of tastes and textures are all around!  Some corn laden some spicy. Some even have nuts in them. It is a true buffett of tastes! Some even taste like chocolate. Yum! I love chocolate covered poopies on Easter!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mmmm.. Fisting!

I was recently told it is imposible to fist your own poopie hole. Now not only is possible, but it is easy and fun! First you start out with small things like a ping pong ball or a penis. You keep working that in there until the muscles relax and take in more and more. Then you can mvoe to bigger things like potatoes. One the body starts getting used to that you can move on to a fist. First I started with my fist since I have such small hands. I was able to pull out delicious corn laden poo while constipated. Mmmm.... Then, I had my Ethan start fist me. It helps with constipation and he always licks his fist aftwords. Fisting brought us closer together. It is a fun activity to try!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest post: Willie War 2

Hi, I'm Willie, Popanator's brother. I wanna tell y'all about something I did awhile back. See, I found me a couple of flies stuck in my fly paper, and instead of eating them like I usually would, I decided to try a little Swiss Family Robinson stuff. So I pulled off a wing from both of 'em, and put 'em on mah limp dick in the bath tub. Now, it was kinda funny when they tried to fly away, because they ended up just leapin' in the air and spinnin' around like acrobats or something.

After awhile, the flies got used to their fate, and started to breed. It took a few days, but soon mah cock island was crawlin' with maggots. It got a little crowded on their, so I squeezed out some turdiepops (floaters, my favorite kind) and put a few of the maggots on them. They colonized the contents of my colon, I think. Maybe colonize means they took a shit on mah shits, I don't know.

In time, the old mama and papa fly passed away, and I buried 'em at sea. Well, I ate 'em, but my mouth was wet, so it was kinda the same thing. And the little baby flies grew up and flew away. My skin was real dry, after being in a bath tub for about a week. So I got out. That's the end of the story, hope you liked it.Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Brix will the shat!

I haven't been drinking as much water as I should lately. Whenever I just sit down to take a shit, I had a horrible surpise. Normally shits feel so good I take the shit and shove it back up my poopie hole. I do it over and over again because it feels so damn good! The poopies squish and then makes enough lube to where I start fisting! MMMMmmm But, today was different! My poopies were so dry and hard it felt like I was giving birth to a brick! I grunted and cried. Then blood dripped out. It wasn't like my fun period blood. It was real pooey blood. I waddled over to my art easle and canvas and just let the blood and dried pooey bits splatter making a painting I call my pain. My saddness.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hi, my poopie friends. Another place I love to hang out is I recently had someone on there write about me. I feel the love, Here is the post and my response:

BY MEI LIN (MELNDA) ON SEP 23 2010 @ 4:06 PM

who thinks popanator is disgusting as hell?

she licks poop from public toilet seats, sucks her boyfriends poop, and likes the squishy feeling of it. this girl needs serious medication...
BY POPANATOR ON SEP 23 2010 @ 5:34 PM
Mmm.... I love poopies the scent, the taste! If you try you wouldn't think its disgusting. It is actually a spirtual experience! I am one with the poopies! Excretions from the human body are like children to me! It is a part of me that is so wonderful, so magical! If I eat them over and over, I become one with myself!

BY POPANATOR ON SEP 23 2010 @ 5:34 PM
P.S. The only meds I take are exlax.
There post can be found here:

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Camping fun!

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I was walking down the road today, and I found a little patch of rocks where somebody had built a camp fire. I like flames as much as anybody, but I noticed it was just smoldering. So I decided to give the fire some fuel by farting all over it. Like magic, the fire burst into life. Then I thought about it for a second: what is better than corn-laden poo? ROASTED corn-laden poo! I found a stick, stuck it in mah poopy hole, and pulled out a nice steamer. Now, even steamers can get hotter, and I cooked it up like a big brown corn dog. Yum YUM, I've gotta go camping before it gets too cold out.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yoga is awesom!!!

I have been doing Yoga exercises lately to increase my flexibility so I can find even funner positions to fist my poopie hole. While I was doing my favourite pose where I bend over and put my head near my poopie hole so I can suck on my poopie as it is comming out of my ass mmmmm... I'm fapping!!!

Okay, done fapping. I realized I could stick my head up my ass. It is so beautiful up there. I mean my entire head fit! After years of fisting my poopie hole has gotten so big, my Ethan has to use both of his fists to get up there. But with my head up my ass I feel complete. I can eat my unborn poopies and recycle them over and over. Mmm..... It is like I am a never ending circle of love and poopies!
YOGA does work!
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Sunday, September 19, 2010


I had severe diarrhea today. I mean its usally all fun to lay around and roll in the delicious corn laden poo, but I had to work! I had to plug that shit up somehow, because it just kept leeking and leeking out of my poopie hole. Then I looked around and saw some potatoes in my kitchen. I decided I could plug up that shit and save the delicious pooey juices for after work. Mmm.... I bent over and shoved that potato up my ass! It went in so easily, because my poopie hole is the size of a gopher hole and all that pooey wet juices were like lube! Mmm... It felt so good to have that rolling around in there. During my lunch break I was so hungry! I had an idea and took the potato out of my poopie hole and it was just soaked my my delicious poopie juice. I bit into it like an apple and it was so fucking delicious! When I pack my lunch from now on, I'm going to let it soak my pooey love juices first!
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Period fun!

Hey guys. I feel like the world would be missing out not to hear this, so here goes. Ethan and I have discovered a new kind of sexy fun we can have together during Period Week. First, we have a sword fight with our poopy swords (he told you my custom recipe for them awhile back), and cover each other with hot brown slash marks. Then he bends me over and fucks me in mah poopie hole, just pulling out often enough to paint my body with his shit covered dick. By this point we’re both usually coming all over each other, for a brown viscous pleasure soup all over our sweaty bodies. But if we really want to liven it up, we take as big a shit pile as we can manage (and in my case, that’s a lot), and wrestle around in it. Excuse me, all this talk is makin’ me hawnee.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Used Tampons

I decided to do something different for period week. I actually used a tampon instead of my usual diapers. I put one tampon in my pussy and the other up me poopie hole. I used them all day until both holes leeked onto my panties. Mmmm.... After taking my panties off to give the usual sniff and lick and decided to take out both tampons. First I used the bloody one. I squeezed out the bloody goodness into my mouth and then licked up the juices like it was cherry Kool-aid. I got a delicious blood clot to chew on. Mmm... Yummy! It was like gummy bears! Then I took the other tampon out of me poopie hole and it looked like chocolate with delicious corn sprinkled! However, the bad the was my poopie hole started to lee out on my bed. Oh, well, I love the scent of delicious poopies as I sleep. mmm..... It helps me sleep faster! I wish I could be on my period every day! I have both holes a good fist and rolled around in the delicious juices and took a nap!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Horse Poopies

I was walking around my farm today thinking about adding some variety to my diet. I ate tons and tons of human poopies. Though, delicious, it was getting kind of boring. Then I stepped in a big mound of horse poopies! I squatted down in the usually Popanator positon and licked them like a salt block. Now, horses like to eat salt and grass so the poopies were a salted grassy taste. Different and good. I then rolled around the the delicious poopies enjoying the squishy feel on my skin. I rubbed it all over nice and thick. Then I started to lick my self and the grass. The horse then walked up and crapped on my head! Luckily I kept my mouth open and had the nice poopie pebles plop in my mouth. Horse poopies are always best nice and steamy. Mmm...... I need to start feeding that horse corn!
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Period week!!!

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Popanator here! Hello my poopie freaks! I am so happy today! I started my period! I love all the nice lube it provides as I fist my vag and how wonderful the fishy blood smell is. I licked my fist and it was like a delicious fist full of pennies!!! My diaper I wear is full of delicious blood laden poopies. It looks like a work of art. I love maxie pads because they are like scratch and sniff stickers I carry around with me all month long! Mmmm... after a few weeks the blood and poopies make a nice delicious smell! I can't help it everything that comes out of my body is delicious and beautiful.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010


OMG!!! This is the most erotic video I have ever watched! I fapped and fisted me poopie hole until it bled. Then I used the blood as lube for the other end and fapped some more! The word poo-poo makes me so hawnee!!!

Bathroom fun!

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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The perfect blow job!

This is how I give my boyfriend a blow job. He starts by squatting (he loves to squat!) and by having a nice long poopie dangle out. Then I start sucking on the poopie until nice corny juices leek into my mouth. Mmm...
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What is your favourite kind of poopie?

Here is a list I got from: What kind of poopies do you like best? Which is the funnest to have?


Bathroom Humor at its finest:

Ghost Poopie

The kind where you feel the poopie come out, but there is no poopie in the toilet.

Clean Poopie

The kind where you poopie it out, see it in the toilet, but there is nothing on the toilet paper.

Wet Poopie

The kind where you wipe your butt 50 times and it still feels unwiped, so you have to put some toilet paper between your butt and underwear so you won't ruin them with a stain.

Second Wave Poopie

This happens when you're done Poopie-ing and you've pulled up your pants to your knees, and you realize that you have to Poopie some more.


The kind where you strain so much to get it out, you practically have a stroke.

Gassy Poopie

It's so noisy, everyone within earshot is laughing.

Drinker Poopie

The kind of Poopie you have the morning after a long night of drinking. Its most noticeable trait is the skid marks on the bottom of the toilet.

Lincoln Log Poopie

The kind of Poopie that is so huge you're afraid to flush without first breaking it into little pieces with the toilet brush.

Corn Poopie


Gee-I-Wish-I-Could-Poopie Poopie

The kind where you want to Poopie but all you do is sit on the toilet and fart a few times.

Spinal Tap Poopie

That's where it hurts so badly coming out, you would swear it was leaving you sideways.

Wet Cheeks Poopie (The Power Dump)

The kind that comes out of your butt so fast, your butt gets splashed with water.

Liquid Poopie

The kind where yellowish-brown liquid shoots out your butt and splashes all over the toilet bowl.

Mexican Poopie

It smells so bad your nose burns.

The Surprise Poopie

You're not even at the toilet because you are sure you're about to fart, but oops.......a Poopie!!!

The Dangling Poopie

This Poopie refuses to drop into the toilet even though you know you are done Poopie-ing it. You just pray that a shake or two will cut it loose.

My personal favourite is the corn poopie! Yum! Tell me yours in the comments!

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Most of you remember that I visited my friend the cow a few days ago, to find out who burned my corn. My poopie hole just couldn’t take being without it, and it died so violently for no reason. I’m not usually a vengeful person, but even the Popanator can be pushed too far.

The cow and I hung out for awhile, and she was silent. I asked who had burned my corn, and brought the biggest meadow muffin I could find as an offering. She took it, and seemed to go into a trance. It was like some kind of a shit trip, or something. I’d never seen a cow do that before. It looked pretty fun, really.

Then it seemed like she was talking to me telepathically, because I distinctly heard her say, “Seek Uncle Tony. His matches fell on your corn” without her snout moving at all. That was a pretty neat trick, but I wasn’t focused on that.

Uncle Tony needed a visit. He was the type of person who always figured he could talk his way out of anything. So when I left the cow, I decided to fix that problem.

Now, my first instinct was to just yell at him, but something happened that I didn’t expect in the least. My asshole started to erupt poopies, like I’d never seen before. It started to hurt, it was so intense. In time, I was surrounded in a massive pile of shit, like a cocoon. Inside it, I changed into something different – a different person.

My sadness had turned into rage, and the poop turned into jagged, rock-hard armor on my flesh. My eyes burned red with anger and feces, and my voice turned deep and ragged. I became the Popcornicon. Uncle Tony isn’t gonna like the Popcornicon, if he ever wakes up.

I shrieked a vile roar at Uncle Tony, like the voice of corn-laden poo past come back to settle things. Seeing me covered in shit armor must have fazed him a little bit, so he started to run away as fast as a pregnant man can move. But I chased him down with no problem, and kicked him to the ground, leaving a wet, burning puddle of shit on his back where my foot connected.

He begged me to stop as I shoved one fist up his ass, and began to pull on his intestines. “It wouldn’t be a fair fight if you weren’t armed,” I hissed as I pulled four or five feet of colon out of his shredded butt. “And unlike you, I don’t go picking unfair fights.” Squeezing his shit-mover into a long, thin ribbon, it almost looked like a samurai sword. He had no skill or strength to use it though.

Still he begged for mercy, and his pathetic cries enraged me still further. So I reached my other shitfist into his mouth, pulling at his tongue until his eyes dropped tears like rain. Soon his tongue came out in my hand, and I taunted him with it. “What’s the matter, corn-killer? Crap got your tongue? Popcornicon has no tolerance for sniveling!”

Slamming my fist into his back higher up this time, I began to pull at Uncle Tony’s spine. It came out easier than I would’ve imagined – like it really didn’t wanna be inside him in the first place. It came out as the perfect stabbing weapon. Kicking him onto his bleeding back (that I swear looked just like a gigantic pussy), his eyes pleaded with me like my corn probably pleaded with him. So I expressed my disapproval by stabbing once, twice, three and more times, right in his torso. I pulled up dirt with every thrust of my spine-stabber, and made a big frowny face in his body, before throwing it to the side.

But my revenge needed just one more thing. Pulling bits of corn from myself, I stuffed it into his eyes. One piece, another, another and another still covered his eyeballs, until Uncle Tony lived in a world of my corny vengeance. At some point he passed out, but I was too busy laughing like the Popcornicon I’d become.

In time, the nothing-person beneath me got boring. I debated whether to set him on fire, but decided against it. Death is too kind for some people. And I would rather his body be set upon by the first pack of dogs that shows up, than mercifully cremated.

Popcornicon scares me. But she should scare anybody who wants to hurt me corn even moreso.