Sunday, May 29, 2011

Popanator is on Facebook!

Hey, my poopie freaks! Be sure to check out my Facebook page! You can get the most recent updates and what is going on in my corn laden brain!!/profile.php?id=100001679060278

Can't wait to see you there!

My new tatroo!

I was so proud of myself this week! This site has been up for over a year. I wanted to reward myself for a year of hard work and over 250 blurbs that I spent my extra money to get a tattoo. I know, I'm supposed to be saving up \for being on my own, but damnit sometimes I have to reward myself!

I got a tattoo of two girls one cup. It is my favourite video on the interwebs. Two girls going poopie in a cup and sharing it romantically, damn, just damn! Everything I thnk of that I just have to fit my shithole into turdgasm. Now I have something to look at to remind me of that majical moment of lust. How romantic to share poopies.

Next week, I will be moving into my new castle. I know, much sooner than possible, but you'll have to read how I did it so fast. Lets just say, its a fairytale. The wise Uncle Tony gave me advice, while the Great Almighty Poo showed me the magic is just in myself. I needed no magic wands, but it did take a miracle.

Soon, I'll be in my poo brick castle and every time I pass a mirror I will fist my poopie hole until it bleeds and then use the blood as lube for the other end. MMmmmm..... I'm gonna cum! That is why I have my entire bathroom in mirrors so I can watch myself shit and fap. Shit and fap... MMmm....

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A letter to my Ethan!


I miss you so much. Let's end this nonsense. I miss you so much, I want to hold you and smear our poopies all over each other's bodies. I want to lick the delicious corn laden poo off your poopie hole as it is dripping you. You were the corn to my shit. Now, my corn laden poo is just poo. Boing vanilla poo.

Please, just get over this nonsense. It doesn't matter who was wrong or right. Or who dumped who, because I forgot. I just want to taste that delicious corn laden poo in my mouth once again. Your poopies had a special flavor.

So, lets end this dissagreement and just go back to what we both loved most. Poopie play! Fill my mouth with corn and let me sing forever more. As we walk hand in hand in this corn field of life, I'll shove one up that poo hole and take it out for delicious poo suck. Well, I"ll compromise, you love carrots better, so I'll find the most bent one to shove up that poo hole.



Monday, May 23, 2011

Sulfur Shitties

I dropped a poopie that was completely different than my normal poopies. I call it a a shittie. I have been constipated for 7 days. When the rock hard shitties came out theyw ere spoiled. They smelled like sulfur. I couldn't even eat them. Rotten egg poopies!

I vomitied up some recycled poopies and corn. I didn't want to waste good corn so I licked that up and ate it. But, damn those rotten egg shitties, I cannot eat. Maybe I eat so much shit it ferments in the new shit getting expired and making shitties.

I just took those shitties trying not gag as much as I could and put them in a paper bag. I drove down to Ethan's and left it on his doorstep and then let in fire. I rang the door bell and ran. I hope he enjoys his chilli shittie scent!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My Autistic Brother Willie

Hey guys, it's Willie again. I've been into my numismatism lately- that's collecting coiny to you guys. There's just something about round metal objects that really gets my boner bonin'. So I got me an idea that I thought was pretty good. I took a pair of my coins and put a little bit of shit between 'em, so that they'd look like those little sandwich cookies people like to eat. I love those things. Of course, I'd have to be crazy to eat coins, so I just put my little sandwich coinies up on a shelf and admired them for a few hours.

Sometimes I can stare at something for hours on end, and it never gets old. We autistics have superpowers, ya know. We can do some pretty amazing shit sometimes. I hear God was an autistic, but then he got weaker after he fought the Incredible Hulk. Shit like that happens, ya know.

Anyhow, I looked at my coiny-wiches, and I thought they'd look better with something light colored in 'em. So I rubbed a pair of coins over my cock and balls, getting really hard and excited. I tried to control where my come went to, but by then my eyes were all rolled up in my head like drapes or something. I scraped some of my fresh come off of the walls, and that made all the difference. Now they looked like sandwich coiny.
Maybe some day I'll do something a little more ambitious with it, like saving up more of my ear wax and making some coiny cases out of it. I guess I could always do another bee hive, but man is that ever a project. And with my autistic animal magnetism, bees keep trying to move in thinking it's their new apartment or something.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Vegan BBQ Recepies

I decided to have a cook out with all the members of my family.  I amm proud to say my BBQ was completely cruelty free and organic. I had to keep my Austic Brother Willie from eating the delicious feast before my othern families members arrived.

The biggest hit with everyone is vegan cheeseburgers. I collect a pound of delicious corn laden poo. I shape it like hamburgers and throw it on the grill. Then I take the cottage cheese from my vag and rub it on there. MMmmm.... Throw tht shit on a bun when its nice and steaming and OMG!!! Better than animal corpses.

Hot dogs are just as easy. Shape poopies into hot dogs, cook until the corn has a black stripe and ram that log into a bun.

Urine makes licious lemonade! Throw some ice cubes and yum!

Poopie pie is the funnest end to a delicious feast. Shit in a pie pan and serve. It doesn't get any better than that! MMmmmm......... My family loves poopies! We ate until we shit, then we ate again and fell asleep in a poopy patch.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

What Do You Want To See?

Hello again, my poopie freaks. I was wondering what you guys love to read about. I know I'm into all fecal and scatological, oh and corn! I love freaking corn! Mmm... Especially I love to pick out of my poop! But, what else would you guys love to read about. I'm thinking about trying new things. Maybe more period blood, vomit, Maybe licking my dirty panties with the lovely fish aroma.

Post in the comments what you love to read about. What would you love for the Popanator to try? The nastier the better. MMmm.... I still don't see why people get offended at times whenever I talk about how I love my own juices. Everything that comes out of my body is wonderful and delicious.

Hopefully, soon I'll find a new love. Someone I could share delicious corn laden poo with. The biggest expression of love is sharing poopies. I used to love eating Ethan's poopies because it was a part of him, now in me. That's why I have trouble forgetting him, but summer is comming up and its time to go out there and find a new corn laden soulmate.

So, post in the comments what you want the Popanator to try!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New Chip Dip

I'm sitting here after a long day of working a day job and then building my castle. 14 fucking hours of work. WTF? Ever since Ethan left me they think I must no longer have a life. Any way Istarted eating some potato chips and decided to shove one up my poopie hole. Anyway I tasted it and is a mother fucking delicious taste sensation.

I squated over a bowl and had some delicious recycled corn just fucking shoot in there. Best corn dip evar! The buttery taste and peanut oil mixed with the corn in my poopies makes the most delicious taste sensation ever!!!!1!!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

I love you, poopies!

Here is a love movie I posted on YouTube. This is dedicated to the true love of my life, POOPIES! I love everything fecal and scatological. Its so easy looking at the pics to understand why poopies are so wonderful. Yum!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Popanator's Best Quotes

Here it is poopie freaks! My first video! This is of all my favorite comments I post on websites and forums! It is to spread my love of poopies! The Great Almighty Poo would be pleased. Sit back, enjoy with some poopcorn and place comments!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Purple Spray

I have been looking at plants to plant on my poopie palace. You know, 5 acres is going to be a large space. I don't want just boring yellow corn, no way! I can a colorful variety like a rainbow. Then whenver the sun rises over it, it will look like a magical storybook palace. Mmm...

Also, colorful corn has another purpose, confetti!!!!! What I do is eat a big variety of corn and then stand on the roof and open up my buttcheeks. I make sure, I drink a glass of Mexican water first. Then I bend over and let out a huge corn spray! Pretty and delicious! Perfect Party decorations for a princess! If I ever get married, I would definatley have color corn confetti spraying down on me! MMmm....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Alright poopie freaks, mark this date down on your calendar July 1, 2011. That is the date of the relase of the Popanovel: A Poopie Fairytale. Read a novel about how me, Popanator, struggles to become a princess and have my own poopie castle. There is something for everyone: action, romance, adventure magic, oh, and lots of POOPIES! DELICIOUS CORN LADEN POO!

I'll keep you posted about updates and news. Also news about my very own poopie castle. Hopefully, I'll be able to build it. I have been researching about drying about poopies and using them as bricks. I did some internet research and they do that in Africa. I am a genius! Poopies are useful! The Great Almight Poo gave us these delicious and extremely usefull poopies to build with and eat.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dinner at Uncle Tony's

I have been so depressed latley trying to get over the love of my life Ethan. I thought he was the corn to my shit. *sigh* I have writing my memoirs of my poopie novel, and it iso hard. Ethan has been a bigger part of my life than I thought.

Even my  Uncle Tony took notice. I have forgiven him for cutting down my corn. I realized there are more important things than corn. Okay, not much, but still corn is only a small part of corn laden poo. I went over to his appartment. He's one of the richer ones in the family. He has an apartment.  He looked at me and saw how sad and a mess I was. I didn't even want to eat corn laden poo.

Uncle Tony then started cook. I asked, "Hey, wheres the corn laden poo?!" He was cooking grilled cheese. I haven't anything but corn and poop since March 2010.

Tony looked at me and whiped his hands on his dress. He just stated, "Man cannot live on corn laden poo alone."

"What the hell does that mean?" I just sat at the kitchen table and put my head into my hands.

"You need to stop living in either or.  You need to write your on fairytale. Noone can do it for you."

"Are you stoned?! You need to stop with the jenkem."

"You need to stop depending on people to write your fairtale. You need to write it yourself."

"Well, I have been writing in my Popanovel. I have the first three chapters written. And it is a fairtale about poopies!"

Tony looked at me and said, "See, there ya go. You've been bitching about not having enough money to build your poopie palace! You are a writer. You need to write. Its a itch you have."

"You mean like my vaginal itch?"

"No dumbass, write your novel and sell it. Then you have $."

"And then I will have enough money to build my poopie palace! Thank you Tony! You are a genius!" I gave Uncle Tony a kiss on the cheek. And then ran out and back to my house. I opened up my book and started the next chapter. MMmmm... POOPIES. With my newfound inspiration, I took a shit and then ate it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Ethan's Bitchy Rant

Okay, so my bitchy whiny ex wants to share his side of the story. So here it is. Just a shitload of BS though, so you may not want to read it.

I am fucking sick of the Popanator! She really fists my shithole the wrong way, and she doesn't even bother to push it back into my bung hole when she's done with it! That little cunt expects me to lick her burger ass, save all the corn from her shit from her, and then expects me to eat nothing but her leftover brown nuggets! GAAAAAH! Fuck shit ass cock NASTY MUFFINS! Is it too much for a man to get a proper meal every so often? SHE DOESN'T EVEN SHARE THE CORN!!!!11!!!

And now I'm writing like she does...

It's Ethan again. I am fed up with Poppy and her self-important, shit-eating grin. That girls just sits around all day in her fucking feces like a do-nothing welfare case, and I've had it. I might live in a trailer, but at least I pay my bills there. That little good-for-nothing shit-sucker just lounges around her "daddy's" house (and I'm not even sure if they're related), doing whatever she pleases while the rest of us work our asses off. What an aristo-bitch!

We got into an argument the other day because I want her to live on her own, and occasionally eat a meal that hasn't come out of someone's ass. I mean, I'm all for a little poop-consuming, but NOT FOR EVERY GOD DAMN MEAL! For the love of fucking Christ! By the big bloomin' shithole! It's just not right for someone to eat feces for every damn meal. I mean, she has GENERATIONS of shit between her teeth! GAAAAAAH!

Plus, she just sits around her daddy's house all day, and then wonders why I get pissed off. She had to hide me from him- he didn't want her dating or something like that. She's 24 years old! I stopped living with my parents when I was 23, which means EVERYBODY should do that! I'm GLAD she dumped me, and I'm GLAD you doesn't wanna see me again. I think I'm going to go fuck a hundred other women, and eat a giant STEAK that has nothing to do with shite whatsoever. AND I'LL LOVE EVERY FUCKING MINUTE OF IT!