Monday, September 27, 2010

Guest post: Willie War 2

Hi, I'm Willie, Popanator's brother. I wanna tell y'all about something I did awhile back. See, I found me a couple of flies stuck in my fly paper, and instead of eating them like I usually would, I decided to try a little Swiss Family Robinson stuff. So I pulled off a wing from both of 'em, and put 'em on mah limp dick in the bath tub. Now, it was kinda funny when they tried to fly away, because they ended up just leapin' in the air and spinnin' around like acrobats or something.

After awhile, the flies got used to their fate, and started to breed. It took a few days, but soon mah cock island was crawlin' with maggots. It got a little crowded on their, so I squeezed out some turdiepops (floaters, my favorite kind) and put a few of the maggots on them. They colonized the contents of my colon, I think. Maybe colonize means they took a shit on mah shits, I don't know.

In time, the old mama and papa fly passed away, and I buried 'em at sea. Well, I ate 'em, but my mouth was wet, so it was kinda the same thing. And the little baby flies grew up and flew away. My skin was real dry, after being in a bath tub for about a week. So I got out. That's the end of the story, hope you liked it.Poopies for sale!!!!!


Jacky Maille said...

Yo, Wee Willie Winky! You should keep working on the fly-limp dick thing. You could totally come up with an all natural cure for erectile dysfunction.

Popanator said...

Mmmm... the flys crawling accross your dick makes it harder than anything. You should try maggots, now that makes anyone hard in no time!

Anonymous said...

Moving style. I wish I could write that way.
Tapety na pulpit
Tapety na pulpit

Popanator said...

Thanks, Anonymous!