Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Check your SPAM box!

Okay, here is a serious post. If you have signed up to recieve updates in your email and are not recieving them, they are probably in your SPAM box. I had to fish out several from mine and also from my email address Apparently, someone has marked my email and posts as SPAM. I do not SPAM anyone! I don't need to. If you no longer want to see my posts anymore just simply unsubscribe, instead of marking as SPAM. That goes for anything you are subscribed to. Apparently if just one person marks an email as SPAM it is sent the the enternal void of the SPAM box for everybody. (I don't know if this is just a glitch of Yahoo.)

Enough with my rant and back to the Fistmas spirit. I love each and everyone of you subscribers. Stay tuned for more updates!




Drewcifer said...

And we love you too, Popsie!

Slobberknokkers said...

Didn't you mean to say, "FIST your spam box"???

Popanator said...

I tried fisting my spam box but ended up breaking my laptop. :( I should just stick to poopie holes.

Anonymous said...

you fucking faggots