Monday, October 25, 2010

I miss my Ethan!

I had a date all set up with Ethan today – I was going to show him my favorite spot for going sewer diving. My man knows how to make me hawt- he said he loves the way I look in my little bikini, but that he likes how I look without it even better. So I was stoked for some steamy skinny poopy dipping, and the incredible sex we always have. I thought I'd talk dirty to him first, by telling him what I'd done with his Granny Louise. She told me to call her Granny Lubee, on account of how wet her poopy hole gets. Besides, two girls are too hot for any man to resist, even in a story.
But you can imagine how surprised I was when he got pissed at me. Ethan's never been one to have a sharp temper, but he got mad that I was fisting somebody else behind his back. It wasn't so much that it was his family, and he didn't mind that I'm bi. It's just that he gets angry about cheating. I tried to offer him some shit, but he knocked it out of mah hand and made me cry. He's never refused a poopy before, offered so lovingly as I did. I hope he can forgive me, and I'm gonna give him some time to do it.
Poopies for sale!!

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