Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pissing Blood

Alright poopie fans, this sucks. My Pay Pal button will not show up on this site. I am getting this fixed. Grrr! I'm using what HTML I learned back in 2001 and trying to make a seperate page for ya. Thanks for your patience. Hopefully, I didn't blow too many brain cells sniffing jenkem.

Other than that, I've been enjoying a lovely kidney infection. I am pissing blood. I am pissing constantly. It hasn't effected my job at all with the frequent piss breaks, because I've been using my Autistic Brother Willie's employee of the month trophy. However, it looks like strawberry lemonade. It doesn't taste like it. Infected piss is nasty even by Popanator standards. Oh, well, here is a YouTube vid to show you what bloody piss looks like!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pay Pal Bugg

Poopie fans, I aplogise, there seems to be a problem with the PayPal Button. This will be fixed in 24hours. If you really cannot wait to have the book, feel free to email me at Popanator2010@yahoo.com and I'll get that out to you in a speedy fashion. For the rest of you poo bears, thank you for you patience and this will be fixed.

Hey, poopy pals!

It's your old buddy the Popanator, and I've been fisting my shit hole like never before. Wanna know why? I finished my first book the other day! I mean writing one, not just reading one. See, I figured out that a lot of you guys found out about me because of my super-intelligent, awesome poopy comments.

But I bet a lot of you guys don't know how many sites I've actually been on, or how I first got started with this Internet troll thing. They call me a troll and I've learned to take it as a compliment, but I prefer to call myself the poopy messiah. And with that being the case, I've got my holy scripture all ready.

If you want to you can pick up my first book right now. Just click here for the link to pay for it and I'll send it to you as a cute little PDF, just as pretty as my poopy hole. It's got EVERY comment I've made on every website I go to since I first started with my little poop fetish.

If you think you've seen everything I've done, I bet you haven't seen the HALF of it. I'm been a busy little girl, ya know. I was thinking about just giving away my book, because I love you guys and want to share my poopy legacy with you.

But reality is a bitter pill, and while shit is free nothing else is. The Popanator's no capitalist, of course, but if you love what I've been giving you guys for free over the past year I know my book will be worth every penny.

I love you guys. You make me fist my shit hole every time I see that you've replied to something I said or come to visit my site. My poopy hole is your poopy hole, and I hope you're comfy in there as wide and well-worn as it is.

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Game to Start Your Leekend Fun!

Hi, poopie freaks! I apologise for the lack of posts/trolling lately. I am starting many new projects and my life is going in a very positive direction as of lately. I have a lot to be excited about, but unfortunatley, I have been very busy. More posts, trolling, disgustingness is on the horizon!

To make up for it, here is a fun game to start the leekend festivities. This is a game kinda like Leisure Suit Larry. But, it takes place in college. Of course its about getting drunk and laid!!! I love the old adventure games, back when adventure games took real intellegence and more imagination than the fancy graphics. Enjoy!

Click to Play!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Jay!

Hey guys! Popanator here, and I've got some great news. I'm getting closer to Jay, and I'm almost to the point of calling him my best friend. Not everybody has a poop fetish like mine, and Jay's just so spurty. He and I just go everywhere together, and sometimes we see how many cute boys we can seduce. It's not always easy, but it's sure taking my mind off that one guy. I think he's been replaced and I can't say I'm sorry about that.

Jay and I were out shopping for cute clothes the other day. See, when you delight in poopies as much as we do it can be impossible to get all the stains out of your clothes. As much as I love keeping some poopies on my dress as snacks for later, sometimes it just gets annoying. It's even more of a bother when your clothes start to feel like armor because they're coated in layer after layer of dried shit.

We go shopping a lot because we can afford it. I love being Jay's apprentice. He's teaching me that all you've got to do is be cute, and men will pay for anything you want. Just rub up on his arm and give him big doe eyes, and he'll fill your gas tank, your pussy and your belly at the same time. Well, it takes awhile to get all three of those things. Once he's given you some money and stuff, you can empty your colon all over him and he'll love it.

Jay loves his men with big, kissable lips. I've always preferred my men soft and furry, but Jay's boys are usually smooth as silk. Anyway, we were shopping when we saw this really cute guy walking by, looking like he's got it going on. Jay started licking his lips and saying stuff like, “that boy's gonna suck mah dick.” My poopy hole started getting wet immediately.

Jay fucks a lot, but he doesn't fuck around.

Just a few minutes later, Jay had the boy in a private place and they were diddling each other. I took a little poo and started lasciviously nibbling on it while the boys went at it. Jay sucked pretty boy's dick, and got him off like that. But then Jay got his cock sucked, and he just spurted like a geyser. He told me later that the guy's lips were such a turn-on that he just couldn't contain himself.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun with Jay!

I made a new friend today! His name's Jay, and I think he's the funniest guy who ever lived. He's a homosexual, and homosexuals are so wonderfully gay. He's got the cutest pickup line ever. He'll walk up to a cute boy and be like, "You want some head?" The look he gives is one I'm gonna try the next time I approach somebody. Of course I'll say, "You want some poopies?" I don't like totally copying somebody else's style. But I have to admit Jay's got it going on. And it almost always works!

So Jay and I went to the mall so I could school him on the fine art of poopfiti -- that's poopies on the wall in unique designs. We started smearing out shit all over the walls of the bathroom like I usually do, and he got this great idea. We could bring in some random boy, give him head and leave some steamers on him, too. Jay laughed so hard at the idea that he coughed. I love the way he recovers because he was all, "Ooh, I had to gargle out some of the cum."

So we went to the food court and found us somebody cute. I never caught the guy's name, not that it matters. And Jay was all, "You want some head, baby?" The guy seemed really enamored with us, being with a pretty poopy chick like me and a flaming cutie like Jay. So we take the guy to the bathroom, and Jay starts sucking him off. His mouth wasn't busy, so I let the guy lick my asshole to get me lubed up. I wanted to make sure my poopies could slide right out.

When the guy came, I knew it was time for the coup de grace... I think that's like mardi gras. Anyway, we turned the guy into one of us girls by putting our butts together, and leaving a pair of steamers on the guy's chest. They looked just like tits! I was a little torn for a second. I didn't wanna ruin a perfect pair of C's, but I love running my face through poopy titties. So I did, and we all laughed until we choked.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Vaginal Crunchies

I've been sitting here looking at the damn to do list. My vag hole started itching. Mmmm... I dug my fingernails in that snatch sandwhich and started scratching around. Its felt so good, but some crunchis got stuck under my fingernail.

I put the fingers in my mouth. Mmmm... they were so crunchy. I sctratched around all afternoon. I had a lot of good snackies. Some were green! Some were dried cum remnants from months ago. Other still were from the froozen poopciles up shoved up there. I even got lucky and got me some corn. Best...Day...Ever!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Frozen Summer Treat!

It has been so fucking hot hear and I've been sicker than shit. That is why I haven't posted much lately. I'm getting better, no worries. I havet to force myself more, because I have to get so many things done. I will be in my new home soon.

But, I was sitting there on the couch this evening, complaining about the heat and how my poopies melt in my hand and not my mouth. My autistic brother Willie got so annoyed he turned to me and said, "Just go to the freezer and shove a popsicle up your ass.

That was a genius idea! I shoved a strawberry popsicle up my ass and it felt so good!!! MMmmm... Then I took the popsicle out and ate it. Strawberry poopies are the best!!! Now, I feel cooler on both ends!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Popanator off to church!

I went to church the other day. You know, Sunday is supposed to be holy or something. I don't know if they shortened that from “poopy holey,” because I think it's pretty catchy. But I walked in there for shits and giggles, which is kind of my whole life. I went in there thinking maybe it'd be neat to be all religious and shit, because people seem to be happy when they're in church. But then I realized how boring the whole thing was. I walked in and sat down, and it got really quiet like it does before golf or something.

Then people started chanting and singing and stuff, which was annoying. They were kind of quiet but they were still really boring sounding. They must've sang like four songs. Then the guy in the fancy robes started talking about this and that, and try as I might I couldn't change the channel. I just thought he was like one of those boring lecture guys you hear on the radio, but then he got into passing out these weird chamber pots. Finally! Something I understood. So when the pot came to me, I squatted down and took a nice big poo right into it. Naturally, this got me everyone's attention, because we all know the Popanator is the queen of poo.

The funny part was, despite my super-impressive turd, I guess it wasn't enough for their tastes. They all started yelling at me and told me to leave. It kinda hurt, and I felt all vulnerable because my shit wasn't good enough for them. I cried all the way home and I felt worthless, like the cream of my colon just wasn't right. So I tell you guys what. I'm going to start my own church, the Church of Poopy. The Great Almighty Poo, by all his names, will welcome ALL the shit-worshippers of the world. Black, brown, green, even those funky exotic shades of poo will be welcome without prejudice. We are all equal in poopies!