Monday, September 24, 2012

Is Popanator Evil?

Okay, poopie freaks this is something that has been bothering me. I was in group therapy tonight talking about things that I was grateful for. I did talk about Fistmas and my plans for making a Nativity Scene out of delicious corn laden poo! The therapist said, "For the love of all that is holy, can you please talk about something other than shit for once?! What else are you grateful for besides shit and Fistmas?" I know, I'm having difficulty getting over my shit addiction. I mean,, it is the best thing, since well, anything!

Now, I wish I was as good as the artist in the pic, I still had to think of something to be grateful for. I finally said, "Watching my enemy fail. Watching his life get worse and seeing him experience the pain he has caused me. I love seeing how all his failures is something he caused. I masturbate while reading about his shenanigans and how he just basically fucked up in life." The therapist gasped, so did the whole group. For two reasons, finally I said a sentence that didn't involve shit and the first time I honestly wanted to see someone fail.

Shit freaks, I've been through a lot this year. More than I would wish on my enemy, well I did wish it on him. And yes, seeing his life all apart just makes me all tingly inside. It is more satisfying than taking one of those large constipation dumps. As hard as I am struggling my life is getting better. Karma is working, I am finally getting some faith restored to me. Hey, it was Karma just doing what it does best. Is it wrong to be happy about it?

Maybe I'm just a hurt person wanting to see the universe provide some type of justice. I don't know. Emotions are a fucked up thing. I wish my psychiatrist hadn't put me on those meds. Now that I have emotions, I feel like a psycho. Okay, more of a psycho. I mean, its great I feel joy when holding a poopie and smearing it. However, some things just suck. I'm going to bed now, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Popanator's Getting Famous!!!!!

Well, this reminds me of a few days ago, I saw my old friend Clyde. I haven't seen him since the beginning of May and he asked how my writing was going.

I said, "Oh, I quit that and very rarely write anymore. I'm out there finding myself." Clyde looked at me at shocked and said, "You are a writer! There is no finding yourself. Don't quit!"

 Well, even my little pissy efforts from this summer got noticed. Here, on of my fav Autistics Ryanthehedgehog1998, made a 21 min video ALL ABOUT ME! Grab the poopcorn, turn up your speakers because there is an issue with the sound and enjoy!

Thanks Ryan, for making me remember my dreams. Here's the vid:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dating Tips For the Autistic Male

Greetings, Popanator freaks! You may ask what I am doing posting at 10AM on a Monday, well, I've had a bad weekend. I spent all weekend in bed puking. At first puking is erotic because I get to role around in it. Its all brown and squishy like my poop, but then it gets old. You know, you can throw out your back if you puke too hard? Yeah, you really can do that. I'm now laying here making sure I don't go to the hospital for dehydration while resting my back. I'm just sipping my grape juice ever so slowly... :( I have more details in my more personal journal. So, to cheer myself up, I've been watching Chris Chan videos. You know Chris Chan knows a lot about dating. He even talked about Dating Education. He has some really good tips for the Autistic Male out there who cannot find pussy. Now, they don't apply to the Autistic female. The only good thing about being female is as long as you have a hole it will get filled. Don't knock it. Males have so many more advantages when it comes to being stronger, getting promoted faster on the job, and less likely to get raped and get those holes filled when they don't want them filled. So, here it is: Dating Tips For the Autistic Male: 1.) Get a makeover. Chrissy here, has dumped his medallion and and stripped shirts. He has put on a more modern mini skirt and a bright red tank. The red is sure to attract someone's eye. The bedazzling on the ass really draw attention to dat ass! 2.) Exercise. Women love a fit mate. They may look over your major personality defects if you have a nice fit body. Well, at least for a while. I did date someone more psycho than me for a long time, because he was, well hot. However, his disgusting personality finally got me in the end. So, exercise so you can distract the female with your hot body for a few months. As Chrissy shows you here, dancing is a good way to burn the calories. 3.) Practice your sweet talk. Here Chrissy shows you on a date with his mom. Hopefully this is practice, however, he may just be that desperate. He practices his pick up lines over his happy meal. He tells his mom how pretty she always is. This way he can gauge what he can say on a real date. 4.) Practice your best sex moves. Now when you finally get your girlfriend, one night stand, or prostitute into the bedroom (yeah right!), you don't want to be inexperienced. A woman likes a man with experience. In order to look like a fumbling virgin, Chrissy shows you how to practice on your blow up doll 5.) Finally, just take what you can get. Seriously, I've seen so many dating adds of Autistic males, Chris Chan included and their standards are way too high. I always want to ask them, so what do you bring to the table? Oh, a pokemon collection. Yawn! If you have servere personality defects brought on by Autism (Hey, I'm autistic myself), you can't expect a super model unless you make a lot of $$$. No, Autistics are not a master race or anything. They are just the leaders in special ed class. Yes, I will get hate from fellow Aspies, but its true. That is why I am a curbie. So, Chrissy finally takes what he can possibly hope to get, a blow up doll. At least they had a romantic date at McD's.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Life's Getting Better

I just had a wonderful weekend visiting my furry little boyfriend. Whenever I'm not working or in class or in group therapy or doing volunteer work I am back in Evansville with my sweet Sam. I've had plenty of fists up my poo hole, but his is so big and just stretches me out so far.

We have been together now for a blissful 6 months. We even got over the fight we had where some troll hacked his Facebook and and had him send flirty little messages to every female in sight. Facebook, is well, the devil. I admit, I love it and love posting my little ramblings about delicious scat porn I find online, but other than that, well Facebook is shit. And not in a good way. Not the delicious little corn dumplings I leak out while on my period while my boyfriend just lovingly cleans me up with his tongue. Mmmm... No, the dried up little shitties that have already turned white.

Seriously, Facebook is funny. But in other news, I am currently working as many hours as I can and saving up my pennies to make that big move to Evansville. I know, I know, in group therapy my psychiatrist said no new relationships. I've had this one since March. ;)

I remember the first time I saw him at that St Patrick's Day party and I passed out. The next thing I woke up to was his throbbing cock up my poopie hole. I was squirting some squishy ass poopies. I mean, squirting! He said he couldn't help it with my passed out body on the floor was enough to give him a raging erection. I knew it was true love. He has been searching for me for years. He was in love with me since 2001 and even showed me his closet shrine he made of me and even kept a pair of my poopie encrusted panties.

Mmmmm.... I've seen plenty of closet shrines of me, but this shit was impressive. Someone has been worshiping me for all these years, well, shit, I can't say no that! I just love the passionate fisting and ass fucking! Mmmm.... He just loves to lick my poo hole and then we kiss so deep, nothing is as romantic.

Nothing says true love like sharing each other's delicious nutty and corn laden fudge. Now, I must go back to work and dream of the day where I can be with my fisting buddy forever.