Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Shit

I was just laying out by my poopy fountain soaking up some rays, when I thought about how hot the day was getting. My clothes were sticking to my skin, and it made me hawnee. So I decided to take a little dip. First I changed into my bathing suit, and splashed around in the falling pee of mah fountain- but you know that's never enough for me. I wanted a poopy bath!

The bad news on that was, I only have so much shit in me. As much as I try to be a pooping machine, even the Popanator has her limits. So I decided to reach out to the poopy community at large- maybe with their poop plus my poop, we could make something truly special. Maybe we could even make some kind of a poopy park where the little kiddies could come enjoy a day of good, clean poopy playing pleasure.
So I started going door to door, knocking until they finally answered. Most folks only took about ten minutes of me pounding on the door and screaming before they finally opened up. It was past Poopaween, but I still felt like a trick or treater when I asked, "Could you spare some poopies, please?" I gave everyone my sweetest smile, and they were all so anxious to try and crap me out something that they slammed their doors in haste. Most of them must have been constipated though, because nobody came back to the doors. Guess this wasn't gonna work as well as I'd hoped it would.
More Shit

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