Saturday, January 25, 2014

Antartic Porn

Wow, I got a bunch of page views yesterday! Thanks, my favorite shiz biscuits! I'll still poke around once in a while, whenever the mood or my fist strikes my poo hole!

Now, today, I was looking for a warmer place to go to for the winter. Here in central Indiana, the weather is worse than I've ever remembered it. With the wind chills we are expecting next week, I found a place that would literally be warmer to go to: ANTARTICA!

While browsing around trying to find out how to book a cruise to my new tropical paradise, I actually found, no shit, ANTARTIC PORN!

I always wondered what would happen when it is -40F if you decided to take a piss outside. Would it freeze? That YouTube video answered my most burning question it would be more of a mist, an icy mist. Mmmmm.... SNOW CONES!

I did find out that poopies can freeze too. If you mix poopies with milk and ice, you got yourself chocolate icecream! YUM!

That's the way to make some icecream! I would love someone to sit on my face outside and do that! Mmmm.. Chocolate! Shit, gotta go and do productive shit now. Will be back sometime...