Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Poopie Music!!!/!!

I was hanging out in the pawnshop yesterday, just to see what they had going on and what kinds of neat shit people might have parted with for some extra drug money. They sure did have a lot of guns on display- sick stuff, even for me. But they also had some neat things, like weed whackers (which I hear don't even have any weed in them... rip off) and some musical instruments. When I saw that cute little flute hanging on the wall, I get this funny feeling deep in my bowels- love at first blow.

So I paid the guy what he wanted, and took my new flute home with me, thinking about how much fun we would have together. There's just something special and magical about a girl and her flute, you know? I had read about this French guy who used to fart into a horn he had specially made, and how much he had dazzled audiences. At heart, I feel the pull of the stage, too. But first I have to practice!

I stuck my flute into mah poopy hole and gave it all I had... and no sound came out. Hmm, that usually works. Then I remembered that you have to lick the reed. Silly me. So I stuck him back in there, and my pretty poopies came out of the little holes with a beautiful squishing sound. All I need now is a little practice and some accompaniment (maybe my autistic Brother Willie on his autismophone and Ethan on his accordian), and we can take this act on the road.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Poopie High

yo dawg i heard you like getting shit faced
I heard a rumor that if you put your poopies into a pot, you can huff it like gasoline and get a really good buzz off of it. I don't know if that's true or not, but I do know I like the idea. So I got a pot, took a big corn laden shit in it, and took a massive hit off my shit. I giggled a little bit when my hair fell into my turd pile- it's a lot cheaper than hair dye, not to mention that it's all soft and conditioning. Man, is there anything poopies can't do?

It took a few good hits before I really felt anything. I guess I've got a pretty strong resistance to poopies, on account of my poop fetish and all that. So I inhaled it like the soothing balm of a middle eastern mystic, and let the visions begin to wash over me. Man was it deep. At first the colors of the room got brighter. Then I could feel my ass start talking to me- I couldn't understand him 'cause he wasn't speaking english. I also don't know why my poopy hole was a guy, but he had a really deep voice like Darth Vader or something.
He commanded me to shit out my new god. So I crawled on my hands and knees like an enslaved temple priestess, slowly shitting out a long and curvy turd. I didn't know I had that much inside of me, but it just wouldn't stop coming. When I was done, it started slithering towards me like a snake, and commanded me to open my legs and receive the holy seed.
When I wake up, the entire room was covered in shit. I don't know if I'm pregnant or not, but that was some good shit.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Talking Ken Doll

Barbie Sweet Talking Ken DollI was at the toy store today looking at new toys I could shove up my poopie hole. I love trying all sorts of balls. I love to swallow marbles and poop them out. It hits my G-Spot in my poopie hole and gives me a turdgasm. Mmmmm..... I love things that shake and vibrate. I love to vibrate my poopies into a pureed poopie smoothy!

But, I came accross one little gem. It is a Ken doll you can record your voice and have him talk back to you. Cool! I brought that thing home and had him talk about fisting poopie holes while I shove the hole doll up my ass. Also the vibrations of it liquifies my poopies. It was the funnest toy evar until My pooey wet juices shorted it out. Oh, well, I'll get another one and wrap it in a condom so it won't get ruined. I'll practice safe fecal masterbation! Mmm..... I hope everyone else is having a fun leekend!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Looking at Pr0n

Today I was looking at fat old women in white granny panties on the internet. I got so hawnee my pussy juices started flowing. My panties got weter and weter. I started fisting my pussy without taking my panties off. My panties slid right in my pussy and soaked up the wet juices. MMMmmmm... I pulled it out and it splashed out like a large squishy tampon! I started sniffing my patnies and then I came agin.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Health Moment With Dr Popanator

Corn Poo Soap On A Rope
Doctor Popanator here with a health tip. Poopies are full of left over vitamins that your body no longer uses. Why not recycle thos delicious vitamins instead of wasting them? You can take the corn out of your poopies and store them in a pill bottle. They are better than those gummy vitamins you can buy in the princess shapes. They are chewier and healthier. Think of the planet on this! If we all ate our poopies over and over again, less food would be needed and we would be healthier. We would also enjoy tastier poopies. Mmmmm.... I am getting so hungry and hawnee thinking about this.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Poopie Tail!!!1!!!

View Image
My Ethan is a kinky little devil. The other day, he blindfolded me and led me back to his prized poopy patch (where we've had a lot of fun in the past), and it seems he'd taken the entire week sculpting the entire thing into what looked like a bunch of buildings. It was a shit city! So cute, kind of like the shitty city that I already live in.
He grinned as he told me that we were going to play dinosaurs. You've gotta admit, goofy dates are some of the most fun ones you can have. So he laid me down on the ground, lifted my skirt and began to fist me nice and deep, the way I like it. Ladies, if your man knows how to fist you proper, he's definitely a keeper. He drew those tasty pooey juices out of me, and began to cover my body with them like a slick, delicious ointment of love.

But when I was completely covered, he delivered the poop de grace, and pulled some of my guts out of mah ass just like a tail. Laying back and giving me a sexy look, he asked me to do the same things to him- how could I say no? I was wet as hell and I would've done anything for him at that point. So I pulled out a goodly bit of his sexy poopy colon, and we skulked around our little shit city. It was a lot of laughs, and you know I got off a lot as we smashed the place back into a poopy pile. My "tail" was unbelievably sensitive, and he did this thing with his tongue... hot damn! Why'd I never think of that?Some shit for you poopie city~!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monkey eating poo at zoo

That gorilla is my hero! It just goes to show you the love of DELICIOUS CORN LADEN POO is natural and healthy!

Popanator on the clock!

There is a new blog I have been writing http://customertardblog.blogspot.com/ Don't worry, poopie freaks, I'll still be updating my adventures on my Popanator Blog. But, this one is about my adventures at work. It is also SFW besides all the cussing. It is about all the retards I deal with at work. More of a case study of why I am insane. I hope you guys enjoy.

And for all the hardcore poopie freaks, I'll still be posting about my adventures off the clock in fisting and enjoying my DELICOUS CORN LADEN POO. MMmm...... I love poopies. I like to pack them in my lunch and take that shit with me to work. I like to snack on the corn out of my shit between calls.

Mmm... comming home to a nice steamer and a warm shot of whiskey is the best way to unwind. Then I have my Ethan piss on me in the bathtub and just bathes in his hot sticky piss. MMmmm.... Without poopie pay my life wouldn't be worth living!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chocolate Poopie Cigs!!!1!!!

Someties I love a nice flavored cigar. But, Swisher Sweets is not good enough for me. No, I love more flavor with my smoke. So I got in the habit of jamming a cigar in my poo hole before I smoke it. Mmmm.... It is delicious!

Buy some shit to shove up your ass!