Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Old Days

Damn it, I have to admit it, sometimes I miss the old days. I was working on writing my book about my adventures of 2012. I mean, it was one hell of a year. I was chewed up, spit out, and somehow succeeded. My life is better now, but damn it, sometimes I miss the fun. The fun of shit smearing, the adventure, the romance.

 I was in the part of my book on Friday, where I wrote about my adventures at work. One day, I was a little peeved about the stupid shit going on, so I decided to show how I felt with art. I stood up on the toilet seat while fully on my period. I had diarrhea that day too, so I pulled down my diaper, stood up there proud and just shit and bled all over the seat and down the tank. Oh, my fucking God did it feel good! It was like a bomb went off in my poop hole. I whiped my ass with a bit of toilet paper and just wiped it on the wall in a nice brown and red streak. I pulled up my diaper and went back into work like it didn't happen. Hilarity ensued.

Driving down to Evansville this weekend, I pulled into a gas station. Now, months of all this normal training have been kind of a bore. All I do is read, do churchy stuff, volunteer, work, and all that goody good stuff. Hell, I feel guilty I have a boyfriend. Now, I'm all worried about soul mate shit and if I'll ever have one again. I decided to lighten up, do what I do best.

I walked into the gas station and went into the bathroom. I hiked up my long skirt and squated over the floor. I took a bloody shit. It was a diarrhea, period laden shit. It felt so good. Feeling inspired, I rubbed it all over the trash can. Ahhhh, the Popanator was comming back out. I went and rubbed it all over the sink and mirror. Oh, shit this feels so good. Smearing my shit, brought back delightful memories of when life was simple. When I didn't worry about being a normal adult. I loved getting back to the basic love of corn laden poo!

After my adventure, I went to my boyfriend's house, who now says I need to grow up more. I haven't quite gotten my shit together figuratively and literally.  Writing in my new book "The Age of Gemini" is bringing up some old thoughts and feelings. Though 2012 sucked ass, some parts were exciting, some informative, some parts broke my heart, almost broke my spirit. I feel as though, through pain, I've grown up. But, damn it, why can't I sometimes do poo play?! Why can't I be both Popanator and Poppy? Is life supposed to be boring? I am confused. I poopy part wants to come out, like explosive diarrhea...