Tuesday, August 31, 2010

End of summer party!!!

I decided to get over my depression of losing my delicious sexy corn by having an end of summer party this Labour Day! I will end the summer of '10 right by having all the best delicious corn that everyone can eat and stuff themselves with!

I evented this new party game to do after the feast of corn. We all crap in a bucket and instead of bobbing for apples we bob for delicious corn laden poopies! Mmm... Whoever is able to get the most poopies out of the bucket wins a nice long shit hole fisting by me! It is so hard no to want to eat the delicious corn laden poo once it is in my mouth. Mmm... It is so hard and addictive. It tastes like corn on the cob! But, I will manage

Mmm... more to cum on the best end of summer party evar! I will be posting some party games and tips in the days following.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Yeast infections are fun!

Between banging my new boyfriend and corn and well, anything I can find out in the corn field I developed a yeast infection. I thought it was the last thing I wanted to deal with while mourning the loss of my poor corn. However, once you get over the itching it is fun! The constant draining acts as lube so I can easily slide my fist up there taking out delicious white milky juices. I took one of my frozen poopie dildos and had fun in there will all the slip sliding action and then took it out and sucked on it! My body just makes the most wonderful secretions! Yum!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Guest Post: Ethan Rising

Hey everybody. I'm Ethan, and I've been seeing the Popanator for awhile now. She's my little boo. I've taken to calling her Poppa, because of her cute little daddy fetish and the fact that she took my virginity the first time that we made love.
I have to admit that I was a little perturbed at first, because of her desire to have my fist up her rear end. But between the way she says horny as "hawnee" with her cute American South accent, and the way her warm intestines mold around my arm, I grew accustomed to it sooner than I would've imagined. I just think of it as reaching up her tender bum, to try and touch her heart in yet another way.
And the way she looked at me after I finally got the hang of using that lovely auger on her, I say… true love, thou art in my hands. Unfortunately, we haven't had much time for that sort of thing lately, on account of her deep sadness at the death of her beloved corn.
I fear that my love must go alone to visit her friend the cow. If any of you know what bastard might have torched my love's maize, do tell me so that I might challenge him on her behalf. A man must defend his woman's honor, you know!
Poppa showed me the most intriguing method of crafting a weapon with which to duel. All you have to do is mold your feces into a sword shape (which it often comes out as, anyway), sharpen it into something more befitting the sharpness of a blade, and freeze it. Then voila! A weapon fit for Ethan, the Popanator Avenger!

Guest post: Willie War

Hello there! I'm Willie War, Popanator's Austic brother. Autistics like me are fascinated by poop. I enjoy feeling it because it just feels so squishy and I love to masterbate with it, because it is the closest I will come to a woman's vagina. I was taking a shit today and was so aroused by it, my dick got hard. I had to push out really hard to get the nice rock hard shit out of my ass that a little bit of piss squirted out of my dick. Now, normally that wouldn't be a problem, but I have a bent assburgers dick, so it squirted on my face. That made me so horny I reached behind me and grabbed some of the shit and jacked my dick off. Then I came so hard I caught the cum in my mouth. Mmm.... I love to drink my own cum, because I have to recycle it. Only the best for the woman who will some day recieve my semen!!

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My corn is gone...

My corn is dead, and my poopies just won't come. It's official: the Popanator is constipated. I tried shoving my fist up there, and found nothing. I tried shoving a broom up there, and my auger, and a garden hose, but it's like I've got nothing inside. I've never felt so wounded or so empty. Without my corn, it's like I'm not a full person anymore.
I sat on the toilet crying tears of blood – not from my eyes, but from mah asshole. It's like, without my beautiful, majestic corn, I'm like a mother without a child, or a poopie hole with no fists around. There is only one solution I can think of. I have to go visit my old friend the cow.
If anybody would know why this happened and who did it, it would be the cow. Cows know things, after all. One time, I even heard that you can read the future in the meadow muffins they leave. It's their special power and their gift to the world. My friend, I hope you can help me ease my corny hole…
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Friday, August 27, 2010

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Broken dreams...

My corn! Oh, my precious corn! Some cruel, horrible, sticky, constipated person burned down my corn. I went over to my field to frolic and get all poopy and corny and stuff… and my corn was DEAD! They burned it! WHY WOULD SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?! I fell on the ground in shock when I saw my corn all smoky and dead, and I cradled the first ear I could find in my lap like my poor dead baby. I couldn't stop crying, I couldn't see through all the tears - I didn't wanna see it, either. What kind of monster would hurt my innocent corn? It did nothing but give me pleasure and joy! It never hurt anybody! What kind of PSYCHOPATH would do thiiiiiiiiiisssss?!?! WAAAAAAAAHHH!!!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Incest, Woman Gives Birth to Her Sister

Just watch the vid. Grab some popcorn and enjoy! I have no comment on this, because I am not allowed.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poopie taste!

Has any else ever tasted poopies? If so what do you think of the taste? I think poopies taste awesome! With the corn in it it tastes like corn on the cob! Yum! What was your experience with poopies? Also do you like hard poopies or soft poopies? I think the squishy soft ones taste the best! It just tickles my tounge! hehe Also when the poopies are just liquid I drink them up like a chocolate milkshake! Yum! But, the hard poopies are like poopies jerky. Kinda chewy, but I after to bite hard to get the delicious poopiness! OMFG, I have to go now and fist my shit hole I am getting so hawnee!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

A couple that shits together, stays together!

I think its lovely! I love to have a support group when I go poopie! It makes everyone closes when you go poopie. Sometimes I have to have someone hold my hand when I take a poop So I can push out the delicious new born poopie! Mmm… Then I take it out and cradle the delicious corn laden poo. After that well, you can everyone about the beautiful creation you just made! Mmm… Then I save my lovely creation in the freezer so I can take it out later on and either suck on it like a poopcicle or use it as a frozen corn laden dildo. I just love poop!

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shit balls!

I was wandering down the street out of boredom – I hadn't pooped in awhile, and I was trying to shake something out. I looked down at some dirt that had been kicked up by something or other, and I noticed how similar dirt looks to shit. And it struck me – we are all LIVING ON A GIANT SHIT BALL!

This little epiphany was as grand as the first time I discovered poopies and their innumerable uses. So I decided that I should pay a proper homage to the poopie gods, by building them a shrine.

I found a shovel, and dug up lots of dirt, so that I could arrange it into a giant poopie temple to the gods of all shit. As the time went by, all that manual labor gave me the rumblings, and pretty soon I was spurting poopies left and right. I dragged my ass on the ground, streaming out sweet, tasty, corny shit streams, returning my sacrifice to the Great Poopie Ball that spawned us all!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Special Post

Get a Voki now!

Hello there. Its Popanator again! I have a special post for you. I have always wondered why people are so offended by poopies. Poopies are so natural and wonderful. I love how poop squishes in my hand. I love to taste the corn out of my poop and it tastes like corn on the cob. Why are people so offeneded? Everyone takes a poop. I went to a public toliet the other day and the toilet seat was covered in shit. I liked it up tasting the crusty goodness and then I fisted me poopie hole adding to the lovely shitness. I smeared it on the wall.

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet Popanator!

Get a Voki now!

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I love my car!

Everything about this picture made me so hawnee. It gave me an idea while I was fisting me poopie hole picturing splattering delicious corn laden poo on this guy. I went outside to my beautiful little red car and turned it on. Then I put the tail pipe up my poopie hole while it was on getting all nice and hot! It liquified my poopies to the point I had to squat down on a cup. It looked like hot chocolate with nuts, so I drank it! Mmm... Nice pooey chocolatey drink!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rapunzel--The more realistic story...

Here is a beautiful fairy tale for all those who love fairy tales:

There once was a beautiful woman trapped in a tower by an witch. She had long dark hair and was naked. (She lived in a tower, who would see her?) She had to piss and shit into a bucket (no toilets back then). Each time she pissed and shit she threw it out the window.

Her isolation drew her into insanity. Her only friends were the delicious corn laden poo she gave birth to and the witch she occasionally gave sexual favours to for scraps of bread and water. She would eat out the witch's period blood for extra seasoning.

One day as she was throwing out stale poopies out the window the prince rode up on his horse. He was drawn to her beauty. He snuck up to watch her big titties smeared in poopies and period blood jiggle as she threw out the bucket full of waste. He became so hawnee he had to hind behind a bush and choke his chicken while ocasionally fisting his poopie hole to get some lube.

Later that night, he snuck up under the window of that tower. He was standing in 5 foot deep of poopies. He was in heaven!! He rolled around the delicious poopies licking them up. He picked the corn out of the poop and tasted its corn goodness. He heard the woman come up to the window and he opened his mouth wide waiting for a poopie deposit.

Instead, the woman saw him and screamed. The prince said, "Don't scream, my love. Let me climb up on your long hair and I will teach you about anal love!" She never had a real cock in her before and wondered how it would feel, so she let down that long dark hair of hers.

The prince started to climb it and she screamed. Then she fell out of the tower. Luckily there was 5 feet of delicious corn laden poo to break her fall. She was on top of the prince and they started kissing. Then he told her to bend over and he fisted her poopie hole to break her in. She enjoyed it so much. They had anal sex for hours.

Then they rode off into the sunset smeared in poopies. They went back to the castle and live happily ever after. Of course, they had no childeren because all they did was anal sex. But they had fun anyway. Playing with and eating shit.

Now that's a love story!!!
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State Fair

I went to the state fair yesterday. It was such a glorius experience. All the delicious corn everywhere. I picked up the 1st prize corn which was so big and juices and plopped that up me poopie hole. I walked kind of bow legged leeking poopies everywhere. People were just admiring my delicious corn laden poopie trail. Then I waddled over to the cattle barn and saw more delicious meadow muffins I snacked on while admiring the cows. I petted the cows and thanked them for their delicious corn laden poo. I pulled the corn out of my poopie hole and offered it to the cow as a gift and she happily munch on my poo laden corn. It was a beautiful expierence of friendship.

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Monday, August 16, 2010

Popanator Legacy

Holy shit, I'm getting popular again! One of my fav websites (www.droppedthebomb.com) is finally recognzing who the real Popanator is. Take a lookie at these comments. Sometimes I swear the comments is funnier than post. P.S. I am female. 100% I do have a big smelly hair pie. That is why you would prefer my cornhole.

Beautiful Redundancy

Posted On Sunday, August 8, 2010

I took a big poopie today. It was so beautfiul it brought a tear to my eye. Then I got a flash of inspiration. I took my poopie out of the toilet and started drawing on the bathroom wall. I drew a toilet filled to the brim with beautiful corn laden poo. Looking at my art I started to get hungry, so I licked it! But then I threw up all over my creation with green mucousy puke. Oh my God it made me so hawnee!!! I decided to fist my cunt and splash the now mural with my juices cummy juices!!! Mmm..... I fisted my poopie hole some more and made my creation into perfection!!! But for some reason my boss is now summoning me into her office. I don't know why... Gota go!
12 comments (post a new comment)

Hey, popanator wanna be, have you seen the movie, "The Human Centipede?" Seems like something you would like.
Posted by Anon on Monday, 08/9/10 - 1:04am
That is for sure something I would love to try!

Posted by YNN on Monday, 08/9/10 - 7:50pm

YNN, I knew you would come around. How's about letting me leave a nice steamer for you on your nightstand. Mmm.... I would give you a nice corn laden steamer.

Posted by Popanator on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 7:21am

That sounds quite lovely! I can't wait for your big tasty steamer! Should I use spoon or fork? Oh, to hell with it, I'll use my fingers! Oh boy! I'm going to look out on the sidewalk, maybe there's a nice big dog steamer for me!

Posted by YNN on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 12:02pm

YNN, I love thee!
Posted by Popanator on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 7:03pm

When I was a child I rolled my little black turds into balls, then let them dry in the sun and used them to play marbles. That's how poor we were. My little sister ate one of them one day, and I got really mad because I never got much to eat, so turds were hard to come by. I think I still have one of my little black turd marbles, such a sweet memory.
Posted by YNN on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 7:10pm

Posted by RALPH on Tuesday, 08/10/10 - 9:13pm

You are all sick!
Posted by Eric Smith on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 12:38am

C'mon Eric! It's the legacy you left us, right? Besides, let them keep writing, I'm thoroughly enetertained by my impostor's work! He has kept popanator busy and happy; I clearly didn't write a single one of the above statements! But I enjoy the reading and creativity. This is actually the work of "the original DORK" --I mean "DUDE."

I guess he's running out of kiddie porn again.

Posted by the real YNN on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 3:24am

Well, I am glad to see that the "perverted mailman suitor" chick has given it a rest, temporarily. Now, if scat boy, here, would do the same, this site may start to regain some of its original allure. Seriously, popanator, isn't your little blog enough for you?

Posted by Eric Smith on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 6:14am

Yeah, what happened? Did she finally get medicated? Which one's worse? I thought poopa was a female too. Is that not true?

Posted by YNN on Wednesday, 08/11/10 - 2:37pm

That's what poopie claims. I find it very hard to believe. Sounds like a male.

Posted by Eric Smith on Friday, 08/13/10 - 5:47am

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Period week again!!!1!!!

Ooh, it’s mah period again! You guys know how I love my little Aunt Flo! I got a little hungry, and I noticed that I seemed to be a natural source of a thick, robust red sauce. So I boiled up some spaghetti, and squeezed out a thick lump of bloody stuff out of my cooch onto it. And naturally, I dropped a couple of little poopie meat balls on there, just to make it a complete plate.

But my meal just didn’t seem complete, for some reason. What goes really well with spaghetti? Garlic bread! So I got out some of my custom home made corn bread (which I can eat over and over again, if ya know what I mean), and copped a squat right over it. I’ve always thought my own pee smells a little bit like garlic, so I gave the bread a good golden spritz – and it was delicious!

You guys have GOT to come to my house. I made dinner!!!

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

A new fun summer game

I just invented a fun little game. I'll teach you how to play it, so you can all Popanate yourselves when I'm not around. All you need is some shit, some corn, and the desire to learn a new skill. As a USI graduate, I appreciate learning – but I'll tell ya about the Popanator curriculum later.
All you do is go out to your corn field (or really, any corn field will do), and make a big, smelly shit circle on the ground. Make it about as big as you are tall. Then, make a bunch of littler circles inside your bigger one – and while you don't really have to use shit, that is the most sensible material to use. This is your target.
Now, get yourself some corn cobs. Make sure to shuck 'em, so your anus muscles can get a good, firm grip. If you wanna leave the husks on there so they'll slide out faster, that is your choice – but I just can't deny a chance to get a nice, rugged corny feeling as its bumpy kernels massage the inside of my poopie hole.
Bend down, and "load" your bunghole with a corn cob. Flexing your poopie muscles, fire that cob with all your might, straight at your target. Give yourself a challenge by moving farther away, or by trying a trick shot off of something. It may take awhile to master – after all, you don't have the natural Popanator talent – but it's hours of poopielicious fun when you do.
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Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm like a mad scientist, when it comes to shit. I'm always tinkering, playing around, just trying to create the perfect poopie. You might even say that perfect poopies are my passion. So I went back to the cat box, and harvested a few little crunchy poopies, to see what kind of fun I could have with 'em. But then I thought back to a day at the beach I had once. I'd made a castle out of wet sand – maybe I could make one out of shit and kitty litter.
So I lugged the bucket of litter out to the yard, and spread it out in a box. I dropped a few poopies in there (mine, not the cat's), and rolled 'em up in the gravelly stuff like breading chicken – it gave me an idea for a recipe that I'll try out later. I started shaping the crunchy poopies into little bricks, because that's what castles are made of. Putting 'em together, it started taking the shape of a little igloo – maybe a shitgloo?
I never realized how much I can poop, when I put my mind to it. It took a while to put the whole thing together, and I was sweatin' something awful by the end – but I had a little house that I could lay down in. I now have proof that poop can do anything.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


During this wonder summer on the farm, I found me a new little love interest. He banged me up the poopie hole and put some many things in my poopie hole. It was love!!! He shoved some delicious corn cobs up there and fit his fist up there all the way to his elbow. However, something horrible happened this week. My stomach started to swell. It was so painful. After a few days I squated out on the field and delivered a 9 pound baby. However, my new little baby who I named Gabriel was brown and smelled so delicious. He was covered in corn. My boyfriend dumped me because he said the baby couldn't be his. Why he was glazed in his semen!! Mmmm.... Unfortunately, my baby melted in the hot August sun, but the delicious corn laden poo remenants will always be there to remind me...

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Popanator LLC

The Popanator is going all corporate and stuff! I got me an office space, and a staff of people who do what I tell 'em to. I walked right up to the building, gave it a good look (and you KNOW I'm gonna try to take it all in my poopie hole at some point), and strolled right in. There were a bunch of desks, belonging to my new employees. So being the good boss that I am, I left a big steaming pile of shit on every single one of 'em. I was pretty empty by the end – there were a LOT of desks. With my last little bit of turdie goodness, I wrote on the wall, "This is my office. I can poop if I want to!"

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I was walking around the meadow today eating delicious meadow muffins. Mmm... they have the nicest corn laden poo of all. Then I looked up and admired my most favourite of animals: The cow. Cows are so beautiful. They are nice and big and fat like those big beautiful women who have those delicious smelly fat rolls that produce that delicious cheese. Also big beautiful women cannot wipe all the way so they usually have nice dried poopie jerky I can eat!

Cows also have the world's biggest poopie holes. I'm jealous. Sometimes a farmer has to get his body all the way in that poopie hole to help her give birth. Mmm... I love it when I put my fist up my poopie hole to give birth to a nice corn laden steamer.

Cows also have those big udders. I love big udders. It reminds me of a fat woman lactating. Mmm... I love to drink fat woman breast milk. I like to also lick the cheese built up between the big fat schweaty tits. Let's all remember the most beautiful and graceful animal of all... The COW!

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Poopies for you!!!

I've come to a revelation. I have to get into a really weird position to put my whole arm up my poopie hole, so I might not do that too much (it makes me shoulder sore). And I've come to another revelation – there are not enough free range poopies in this world.

Poopies are like peace – they should be shared equally by everyone there is – and the people there will be, when they come out of their mommy's poopie hole. So I'm going to do my part to spread peace and poopies, by opening a store where you can buy all kinds of poopie-related things. I won't be selling shit, like, bad things. Only the best shit for you guys! I'm gonna stock the poopiest shit, and the shittiest poop, and, and, it's gonna be SHIT-TASTIC!

Here is some poopie gifts you can give to the ones you love as much as shit!
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Carpe Diem!

I awoke this beautiful August day wondering what to do. I walked out into my corn field to admire my beautiful corn and put it up my poopie hole for a while and got bored. My poopie hole has gotten so loose another corn cob fell out I forgot about. Then I looked more out to the meadow and found some mushrooms. Mmm. I took a mushroom and nibbled on it and it was wonderful. I saw pretty colours! I started running around and stripping off naked. I fisted my shit hole and smeared it all over my body!! Then I ran to the lake putting rocks and random shit up my shit hole. I jumped into the lake and saw fishies swimming around my feet. So I took one, bit the head off of it and sucked out the delicious blood and ate the delicious fishie poopies!!!! I screamed "I am the POPANATOR here to destroy all!" I ate the fishie meat and shoved the skelton up me poopie hole and shit on it. After I pulled it out it looked like a fish again so I threw it into the water. I ran out of the water and back into my farmhouse still naked and covered into poopies. I smeared the poop all over the walls leaving my signature on all the walls. I licked it and rolled in it. It was truley a beautiful day. I fell asleep admiring my poop.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Hey, shit freaks!

I'm so grateful that people are coming to see me on mah blog every day. I've been typin' up a storm, because that's what all you little steamers want. It is a little hard to tell which keys I'm typing, on account of how much poop I've got smeared all over my keyboard (I probably shoulda washed my hands first), but nobody seems to mind. I'd like to send a shout-out to all my friends from all over the world who've been coming around to show love to ol' Popanator. And to the guy in Germany who wanted to know how far I got the corn up my poopie hole, I'm up to four feet now – but I'm training hard! By that point, it usually feels so good I can't focus on anything but the pleasure of it all. I'm sure you understand. I'll keep being my Popalicious self, and you guys should feel free to tell me all about what you want more of outta the Popanator

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Beautiful Redundancy

I took a big poopie today. It was so beautfiul it brought a tear to my eye. Then I got a flash of inspiration. I took my poopie out of the toilet and started drawing on the bathroom wall. I drew a toilet filled to the brim with beautiful corn laden poo. Looking at my art I started to get hungry, so I licked it! But then I threw up all over my creation with green mucousy puke. Oh my God it made me so hawnee!!! I decided to fist my cunt and splash the now mural with my juices cummy juices!!! Mmm..... I fisted my poopie hole some more and made my creation into perfection!!! But for some reason my boss is now summoning me into her office. I don't know why... Gota go!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Poopie race down mah car!!!

I saw some birds shitting on cars, so I figured I'd give it a try. I started out with just leaving a cute little steamer on the hood of a car – but that wasn't enough. I felt like it needed more of a theme, so I took another shit (a nice longie) on top, kinda like how people paint lightning bolts on the sides. Then I got to thinking about it, and figured that cars are supposed to go fast – and so are poopies! So I decided to have a shit race, and get a little excitement into my life. One of the poopies came out with a little corny crown on it – like it just knew it was gonna win. They were off, slogging down the windshield like a pair of little brown thoroughbreds. Little Corny didn't win – but how can you ever lose, when there's poop involved?

Kitty crunchies!!!

Ah, the sandy poopies of my little kitty. Sandy kitty poopies are just so poopielicious and divine. I can just pick them up, and snack on their sharp, crunchy texture – they're like pickles, only poopier! And when I'm too full for a snack, I take the kitty poopies out to my corn field and mix 'em in with the soil – I like to give Mother Earth a tasty snack, too. My corn's growing big and strong – more ears than I can fit up mah poopie hole, so far. But I'm workin' on it! And my kitty is just so happy to give me more poopies whenever I want – he'll leave 'em on my bed, on my dresser, even in my hand if I squeeze him a little bit. He takes after me! It's so CUUUUUUTE!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Wow, more Popanator love! I'm getting popular. Why must people imitate me? I mean, shit, am I the most creative scat genius. hahah, more love from my fav website http://www.droppedthebomb.com/ Poppy loves you Duane, but sorry, there is only one Popanator. Noone can replace her.

Time for the truth...

Posted On Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Alright, I've been carrying on this little masquerade for long enough. It's time for the truth to come out. My name is Duane Richardson. The truth is that all of these screen names that you see posting on this site on a regular basis; YNN, Ratbastard, POPANATOR, EEBIE, Eric Smith, Lisa; well, they are all me! You see, I have multiple personality disorder. All of these have been expressions of a different side of me. YNN has grown to be the strongest and most notable personality. Through intensive therapy, I have just recently come to this realization that I am posting on this site under so many different names. Reading back, I am truly embarrassed over some of the things that my alter egos have had to say. Well, anyway, from now on, I will only post on here simply as Duane. I hope that you can all continue to love me the same way that you have loved YNN, Lisa, Ratbastard, EEBIE, POPANATOR, Eric Smith, etc...

Gourmet meal!

I found a nice delicious steamer while walking down the road. So I scooped it up and took the little beuty home. I put it on my best plate and decided it didn't look perfect enough. So then I fisted me poopie hole getting out the delicious corn bits and sprinkled them on top. Still wasn't perfect so I fisted my cunt and had the cheese from my yeast infection cover the top of it. Mmm... It was looking delcious. I opened a bottle of sparkling grape juice and just scrafed the thing down. Mmm... Poopies and cheese!!! I can't wait to shit out this meal so I can enjoy it twice!!!!!1!!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

There is only one Popanator!!!

I know imitation is the highest form of flattery. People love my posts about poopies and corn so freakin' much on http://www.droppedthebomb.com/ that there is one little faggot imitating me still in the comments. Love ya, Eric Smith you low functioning retard!

I lurve corn!!!1!!!

Posted On Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My corn's getting healthy and big, like the big corny willy of my dreams. I walk through it and rub my naked body on it and make love to it and just feel like Mother Earth – it's so beautiful, I love it so much. Some of my corn wasn't growing so well, so I figured I'd give it lots of rubby love on my clitty – that perked it up real good! This is a happy corny day, on account of what people tell me about how to make corn get big and strong. Believe it or not, the best food for corn is poopies and pee! I was BORN to grow corn! This is like having a big, corny baby that I can be proud of! I'm gonna burst, I'm so happy!

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I can't believe you are still on here, impersonating me. Get a life.

Posted by Eric Smith on Tuesday, 08/3/10 - 10:11pm

Eric Popanator!!! My fav imposter. I know you wish you can be as creative and funny as the Popanator. Sorry you can't.

Posted by Popanator on Wednesday, 08/4/10 - 4:26am

Being creative has nothing to do with it, brother. The Lord wants control of your life. Won't you let him? Read John 3:16 and Romans 3:23. Then you can join me in the sinners prayer.

Posted by Eric Smith on Wednesday, 08/4/10 - 5:35am

Roach problem!

I realized today I needed to clean my house. I was on my bed fingering my poopie hole when then all the sudden a roach crawled out of my pussy covered in cottage cheese. It looked so beautiful. I took it and brough it up closer to my face and then I licked it. It tasted  so good. I chewed on the cottage cheese curdles.  Mmm... Everything about the delicious smell and taste of the cockroach made me so hungry I had to eat it. It was so crunchy. Then I hit jackpot when another roach crawled out of my poopie hole covered in delicious corn laden poo!! Mmmm... My body hosts a buffett!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I lurve corn!!!1!!!

My corn's getting healthy and big, like the big corny willy of my dreams. I walk through it and rub my naked body on it and make love to it and just feel like Mother Earth – it's so beautiful, I love it so much. Some of my corn wasn't growing so well, so I figured I'd give it lots of rubby love on my clitty – that perked it up real good! This is a happy corny day, on account of what people tell me about how to make corn get big and strong. Believe it or not, the best food for corn is poopies and pee! I was BORN to grow corn! This is like having a big, corny baby that I can be proud of! I'm gonna burst, I'm so happy!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Corn and cottage cheese!!!!1!!!

I have been so itchy latley. My cunt has been itchen from all the stuff I have put in it that I have found on the farm. I went to my cornfield and picked off an ear of corn. Idecided to shove it up my cunt to scratch myself and relieve the itch. It felt soooo goooodddd!!! I took it out and saw this delicious cottage cheese substance on it so I took a bite! Yum! It was so delicious. Then I shoved the corn cob up my poopie hole and took it out. It looked so damn good. Like a culinary delight!!!!!!!! Corn, plush my pussy cottage cheese, plus my poopies makes the most gormet of dishes!!!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I love corn!!!!!!

I planted corn, so I could frolic through it and explore my corny, poopie fantasies and be all environmental and stuff. It grew big and hard like a willy, and every so often I would take an ear and shove it up my poopie hole like a big, horny pacifier. Sometimes I'd put a few up there, and pretend I was a peacock strutting around. I even tried the stalk of a corn plant once – it was plenty long, but I love it nice and thick. I looked like I had a big honkin' tail coming out of my ass. I'm not Mother Earth, but I am Mommy Poopies!