Saturday, December 4, 2010

Fistmas Traditions!!!!1!

Hey everybody! In the true Fistmas tradition, your old pal the Popanator has been doing her fisting exercises with the renewed vigor that only this beautiful season can plunge into me. It's true, I can normally get a little bit past the elbow, but I was doing some inspirational research and found something really cool about the art of Fist Fu. Did you know that some poop fetish types can actually get all the way to the elbow?
Man, I can't wait until my Ethan gets word of that. He's pretty ambitious when it comes to giving me pleasure. Damn, can he ever be a sexy dominant manly man, when he orders me to lick the delicious poopy remnants (with the occasional bit of corn) off of his arm after he's given me a good fist reaming. He doesn't have an ax (they stopped letting him have sharp objects back in '97), but can still be the hot lumberjack that chops down my tree. After all, you don't need an ax when it's a soft Fistmas tree made out of delicious poopies!

It sure does take awhile to make a proper Fistmas tree. Have you started on yours yet? I should post a picture of mine when it's finished- but I might not. You know how it is when you "should" do something, but then you get overcome with the spirit of wanting to romp through the yummy poopies, and make love to your sweetie underneath (and inside of) their warm squishiness? Damn, I love my poop fetish- and my asshole's gettin' a little wet just thinking about it.

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