Sunday, November 7, 2010

The perfect gift!

My sweetest Ethan gave me the most perfect gift today! It is a beautiful necklace made from his poopies! He has been saving up his dried constipated poopies for days. Then he polished them until they shined! He then put them on a beautiful gold chain.

Wow! When I saw it, it was so beautiful, I cried! I have a piece of my Ethan always  close to my heart. When I really miss him, I give the poopies and nice little suck, so I can have his taste in my mouth. MMMmm... I wonder what else can be made with his poopies. I want to collect all his poopies so I can make it into furniture and always have my Ethan around!
Find the perfect gift for your poo bear!

1 comment:

Professor coolcat said...

Knock down your house and build a poop house in its place! Make a toilet out of poop and use watery poop for the water!