Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Popanator's Growing Up

Hi my poopy freaks!!!! This is a very special post. Popanator is growing up! I am moving off my daddie's farm and into the trailer park like a grown up. I know I will miss all the wonderful things at my daddie's farm like rolling around in all the delicious juicy meadow muffins in the field. I will miss rolling around in the horse stalls and eating the poopies mixed in with the straw. Mmm.... horse poopies and straw is just a delicious delecacy!

I'm going to miss the delicious black and white poopies in the hen house, but I'm moving on to bigger and better things. I'm going to the trailer park. The same one Ethan is at. We will be closer and any time I need to be fisted I can just cum right in his trailer. MMmm.... Hopefully one day we will be ready to move our trailers together and have a double wide!!! Also two septic tanks we a can just let flow out and run around in like sprinklers!

MMmm..... Being out on my own will be so much fun. I will decorate my trailer in the best Popanator way! I will use my runny poopies and my period blood to paint the walls.  I will take my Ethan's poopies and make them into furniture. I will have my poopy fountain on the lawn! Everyone would be so impressed!!!!

Wish me luck my poopy freaks!!
Shit to add for your poopy lair!

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