Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ask Popanator

Get a Voki now!

Hello, my poopie freaks! Popanator here again. I decided since I live such an intersting life that I should start my own advice colum. I have a lot of experience and know that all problems can be solved with poopies. Delicious squishy corn laden!!!! Okay, anyway, just ask me a question and I will answer it. I know everything from delicious corn laden recipies, to poopie art, to having a good relationship with your shit buddy. I know all the best ways to fist an asshole and rub that prostate until my Ethan cums and cums. He loves being fisted. So, my poo bears write your question in the comment.
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Jacky Maille said...

Dear Popanator,

Every year at Thanksgiving, the family gathers for our traditional meal and football games. It's also a proud Maille family tradition to play Hide the Poo. Well, last year Granny Maille won when she managed to slide one in the gravy boat. We laughed for hours, let me tell you! Anyway, I want so badly to win this year. Any suggestions for best places to Hide the Poo?

Popanator said...

I sometimes have problems hiding the poo, because I always end up eating it! But some good places to hide it would be in some chocolate ice cream. It would be hard to find. Also, hide it in the deep fryer. Mmm... Pooey tasting french fries. Yummy!