Friday, April 29, 2011

A CWC wank!

I know you are all busy and sometimes just want a quick want. Here is some pics of my favourite cam whore! That asspie gives me some of my asspiration!

I love how he winks so seductively winks at me. Remeber at one point he is 100% straight. But, sometimes his autism takes over rendering him powerless over sticking with something, except thos poo holes.

Now, that shit is hawt! He even shaved his pits for this. He's just shaking that bulge!
Now, that is the money shot! OMG! I want to fist that poopie hole. I'm fisting my poopie hole and sitting in a west poopie patch!

Now, that was a CWC and fabulous wank. Updates about my poopie castle will be up soon. Trying to raise up the money to build my poopie castle is hard and tiring. Only so many online surveys can be done in a day. *sigh* What am I to do?

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Going number three!

A magical thing happened when I realized I no long just have two choices in life: staying at my daddie's farm house changing depends and eating the poo or just stay with Ethan and keep things status quo, I realized I could have my own life. Away from all this. I made my blue plans for my poopie caste.

I didn't want just another tailer or farm house that isn't mine. I WANT MY POOPIE CASTLE! Something of my own. I searched out today for my land. I want enough land to grow corn. The Royal Crop! I also wanted a piss moat. Statues or corn laden poo, made out of corn laden poo!

Searching high and low I found just the land I wanted. It was perfect for growing corn. However it costs money, and how am I going to make that much money?

I sat down in a corn patch and pondered how I will come up with that cash? Maybe make poopie crafts and sell them? Sell poopie art work and stories?! Make chocolates out of delicious corn laden poo?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I miss my Ethan!

I am still trying to get back into the whole habit of my old life. My life before I met Ethan. Where it was just me and my fist. Getting by eating out my diapers. MMmm... .CORN!

I realized I didn't have to go back to my old life. I can do what I want! I create a third choice. I can get my own poopie palace. Smear delicious corn laden poo whever i want! Mmmm.. POOPIES!

I ran to draw the blueprint of my poopie palace! A castle made from poopie bricks dried in the sun. All the furniture is poopies! Poopies!! Poopies! Poopies! I will eat, sleep, clean with, SHIT! The corn in my poopies will be like candy!

I have my blue print all drawn up. Now, its time to find out where I can build this castle.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pink lemonade!

Today I was sitting on the toilet. Just pondering the world and life listening to the saddest songs. Me and my Ethan broke up. Its like a part of the Popanator is gone...forever. He was the corn to my shit.

He decided to leave after my obession with jenkem. Its doubtful I could ever get him back. He gave me  long to do list. Then at the end of it said there was no promise he'll be with me even after I accomplish those things. I wish there was something anything I could do. How do I know he won't just be off with the trailer park queen. It makes me sad every day. I still have other colourful characters in my life but none of them could ever replace my Ethan.

After sitting on the toilet for hours pondering my fate I started bleeding out of my cunt. The water turned my blood pink! I stood up and it looked like pink lemonade! I bent over and started licking the toilet like a dog does.

It looks like pink lemonade, but doesn't taste like it. It tasts so much better. Yum! Yum! That made me feel better.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter is one of mah favorite holidays. I hear that this guy in the middle east got killed before he was sniffing other people's butts (that was against the law back then, I guess- pretty primitive), and then they stuck him into a deep, dark poopy hole. He stayed in there for three days, which is pretty impressive, because I've never been able to put my face in a poopy hole for more than a couple of minutes without getting really dizzy and having to pull out early. Maybe he had special magic lungs or something- the Easter miracle maybe?

Anyway, Easter is a great time to go out with someone you love and spend some quality time soaking up some sunshine and fisting each other's poopy holes until there's just nothing left to scrape out. Maybe some day my little Desmond will learn the glory of fisting. I'm going to give him room to steer on that one, because he's young and needs time to decide for himself if the poopy lifestyle is really right for him. I have a poop fetish- I'm not a Mormon.
But anyway, Desmond's finally getting old enough that he can appreciate the holiday seasons. This year's Fistmas is bound to be super special when it comes around. But for Easter, I decided that I'd get him a chocolate bunny, and make a bunny out of my own booty chocolate. I was going to make some eggs too, but my poopies already look like eggs. I didn't even have to do anything with 'em. Maybe that's the new Easter miracle- Magic Egg Poopies. Fucking licious, people

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Poop Song

Fuck yeah! Here is a song about my favorite thing in the wirld! Poopies!!! My autistic brother Willie just looked over my shoulder and asked if that was a poopie sign.

I said, "Yeah."

Austic Brother Willie, "Does that mean don't poop on there?"

OMFG! That is autism at this best. Oh, well, he's too busy jacking off his shit laden dick. He forgot to wash it the time it was up his boyfriends ass.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Fecal Abortion

Every so often, I have to hold a funeral for one of my delicious, beautiful poopies. Every time a poopy leaves my body, it feels like a fecal abortion because of how much I love my shit. I try to keep them inside me sometimes, but sooner or later they just have to come out. But once they're born, they never get up and grow into the wonderful poopy adults I know they could be. It makes me sad sometimes, knowing that my shit is never going to grow up and have a full life full of the poopy memories it ought to have.

My poopies are more than just the waste products of the foods I've eaten (which ironically enough are themselves just more shit). They're extensions of me, and a part of me that seems to die every time I squat and poop. I'd love to keep them with me forever, but I know it's just a part of the cycle of life. I weep a little bit, but then I take heart in knowing that all of the shits that came before are looking down on me from the great meadow in the sky.

Every time I make my offering to the god of meadow muffins, floaters and steamers (Moofus, I guess), I remember that I'm giving something back to the Earth.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Stuck to the toilet seat!

 I love the toilet so much I decided I wanted to stay there forever. But, other people in my life kept bugging me and taking me away from my beloved toilet. I came up with the best solution evar! I super glued my fisting bumpers to the toilet seat. Ethan couldn't even pull me away! Hahaha! I am here forver!I can go poopie whenever I want. If someone wants to bug me, fine go to my shit room. My sanctuary. The toilet also stores up my poopies like a refrigerator. I can pick out a nice cold one when I'm hungery! I can pick out the corn bits as desert!

I am a god damn genius!

Friday, April 1, 2011


Everybody's been telling me I should write a book about my little poop fetish exploits, and I totally want to do that. But you know, it's like everything else in life- sometimes it's just easier to keep up the doing (as in, eating delicious corn laden poo) than it is to get all introspective and stuff about it. I mean seriously, I've got two hands, a mountain of poopies, a veritable pool of poopy juices, a mouth that just can't get enough of it all. I have the shitty American dream, you know what I mean? And as much as I love to share (especially when it involves the beautiful products of mah poopy hole), sometimes it's hard to break free (especially when there's a little piece hangin' by mah pubes).
But I have had an idea for the Popanovel (a fan came up with that name- love ya!), and I'd love it if you guys could tell me whether it's poopylicious, or if it's just ordinary shit. Anyhow, instead of using all of those boring old words, I was thinking I could take take a tasty turd, squish it into a book like an ink blot test, and then let everybody have their own completely unique piece of Popanator art. Now, I can't create this type of thing nearly as fast as a printer can, but I can damn sure try!