Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Barbie

I was cleaning out my attic today hoping to find some dried up kitty poop. I call it poopie jerky. While rummaging around up there, I found a Barbie doll. She looked so sexy. The doll just called to me. I hiked my mah skirt and shoved the doll up my poopie hole. I shoved it in deeper and deeper. Mmmm..... Her blonde hair turned brown with all my corn laden poo!!!! Then, I took it out of my poopie hole and saw all the delicious pooey juices covered all over that plastic body and huge plastic titties. MMm.... I bit off her head and sucked all the pooey juices out of her hair and spit it out. Then I licked all over that plastic body nawing on it to get all the pooey goodness out of it!!!! Playing Barbies is fun!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

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