Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frosty the Poo Man!!!1!!

Today I finally decided to make that snowman I wanted to make. Unfortunately whenever I walked outside it was 50 degrees and all my snow had melted. But, being the resourceful person I am I went out to the meadow and found some delicious cow poopies. After snacking on those for a few moments, I had an idea! Making a snowman out of poopies. I collected all the delicious corn laden poo bits and rolled them all up into a nice snowman. Then I took some of my dried up black poopies for the eyes and mouth. And of course, I shoved the carrot where it belongs... up the poopie hole!!! Mmm... and edible snowman. My neighbours are probably proud of my art work. I know there are, because when they walk by they have tears of joy from the delightful smells of my sculpture!

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