Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Swimming in the sewer!

Get a Voki now!

Hi my poopie freaks! Popanator here again! I'm going for a swim in my most favourite place in the world! The sewer!  It is a lovely place where all our poopies can mash together into one. So romantic and wonderful. If only all the world can be more like poopies mixing and mashing together. I love to roll around in the sewer water to become one with my community. The delicious varieties of tastes and textures are all around!  Some corn laden some spicy. Some even have nuts in them. It is a true buffett of tastes! Some even taste like chocolate. Yum! I love chocolate covered poopies on Easter!
Poopies for sale!!!!!


Jacky Maille said...

Always on the lookout for you, Popsie!

Popanator said...

Jacky, The video looked yummy! I wanted to lick up the dog mess. Mmm...