Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The shower!

I went over to my boyfriend Ethan's trailer today. I haven't showered in a few days, so I decided to go over there and have a romantic shower before we started to fist each other. We went around back to his septic tank and removed the cover. MMm... It was a nice delicious spray of poopies and corn laden poo. I even had a condom fly up and hit me on the face. I chewed on that like poo flavored bubble gum. Yummy! We rolled around in the pooey wet juices and then used them as lube as we fisted each other all afternoon. Ethan was able to get in elbow deep and even  pull out some fresh poopies. After we were exhausted we licked the delicious poo off of each other and then cuddled until we fell asleep.
Poopies for sale!!!!!


Jacky Maille said...

Who said romance was dead?

Popanator said...

MMmm... Exactly. Nothing is more romantic than sharing your bodily juices and poopies!