Wednesday, August 6, 2014


  So, I found out today, that the worst way to start out a conversations is "So... I was looking at my sisters porn today..." Then topped it off as "Well, I mean, I'm just doing research..." Topped it off even better as, "I wanted to see if she did porn in 2001 or if she lied and really started in 2003." My poor friend is still shaking his head.

Well, poopie freaks the start of porn date was actually 1998. Not that I should care about when my sister became a porn star. The only reason I do care is she is a 210 pound version of me. No, you may not find out her porn name, don't ask. Yes, when I was searching for her, I found her through her porn site. That is a good way to find your sister after not seeing her for a couple of decades is through her porn site. Yes, my family is that fucked up in real life. I just had to get that off my chest. Also, they still wonder why I didn't have anything to do with them until December 2012...