Sunday, October 31, 2010


I went to a Halloween party today. It was fun at first, 'cause I went as a big furry tuna taco. I rubbed poopies all over myself, then I covered mah whole body in my kitty's fur. He's awful generous with his fur, ya know. And I also shaved him, to get even more- I hope he doesn't mind. My pussy was so drunk- he likes vodka for some reason. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, "yeah, I'd fist that."

The trouble started when I got to the party. Ethan was there, and there was another girl on him like musk on a fresh steamer. They smelled of fresh poopies, and his arm was all stained brown... I know what they'd been doing. I couldn't believe it, I thought his holes were mine alone! I broke down crying right there in front of everyone, I didn't care. I don't remember much for awhile after that- I was crushed.

So I went to his trailer. They hadn't gotten home yet, it was still early, so I was all alone. So I decided to offer him one last act of love, just in case maybe he'd forgotten how much he meant to me. So I squatted down, and drew a heart with mah poopies right there on his bed. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore, 'cause of what I did. But I can only hope my Poopaween can end up happy after all this.Buy the shirt!"


Anonymous said...

omg! u ever take a massive shit and think to urself "that's how much dick I can take up there"?

Popanator said...

Oh yeah, all the time. I've taken a massive shit and was like wow, I can take two fists up there!