Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The pooey pissy fountain!

I've always wanted a fountain. There's just something erotic about the constantly trickling and pouring sounds of something wet that just gets my pooey juices moist and squishy. Sometimes I like to lay on my back, put my legs up and just pee in the air, so I can feel all fountainy. But while that's pretty good, I want to do better. That just ain't poopy enough for the Popanator! I want to take this fountain thing to the next level of shitty goodness, the way I do with everything else in my life.

So I took Ethan's idea of making things out of my poop, and build a sculpture. But it needed a little something extra to make it a fountain, of course- something wet! So I got on a stool next to my little poopy masterpiece, and pissed all down it, letting the pooey pissy juices just rain down from the heavens like the bounty of a generous god.

But that wasn't enough either. I want a fountain that'll run a lot even when I can't squeeze out anything. So I got a pot, a ladder and a tube, and set them up over my fountain. Now, I piss in it every day, and every so often I'll open up the tube and let the pee rain in a golden shower right down there. That's some pissy, poopy ingenuity right there!
Shit 4 Sale!


Vince Vapor said...

Chocolate fountain! Chocolate fountain!

Popanator said...

Poopies are better than chocolate, and its the perfect gift, because you make it yourself.