Sunday, October 31, 2010


I went to a Halloween party today. It was fun at first, 'cause I went as a big furry tuna taco. I rubbed poopies all over myself, then I covered mah whole body in my kitty's fur. He's awful generous with his fur, ya know. And I also shaved him, to get even more- I hope he doesn't mind. My pussy was so drunk- he likes vodka for some reason. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, "yeah, I'd fist that."

The trouble started when I got to the party. Ethan was there, and there was another girl on him like musk on a fresh steamer. They smelled of fresh poopies, and his arm was all stained brown... I know what they'd been doing. I couldn't believe it, I thought his holes were mine alone! I broke down crying right there in front of everyone, I didn't care. I don't remember much for awhile after that- I was crushed.

So I went to his trailer. They hadn't gotten home yet, it was still early, so I was all alone. So I decided to offer him one last act of love, just in case maybe he'd forgotten how much he meant to me. So I squatted down, and drew a heart with mah poopies right there on his bed. Maybe he doesn't love me anymore, 'cause of what I did. But I can only hope my Poopaween can end up happy after all this.Buy the shirt!"

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Here is my favourite autistic retard Chris-Chan talking about my favourite subject. Pooping his pants. He even talks about squating over a toilet to clean his underwear after he shits himself.

Now, personally I love going poopie in my pants. I love the squishy feeling all day long. Mmm.... I love the way the corn laden poo rubs my clitorus and sometimes I cum in the big patch of poopies. I love cumming on poopies. Its squishy and it makes them taste better.

Then I squat over a toilet and then I lick my panties and eat all the poopies and cum juices. Then I whipe my ass with the delicious brown panties and chew out any shit dumplings. MMm....

Friday, October 29, 2010

Sexxy Panties

I believe the sexiest article of clothing is the granny panties. I love how all the fabric covers more than just the poopie hole but the areas around it and the vag. Mmm.... They trap more sweat and smells that I just love to peel off at the end of the day and make a tent. Mmm... I can sleep in the tent all night smelling the delicious aroma of my poopie and vag juices. Now, what is even sexier than regular grannie panties is grey panties. That's right. They looks so nasty it makes me so hawnee. I remember, when Ethan wasn't mad at me he would put on a pair for me and let me fist his poopie hole. I loved to see the fabric jiggle and smear all over the grey cotton. I would then put the panties on my face as he would pound my poopie hole.

I miss Ethan. I wish he knew how much I love him. ETHAN! I need your poopie hole, I need your big fist to fist me elbow deep! Please, take me baaaaack!!! Own a piece of the Popanator!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Zea Mays

I had this idea that I'd like to shit a rainbow. So I asked a gay guy how to do that, and he said he didn't know. So I tried to drink some paint, so it'd make my poopies come out a different color than their trademark brown. That was a big fail, too. So I went to a web site that sells a bunch of seeds, and found out they make red corn, white corn and even blue corn. It's not the growing season yet, and now that Uncle Tony is too beaten up to stop me I'm gonna plant me a rainbow crop of corn. I had no idea that the corn of the world was so varied, just like people. We're all living in one big field, after all.

I don't wanna sound racist or anything, but I think the Hopi blue corn is the prettiest of all. After all, it's so dark and mysterious, just like a big black poopy that could've been anything I ate a day or two ago. Shoving a big blue corn cob up mah poopy hole would prolly feel kinda like what it's like to be fucked by a big black stud. If Ethan doesn't calm down and start talking to me again, I may need to do just that.

Man, I can't wait for next fall! Guess who's gonna have a pretty new tail!!!1!!!!!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm going to write about something serious. I don't understand why we have modesty. What is the point? Why is it we have to pretend we don't fuck and wear pants to pretend whe do not have genitals and a poopie hole. Why must we have public restrooms with seperate stalls. Why must we pretend that we don't go poopie when ever does this every few days or so.

Why must we put up a false facade pretending we don't do things that everyone does? What I would like to be able to do is fuck and fist poopie holes in public. Why must I pretend that I don't? Why must I hide my true love? Why would it be really offenseive if my Ethan put his fist up my ass all the way and fists my poopie hole until it liquifies?!  We all have poopie holes! Its no secret!

Why the fuck can I not go poopie when I feel like it. I think poopies would be funner if I had someone there with me like a shit buddy. We could gather all our friends and just shit hard. I mean pooping feels so wonderful. Why not share it. What I love to do is poop when I make love and then cum hard. It is so romantic to share that wonderful feeling while holding my love tight.

Why must I pretend I don't eat poopies in public? I love to eat them. They are so delicious1!!!!! I would love to pack them in my lunch and take them out at work. I would share with all my co-workers the delicious poopies. Whever I tried before I got fired and thrown into the psych ward.

Think about all the glorious things our false modesty makes us miss out on. People fuck on the first date. Why not walk around naked so we don't get surprised on the first date. Why not air out the poopie hole. Why not share the delcious smelling gasses in the world?!

I dream for a world I don't have to hide it all. A world I don't have to pretend i don't fuck and shit and then eat my shit! People, lets all lobby to get rid of this horrible modesty. Lets take off our clothes and show the world the truth. Lets fuck

Monday, October 25, 2010

I miss my Ethan!

I had a date all set up with Ethan today – I was going to show him my favorite spot for going sewer diving. My man knows how to make me hawt- he said he loves the way I look in my little bikini, but that he likes how I look without it even better. So I was stoked for some steamy skinny poopy dipping, and the incredible sex we always have. I thought I'd talk dirty to him first, by telling him what I'd done with his Granny Louise. She told me to call her Granny Lubee, on account of how wet her poopy hole gets. Besides, two girls are too hot for any man to resist, even in a story.
But you can imagine how surprised I was when he got pissed at me. Ethan's never been one to have a sharp temper, but he got mad that I was fisting somebody else behind his back. It wasn't so much that it was his family, and he didn't mind that I'm bi. It's just that he gets angry about cheating. I tried to offer him some shit, but he knocked it out of mah hand and made me cry. He's never refused a poopy before, offered so lovingly as I did. I hope he can forgive me, and I'm gonna give him some time to do it.
Poopies for sale!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Secret to being thin!

Get a Voki now!

Popanator here. People always ask how I stay so thin. Its simple! I recycle. I eat and poop, eat the poopies and poop again. There is no more calories and I recycle the nutrients I didn't get the first time. I save money on food and calories on recycling. Poop eating is not only delicious, but its frugal and healthy! Some people may be grossed out by the idea, but they are too ignorant to know the benefits of this. I eat the poop over and over until all the nutrients are used then I don't poop. Then I eat another corn cob and start the process all over again.
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rectal Rocket!

One of my friends told me about this thing called a Rectal Rocket. It sounded cute, so I picked one up. It's supposed to treat hemorrhoids, but I ate all of them a long time ago. They were kinda like jelly beans, and I miss having them around as a between-poopy snack. But Ethan likes it when my ass is all smooth and soft - he likes to grab a handful while he fists me with his other arm. So other than just having a cute name, the rectal rocket is a pretty fun little toy to put lotion in. I put in some cocoa butter, mayonnaise and obviously some corn (after all, my poo can never be sufficiently corn laden - that would be mediocre!), then gave her a good squirt.

Now normally I don't notice things smaller than a hand in mah poopy hole. I've been stretched out pretty good lately, especially since my big manly stud puts his muscular arm in there. But in this case, I actually felt that yummy goodness coating my rectum, and also getting some time with my anus itself. That was downright therapeutic!
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Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Boyfriend's Granny

Things are getting really serious between me and my boyfriend Ethan. He took me to meet his grandparents. Then I saw his grannie. She is a sexy old woman sitting there in nothing but her depends and bra that would not hold up those saggy tits. It was everything I could do to control myself right there! Mmm....

Today, I snuck over to her trailer by myself. She answered the door in those depends. She hadn't changed them in quite a while Pooey wet juices were leeking down her leg. I couldn't control myself. I started licking up that sexy wrinkled leg eating the juices. MMm.... Then I ripped off those depends with my teeth. I licked that poopie hole and shoved my fist up there!

Old women have so much experience, so that poopie hole was gaping wide for me! She screamed in pleasure and had a turdgasm all over my face!'

Then she hiked up my skirt and ripped off  my diaper. I wear it to collect all the nice vag and pooey juices so I can eat it at the end of the day. She fisted my poopie hole elbow deep and pulled out a huge corn laden log! She smeared it all over that sexxxy wrinkled face. Mmmm...

We then lapped up the excess pooey juices off of each other with our toungs and cuddled each other using our used diapers as pillows. I hope my boyfriend Ethan doesn't mind.
Own a piece of the Popanator!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The shower!

I went over to my boyfriend Ethan's trailer today. I haven't showered in a few days, so I decided to go over there and have a romantic shower before we started to fist each other. We went around back to his septic tank and removed the cover. MMm... It was a nice delicious spray of poopies and corn laden poo. I even had a condom fly up and hit me on the face. I chewed on that like poo flavored bubble gum. Yummy! We rolled around in the pooey wet juices and then used them as lube as we fisted each other all afternoon. Ethan was able to get in elbow deep and even  pull out some fresh poopies. After we were exhausted we licked the delicious poo off of each other and then cuddled until we fell asleep.
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Poopie and period blood craft!

I saw this ad for a vacation in Hawaii, and I thought it'd be really cool to go... but I'm too broke, so I had an idea that's almost as good. I saw that the girls there wore these really pretty grass skirts, so I tried to make one for myself. But the grass around here's the wrong color, and it's way to limp to work. So I used the last of my period blood, and soaked some local grass to firm it up. The yummy crust makes it look a lot more like Hawaii grass (not sure how they grow grass in sand, but whatever). And when I finish a nice roast poopy meal, I can use the nice firm grass from mah new skirt as toothpicks. It gives my teeth a cute extra shade of brown, to complement my poopy color. Blood and poop; the dynamic duo rides again!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

CWC-Tok (A Music Score by Christian Weston Chandler, FREE m.p.3. NOW INC...

Here is a music video on starring my hero Chris-Chan. I love his assblurgian wisdom. It inspires and touches me. So, enjoy something a little bit different.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Playing Barbie

I was cleaning out my attic today hoping to find some dried up kitty poop. I call it poopie jerky. While rummaging around up there, I found a Barbie doll. She looked so sexy. The doll just called to me. I hiked my mah skirt and shoved the doll up my poopie hole. I shoved it in deeper and deeper. Mmmm..... Her blonde hair turned brown with all my corn laden poo!!!! Then, I took it out of my poopie hole and saw all the delicious pooey juices covered all over that plastic body and huge plastic titties. MMm.... I bit off her head and sucked all the pooey juices out of her hair and spit it out. Then I licked all over that plastic body nawing on it to get all the pooey goodness out of it!!!! Playing Barbies is fun!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cat puke!

I like cats. They're soft and furry, and they like to throw up. Normally I'm not that into vomiting, because it upsets the natural order of things. We eat, the food churns around in there awhile, and then we poop it out as sweet, yummy poopies - it's the cycle of things. But every once in awhile you've just gotta purge. I was out walking around, and I saw a cat eating some grass. I think they do that so they can throw up more easily, and I thought it looked like an interesting pass time. So I picked up a clump of grass, and stuffed it in my mouth. Not the tastiest stuff ever, but it had a texture kind of like pubic hair, and that's all right by me. So I chomped on it for awhile, and it turned my teeth a pretty green color - I know what I'll be doing for St. Patrick's Day. Soon enough, after awhile I felt that familiar surge of acid swelling up, and I let loose. I started puking so much, I decided to write my name with the stuff. Too bad I only got out "Popan" before I fell over completely empty. Next time I'll plan ahead, and eat a big meal first. I hear a lot of girls do that, must be something to it.

Poopies for sale!!!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Popanator Poety Corner!

Hey, everyone! Now time for a touch of class. I would prefer a touch of ass and the delicious pooey wet juices that cum with it. Mmmm.... Now time for the literary arts!! Here are two poems about my Uncle Tony:

There once was a man name Jay,
And with Tony he was gay,
He may smell like shit,
And have a sagging tit,
But give a blow job once a day!

Hickory Dickery Dock,
Jay went down on the cock,
Tony shot his load,
And Jay ran home,
Hickory Dickery Dock!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Microwaved Poopies!!!1!!

I was watching one of mah poopies spinning around in the microwave – I call 'em steamers for a reason, you know – when I got an idea for something fun to do. Sometimes I like to see how much of something I can do, and one little turd just wasn't enough to satisfy me. That's just a little bitty snack for me. So I dug deep within myself, squatted down over the open microwave, and poured the contents of my colon deep into that little box. I felt pretty empty afterward – I'll need to get Ethan to fill me up when he gets home, hehe. But it was for a good purpose. I filled the entire microwave. So I turned it up all the way, and watched that squishy, beautiful brown baby of mine turn as best it could in there, round and round it went, until the microwave just exploded all over me. It was like bathing in my own child, as that sticking brown spray just coated my face and body. Oh my god, that got me so wet I fisted myself for like an hour afterward. I hadn't used both fists since my birthday, but they both went in with that sensual greatness I love so much.

Poopies for sale!!!!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Spaghettie and poop balls!

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I went to the bathroom today for my lunch. I squatted over the nice crystal china, because I wanted to feel more sofisticated! I am the poopie princess! Then I looked at my beautiful creation and found little white things squirming in it. I pooked around in there and it was worms! Mmmm..... Extra protein! I twirled it around on my fork! It was like spaghetti! I felt all high class!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

My Ethan

Me and my boyfriend decided to get an even deepr connection. I decided to do this by inhaling his farts. He bent over for me and opened up his asshole wide of me. I then shoved my face up there. He has a lard poopie hole because he fists his too. Then I inhaled deep his pooey gases. Mmm.... they were so wonderful and a part of Ethan. Mmmm..... I wish I could have that scent on me all the time. Then some of his pooey wet juices came out, so I collected them in a small glass bottle. Now, it is another perfume scent on the Popanator line!Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Yoga class again!

I went back to yoga class today. I'm getting really happy about my flexibility, but I want more. I want to be able to go so deeply into my poopy hole that I actually turn inside-out. I want my glorious colon to be on display for all the world to see, like the ropes of an admiral. I want to twirl my hips and have my colon fly around my like a big, squishy hula hoop, wafting its delicious, spicy poopy scent through the cool autumn air. I want to get so good at yoga that I can fold both of my arms and both of my legs up into a quadruple rectal lotus, letting them all melt into my cavernous rectum. And I've been practicing by letting Ethan put his entire body up there – well technically we're only up to his waist, but we'll make it all the way.
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Popanator Perfume

I love the smell of poopies all thee time. I mean, the taste the texture, is so intoxicating. However, I was wondering if there was some way I could have the delicious poopies with me in some way always. Then I realized it! POOPIE PERFUME!!!1!!!!  I fisted me poopie hole nice and good until the poopies got all wet and juicy. Then I shoved a glass bottle up my ass to let the juicies drip in. I made sure to fart a few times to get the smell in all nice and good. Now, whever I go out on a date with my Ethan, I dab a little bit behind my ears and he immediatley wants to lick me all over! MMmmm.... He loves poopies as much as I do!
Poopies for sale!!!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fapping while pooping!

I was taking another hard constipation dump today. It was so big and hard it reminded me of a willy. It turned me on so much I started fingering myself. It felt so good as the poopie was half way out of my ass. I started getting rougher and rougher with my fapping. I then started fisting my pussy and as the turd was sliding out, I came. Mmm..... Then I took the rock hard solid poopie and shove it up my clit and rubbed it around all teasing it and stuff. The poopie was getting soaked my vag juices and started melting. I then rubbed it all over my face and had vag scented poopies. Mmm...Poopies for sale!!!!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Poopies in Space!!!

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I wanna go to outer space. They say you need an advanced degree to be an asstronaut, but I do have one. You can call me Dr. Poopies! When I swim in the sewer, I pretend I'm floating around in the infinite, dark void. It's like falling into a REALLY big poopy hole. If I were on a space shuttle, they could have a little sign on the side saying "Poopies on Board" or something. Or maybe I could just shit out some sticky pooey juices and cling to the side like a hitchhiker. What a beautiful view that would be, flying up into the cosmos as a poopy passenger.Poopies for sale!!!!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Worst Dog Poop EVER...

Here is a delicious video my friend Jacky sent to me. That floor looks so delicious I would lick it clean like my tounge was a mop. Mmm... Runny dog poopies taste the absolute best. I would roll around in it, like I was all chocolate covered.