Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Period fun!

Hey guys. I feel like the world would be missing out not to hear this, so here goes. Ethan and I have discovered a new kind of sexy fun we can have together during Period Week. First, we have a sword fight with our poopy swords (he told you my custom recipe for them awhile back), and cover each other with hot brown slash marks. Then he bends me over and fucks me in mah poopie hole, just pulling out often enough to paint my body with his shit covered dick. By this point we’re both usually coming all over each other, for a brown viscous pleasure soup all over our sweaty bodies. But if we really want to liven it up, we take as big a shit pile as we can manage (and in my case, that’s a lot), and wrestle around in it. Excuse me, all this talk is makin’ me hawnee.

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