Friday, October 19, 2012

Anna Michelle Walters Nudes tee hee!

Well, I'm home "sick" from work. Okay, you probably think I'm nuts, which I am, but I am depressed over not getting my promotion. My best friend Clyde is sick of my insanity. He said, "Pops, you are moving in a few weeks, you really don't need the money, why the hell does this bother you so much?!"

Well, the simple answer is MY EGO. Yes, it is the monster that rules my life. More important than money or poo or finding a fisting partner. It is the fact I was the most qualified, have the most IT knowledge, but my "autistic tendances" and awkwardness will always make me a peeon. That's why I care. And also I took today off because for the past fucking 6 months I've been a very very good girl. My attendence has been perfect.

Anyway, enough of my rant, here is what you came for. These were harder than fuck to find online, so you're welcome.

Anna Walters was a dumbass substitute teacher who fucked around with some ugly ass 18-year-old student. When she dumped his ugly ass he wanted revenge so he posted her nudes on twitter.

He also posted their text conversations. She got fired and the nudes were taken off twitter. The only ones you can see monstly are the censored ones. Really who wants to look at pixles?! I like the real thing.

Okay, that vagina looks wierd. really weird. her inner lips stick out too much. ick.

Well, that's the end. I'm now going on my weekend trip to cheer myself up. Hopefully I have a better weekend than she does.

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Dwezel said...

Yes, those will do nicely...