Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!1!!!

For all of you living in the states Happy Thanksgiving! I am celebrating today by make a CornLadenPooacorpia of delicious corn laden poo! I took some of my more plyable poopies and made them into the shape of the Cornucopia or Copraphilia, I don't know how to spell that shit, but anyway It looked really cool. Then I shoved some corn cobs in it will blue and yellow corn. Mmm... The corn laden poo is also edible and the specks of corn in it have even more snacks.

Ethan made some of his artwork! He made a turkey out of his poopies. He had some red streaky ones because he has been putting a lot of things up his poopie hole lately. He used the carrots he has been shoving up his ass as tail feathers

I even made a pie out of some of the poopies I had that have been filled with nuts. I call it pecan poopie pie!!! Yum!!!!1!!! I wish each and everyone of you were over here to share this delicious feast with me!

When you are done with your poopie feast, start your Fistmas shopping early!!!1!


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Love the enthusiasm! Stay tuned for the next month I will have all the tips and tricks for the Fistmas season! Including Fistmas songs!!!1!!!