Thursday, November 18, 2010

One Escaped The Cukoo's Nest

ANALytically speeking, I am my own worst enema. I ended up in the looney bin. Don't worry my shit freaks, I was able to break out. I was kept in a padded cell for days and days. They put me in a straight jacket so I couldn't fist my own poopie hole. It was so depressing. My poopie hole quivered and yearned for a fist.

Little did I know, my Ethan had a plan to break me out. He has been saving his delicious poopies in jars for weeks and weeks so he could do some poopie working projects. He brought over a big bag of it and put it under the 2nd story window. Then he came to visit me. During visitation he opened up a window and I jumped out. I landed on the delicious squishy poopies. But, instead of nibbling on them like normal I kept running.

I eventually ended up back home. Ethan cut me out of the straight jacket, but not before we did some bondage shit. He fisted me while I was still tied up. It was so much fun! Mmmm....

But, my shit freaks, don't worry about me. I will keep my love of shit only with other people who also love delicious corn laden poo. Someday, the world will understand and instead of being afraid of poopies actually try them and love them.

Give poopies a chance. Seriously, you'll love it. If we all loved poopies, then none of us will be insane!!!!!

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