Monday, June 25, 2012

My Response to RyanTheHedgehog1998

I uploaded this last night and he is already butt-hurt. This disturbed little freak is in love with Chris Chan. He hangs out on all the Chris Chan videos defending his little girlfriend to all who dare say something bad about him. Here is my video response: For all I know, this fucker might be Chris Chan. I hope it is. First off it would cream my corn that the Internet's most famous asspie would pay attention to me. Also, it would alleviate my fear that someone is in love with this: Seriously, the fucker drinks his own sperm. He tried to run over someone with his car. He has no job, no future, he spends his days drawing Sonichu comics. Okay, my rant on Chrissy later. For those who don't know who Chris Chan is, go to Its a world you don't want to enter, though.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rant Against The Popanator

Guys, this just fills me with pride. I've been stalked on YouTube all summer from a little autistic with a boner for Chris Chan. Part of me thinks this might be Chris Chan. If it is, I'll spray corn all over my monitor. Anyway, he calls himself "RyantheHedgehog1998". Ryan even calls Chris Chan his hero. Anyone I smell bull shit. Not the yummy kind, either. Here's his lovely rant.

Okay, now that lovely piece of art work is over, life has been going really good. I've stopped working the overtime for now. Still going to class. I'm starting the reap some rewards. Life is still hard, but I am hanging in there. Life is getting better, even though some days it feels like it is falling apart. I've had to make so many changes lately, but for this second part of my life, it is time to focus on me. I am the master of my own destiny. More on that later. I'll also be sure to return the favor to the Chris Chan apprentice. I actually have 2 days off this week. It makes me want to poo and eat my lovely nutty poo. 2 days off!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meeting the Fake Popanator

Yes, its true, I finally met the fake Popanator today! I have been having diarrhea for several days, so I finally needed to get me some solid food. I drove to McDonalds on my lunch break to get the closest thing to delicious poo: A sausage egg biscuit. And yes, I also had it with cheese. Why the fuck does cheese have to be special ordered? It should be a standard part of the sandwich.


Picture it a pigs anus with the cunt dropping of a chicken put the tit juice of a cow. Mmmm.... That sandwich makes me so hawnee. SO, I was standing in line waiting on someone, anyone to take my order. I lifted up my leg and hiked up my skirt to let out a delicious wet fart. This retard comes running up in a helmet yelling, "Gene are you making the McDoubles all ready?! Its only 9:30AM!"

Oh, fuck, now I have this retard waiting on my. I just yelled out, "Hey, helmet-boy take my order. I have to get back to my job babysitting other retards like you."

The retard limped up to the register. He was obese with greesy hair. I would never forget the crash-helmet. He drolled all over the counter. He slurred out, "I'm Popanator. I'm the head fry cook. I like buscuits. Mmmm... I'm Popanator!"

I perked up, "Holy shit, I thought I'd never meet you in person, why do you imitate the real Popanator?"

"She's my hero. My mommy gets mad when I squish my poopies. My boss only lets me squishy my poopies when I'm earning my raise. I'm the head fry cook."

"That's nice, tard-boy. I'll take a sausage egg buiscuit with cheese."

Fake Popanator tries to comprehend what I just said and then lifts up his leg and shits his pants. Mmmmm.... Fresh shit! I just said, "Oh, just take the corn from that delicious poo poo, bag it up and we'll call it even."

Fake Popanator bags up my order and says, "I have an important job. I make the special sauce! Gene helps me make it." Just the this big fat black man yanks the poor fake Popanator away. I hope to meet this special little bugger again.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Starting On My New Book

Hey poopie freaks, I'm already starting on my new book:

Cool Myspace Generators
Tell me what you all think!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Serious Addiction

As you guys may all know, I have an addiction problem. I am recovering from my addiction to Jenkem. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is taking delicious raw fecal matter and bottling it. Then in a few days sniffing the glorious pooey smells and getting high. The delicious smells combined with the high is the most amazing feeling ever. Here is a video describing what Jenkem is: Yes, it is highly addictive. It is very hard to come off of. I mean, I eat poopies, I love rolling around in them. I get aroused just being around poop. It is hard to go day by day without wanting to ferment those delicious corn laden lumps and just sniff them until I am in heaven.

But, I've learned something this year. There is more to this life than getting high. Poopies are just for nourishment. It is like enjoying grapes, but not fermenting them into wine. The true joy is not be numb like a zombie and to actually feel, even the hard sucky feelings. Without the buzz of jenkem, I feel alive. This life is a gift that can be taken away quickly. I have not sniffed my own shit in over a month now. Life just seems so much more real to me now. The taste of fresh shit, Mmm.... Yes, I had a little bit of an issue with licking a randomm cat poopie causing a rabies scare, but other than that, life is good. Busy and sometimes fucked up, but still good. With that, the Popanator bids you goodnight!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bonus Games!

Kick the Popanator while she's in a dress. Be sure to kick hard because that diaper adds some padding! Kiss the Popanator, if you love her. Kiss me corny boy! Or maybe you'd rather pop my zits. Tee hee! Enjoy! I'm sure I'll be poping my zits though, so I look all nice and high class for class tonight. All things from my hershey highway to your face! XOXOXO Popanator

Kick the Popanator

Do you ever get tired of Popanator's inane ramblings. I know, some people do. They just don't share the love of delicious corn laden poo like I do. Well, take out your frustrations and kick the Popanator!
Let's try this again because I can't code worth shit! More games cumming soon! Enjoy!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Visiting My Boyfriend!!

I get to visit my boyfriend tonight! YAY! Hey, I live 4 hours away from him and work an insane amount of overtime, plus going to class, getting mental therapy, fuck, I only get to fuck twice a month. So, naturally, I want said fucking to count.

For the best sexual education, of course I used the internet. It taught me everything I needed to know about sex. I am going to try something new tonight, ENEMAS!!! mMMMM..... Its healthy and fun! You get to clean out your colon and get a delicious corn spray! I was spraying corn just thinking about it.

Oh, the fun, you can do a milk enema! That is how you make creamed corn! Delicious corn laden soup one may say!

 Hell, its a fun activitiy to do with friends. I wonder why that guy's dick is black. Maybe its already shit covered. Alright, now its time for me to hit the road. I hope you guys have as much fun this leekend as I will!