Monday, March 19, 2012

Popanator's Fairytale Corner

Being the girly-girl I am, I love fairytales. I always dream of the day prince charming will come and sweep me off my feet and we ride away into the sunset in my Honda. One of my most favourite fairytales is sleeping beauty. Not because of the pauper who found out she is a princess aspect. No, its because that shit is erotic.

Nothing says "I love you" like waking up to man fully inside you. It is so nice to pass out and wake up to a nice surprise of being pumped away. Hell, for an awesome surprise, go to a family reunion and pop a couple of roofies. Drink a beer and see which prince charming is waking you up with love's first fist.

There is just something about me, that love to be dominated. To have another man take complete control over me for once. I love to have a man just take my poopie hole for his. To fist me, to use me. What better time to do that, than when I am vulnerable, asleep? I just love to lose all control, and sometimes I even have a major turdgasm. Mmmm....If he gives me a nice enough wake up call, I'll even leave a steamer on his nightstand.

Now, for a little less romantic story, you have Snow White. But, in the story the bitch was dead. I think prince charming was a little dissappointed. I mean, he knew her ass was a corpse. Why else would he want to open up that coffin and give her a kiss?

Imagine the horror of cracking open a cold dead one, and she wakes up. Imagine his embarrassment. What do you say? "Pardon me, ma'am, I didn't mean to rape your corpse. The poor prince had to save face an immediately ask her to marry him. Luckily, she was pretty hot. Not the prettiest princess, but not ugly. It was also the shortest engagement. He just collected her and rode her up to his castle. Not know anything else about her, than her tight dry vagina. I'm sure it wasn't happily ever after for him, but it made him think twice about digging up corpses from then on.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Happy Barbie Day!!

Tomorrow is Barbie Day. That is the day my favourite toy of the hold wide world was born! Now, why would someone like me give a corn laden poopie? I'll tell you why. I do seriously lack in the social skills department. Almost as bad as my Autistic Brother Willie. I found it hard to talk to real life people. Also, add the fact that I do have some interesting hobbies. Sadly, not everyone enjoys and worships poopies like I do. I don't know why. I guess, its like an Autistic obsession. I mean, look at how useful poopies are. They are food, building materials, even toys. Okay, back on topic.

Well, since I didn't have many flesh and bone friends, I had to come up with substitutes. For the longest time, I did use Barbie dolls as sex toys. I love their small plastic bodies and how they would easily fit up my poopie hole. It also made for good photo opportunities. I loved how Barbie is just a willing partner. I could even shove her head first in my poopie hole then plop her out all covered in delicious corn laden poo and her smile never fades.

Then, one night while sniffing a butt-load of jenkem, I found another use for my Barbies. My Barbies started to talk to me. We would have conversations about poopies. See, Barbie can have any personality you want her too. It isn't all about hair and fashion, unless you want it to be. She is like the perfect little person. Sniff enough jenkem and she'll talk to you. She'll laugh at your jokes. And when you are hawnee you can insert her and your friends in\to your poopie hole.

Barbie is definitely Woman of The Year. Actually, she is the perfect woman. She can't even gossip, because if you are sober she can't talk. She just smiles with that long blonde hair and perfect perky tits just waiting for you to have your way with her. Then you can toss her aside. She is still happy and will not nag.

She even promotes awesome values, like getting a job. A lot of women don't like to work, so they have lots of kids and depend on a man to support them. But, does Barbie? No way! She never reproduced and she has her own dream house. Ken is an accessory, you don't even need him. Although, I do like to take 2 ken dolls, smear them in poop and have Ken on Ken sex. That is hawt! Also, Barbie is 53-years old. She never got fat. Her active lifestyle keeps her thin. She also focuses on dressing decent. So, whenever Barbie isn't being used as a sex toy she's also an awesome role model.

Happy Birthday to the hot amazing chick who isn't afraid of a little work! Excuse me, i need to go masturbate.

Monday, March 5, 2012

R-Word Rant

In shifting though my spam box I found an interesting piece of spam. On March 7th, it will be the national day of awareness for the r-word campaign. Yup, its a website called where a bunch of butt-hurt retards talk about ending the word "retard". Not that real retards mind being called that, because they are usually so out of it, they don't know what retard means. No, its the tard wranglers that don't like the word for some reason. I don't know why its a real medical term.

There is a whole wikipedia entry on mental retardation. Accept the word for what it is. Idiot and moron was a medical term and then it became an insult. Whatever word we use to call these tards, well, its going to be an insult sooner or later. Its not the word itself, its that noone wants to be associated with these sub-human creatures.

My autistic brother Willie is well, autsitically retarded. He doesn't even understand what retard means. I call him my little tard muffin and he could care less as he is stacking up his Legos. What the fuck else are we supposed to call these retarded little buggers. Yes, I know there are terms like special and mentally challenged. But those are even being used as insults.

So, lighten up RETARDS, there are worse words in this world to use than RETARD. Besides, those downie kids are too spaced out to care. They are busy drolling on themselves and playing with their poo. The autistic are too busy cataloging bottle caps or trying to pick up chicks using horrible attraction signs and retarded pick up lines. Autistics are too socially retarded to even realize that retard isn't a term of endearment. Nope, its just you retard wranglers who are too busy being offended by someone telling you the truth about your special little snowflake.

Yes, your special little snowflake is nothing but a drooling, poo-flinging retard. The are there to use up resources and will never contribute to society in any way. Now, stop being offended by the truth or I will start to think you are the one being retarded.

Okay, enough with the rant. Don't worry my next post will be about poopies.

The world's scariest thought... Autistics driving! Those fuckers have problems learning how to drive for a reason. They shouldn't be on the road.

Why do Autistic males have a bent dick? So they won't reproduce. Seriously, retards should not be allowed to reproduce.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Magic Panties

I have been working a lot of hours this week. Way too many. 3rd shift decided to call in sick two days in a row, so for two days in a row I worked a double shift. Yup, 16 hrs a day. Now, the overtime is nice, however, whenever I got off from work, it left me no time to do anything else. I just plopped into bed and slept until it was time to go to work. The other 3 days of my working week were still overtime. OVERTIME OVERTIME OVERTIME. Luckily I had today off, but I wasted it sleeping and sniffing Jenkem.

Well, with all my busyness, I had to cut out non-essential tasks. One of them was showering. My boyfriend Chris is pissed off at me because of this. I have to remember he doesn't love delicious smells the way I do. Whenever I don't shower, I don't change my panties. This is so it can marinate more and more in my own juices. I get pooey wet juice that leaks out at times because I fisted my poopie hole so much, its hard to keep everything in. And I also get the delicious vag juices that cum out. I wore these panties for 5 days and oh my God! They smell like heaven. I love my body's delicious yummy scent!

Today, I was sitting around watching Chris-Chan videos on Youtube. I could smell tuna even while having my jeans on! That was awesome. I farted a few times and I could smell pooey tuna. That turned me on so much, I pulled down my pants and rubbed myself with those panties on. I came hard in them. Then I took them off and sniffed them.

Sadly, my boyfriend Chris is forcing me to take a shower tonight. I don't want to. I think my scent is awesome. I'm getting him to appreciate more and more of my faecalphilia. Part of it, is how much I love myself. I love all my body produces. From my poopies, to vag juice. It is me! Chris is loosing up and doesn't mind when I fart on him. He just sniffs the air and goes "murr". He even let me fist his poopie hole. I think he's still a keeper!