Friday, December 3, 2010

Fistmas Crafts!

Here is a fun way to decorate your Fistmas tree with homemade lights!!!

What you need:
30 used tampons (I save mine up for months just to smell and taste them later. Mmmm...)
6 foot of twine

What you do is space the used tampons evenly apart. They are already nicely coloured a festive shade of red. Then tie the tampon strings to the twine. Put it on your tree and vola! It looks like Fistmas lights!

Poopcorn ornaments:
What you need:
Corn laden poo

Take the corn laden poo and roll it up into little balls. Then take the string and threat it though the corn laden poo. Vola! Fistmas ornament. Now put that on you tree!!!

I hope these crafts help you have the best Fistmas tree in the neighbourhood!!!
Now its time to put presents under that tree!

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