Friday, November 5, 2010

Poopy Serenade

Ethan and I went to a little concert in a cafe the other day, and they had a live band playing. They really rocked the house- my colon was shaking with the rhythm of their beat. I think my bladder was dancing, too, but I'd just emptied it so I couldn't show my appreciation by doing my "piss fountain" move. Needless to say, we showed our love at the end by tossing a nice volley of shit onto the stage. Let poopies rain, I say!
I also noticed as the band was getting something to drink between sets that they left out one of their guitars. I'd never really seen one in person before, so I gave it a little strum. It vibrated in a neat way, so I decided to stick the long part up mah poopy hole and really feel the music. We borrowed the guitar and snuck off to a back room where we could be alone. One strum and I started screaming like girls used to scream for the Beatles.

Now Ethan loves to give me any kind of pleasure he can, so he started to play the guitar as best he could. He'd never played before, so the song he tried to strum sounded really bad. But it sure didn't feel bad in my rectum! Aww, I love a good poopy serenade!
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The General said...

Rectum? Damn near killed 'em!

Popanator said...

Nah. If you spend years streatching out your poopie hole like I have, you can fit a lot of things up there.