Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cat puke!

I like cats. They're soft and furry, and they like to throw up. Normally I'm not that into vomiting, because it upsets the natural order of things. We eat, the food churns around in there awhile, and then we poop it out as sweet, yummy poopies - it's the cycle of things. But every once in awhile you've just gotta purge. I was out walking around, and I saw a cat eating some grass. I think they do that so they can throw up more easily, and I thought it looked like an interesting pass time. So I picked up a clump of grass, and stuffed it in my mouth. Not the tastiest stuff ever, but it had a texture kind of like pubic hair, and that's all right by me. So I chomped on it for awhile, and it turned my teeth a pretty green color - I know what I'll be doing for St. Patrick's Day. Soon enough, after awhile I felt that familiar surge of acid swelling up, and I let loose. I started puking so much, I decided to write my name with the stuff. Too bad I only got out "Popan" before I fell over completely empty. Next time I'll plan ahead, and eat a big meal first. I hear a lot of girls do that, must be something to it.

Poopies for sale!!!!!


Jacky Maille said...

Careful! You do too much of that and you'll stop having a period. And we all know how much you love having those.

Popanator said...

Oh no! I don't know what I would do if I stopped having my period! That delicious monthly lube helps me to fist myself even better!