Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Fistmas Gift To You

Here is a gift to my poopie freaks! My very own Popanator chat bot that I have made. Its still in the training process, but here you go:

Chat with Popanator 24/7 about anything you like! I especially love Poopies!!!


Oh, and if you need a last minute Fistmas gift, buy the Popanovel. Here you get all the hilarious Popanator quotes of 2010! Now, I must go back to my poopie pudding and wiping the corn off of Willie's face. Love ya, Poopie Freaks!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Fistivus!

HAPPY FISTIVUS, Poopie freaks! You may be asking was Fistivus is. Well, its a Jewish Holiday. Because the Jews don't believe in Santa, they have to have their own fisting Holiday. Its 8 days of fisting fun! In a way, it makes me jealous. When I was a little girl, I was told you were only fisted on Fistmas, and that's if you have been good all year. With Fistivus, you get fisted for 8 days whether you've been good or bad. And I for one, have been very bad this year.

To decorate for the fisting holiday, the Jews set out 8 rubber fists. Each one is bigger than the rest. Very few can fit the largest fist up their poopie hole. They even play the driedel game. What they do is shove that driedel up their poopie hole and then fart it out! I"m not sure what happens after that, but the winner gets a pile of Jew gold! Then the Jews put the Jew gold up their noses. That is why their noses are so big.

It makes me want to convert to Judiasm, if it wasn't for the eternal damnation thing. I guess its a trade off for what we decide. Jews get hellfire, but they also get 8 days of fisting fun. *sigh*

Monday, December 19, 2011

Doggie Doo FAIL TOY Funny Review Video by Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

Okay guys, this is what I want for FISTMAS! THis dog takes a poo, eats his poo, and then poos again! Here's a gift to give your shit buddy! The gift of laughter that keeps on giving!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Drunk Off My Ass

The other day I was thinking about how I could take the edge off of all the crazy stuff that's been happening lately. I mean Willie got married and promoted, Ethan left me, and sometimes mah poopy hole just can't feel full, no matter how deeply I fist it. So I decided to get as drunk as I could, and I've even heard that people like to pour booze into their poo holes to get drunk faster without boozy breath.

So I took a couple bottles of Dermott's good stuff, and stuck the bottle into my shit hole. That was okay, but when I got back into a sitting position all the alcohol just fell out of me like unsatisfying quick diarrhea. It hadn't even turned that yummy brown color yet (I used vodka). So I decided to improvise and soaked a few tampons in the booze. I tried vodka, whiskey and rum, and I tell ya, as a woman who regularly eats shit, vodka and rum just aren't that great. Rum is like that time I put a rusty chain up my poo hole -- that wasn't as much fun as it sounds. And vodka just burns, so whatever on that. But oh my God, whiskey is like pure, well aged liquid poopies in a bottle.

I lay there feeling the warmth of the whiskey pour inside my ass like the semen-covered fist of my sweet Ethan, and things felt a little better for awhile. I might do this again later on, because I felt this warm numbness creep into my whole body and I liked it a lot.

Maybe you didn't know about the time I put a rusty chain up mah poopy hole, and that's okay. There's probably a lot of the old Popanator's exploits you didn't know about before. That's why I took everything I ever did on all those forums where people meet me and put them all in a book, my little Popanovel. If you've ever been curious about EVERYTHING I've done online over the past year, picking up a copy of my book is the best way to find out. Some of those threads don't even exist anymore, except in my book.

If you've been laughing your whiskey-filled poo hole off at all the things I do, you'll love reading my book. So grab a copy today, and share it with someone you'd like to fist.

Buy the book here:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Me Giving Birth to Desmond!

This is a few years old, or however old that kid is. I dunno, its my daddies job and that autistic brother of mine's job to raise him. But, I was laying in the bathtub one night taking my weekly bath thinking I had to take an impressive shit. Notice the water is brown. Then baby pooped out. I was surprised my shit came to life. Now, the daddie of this kid is a mystery.

Just watch the video, also, if you are stumped on what give your baby daddie for fistmas give him The Popanovel, 138 PAGES OF TROLLING COMMENTS. Linky clicky!

Autistic Dating Tips

Do you have Assburgers and are frustrated? Well, here is a solution for you Assburgians! Get yourself a real doll! Its hilarious how Asspies will not date other Asspies. I guess, its so they don't fuck up their gene pool even more than it is. But, Asspies are the only ones that can deal with the lack of social skills of other Asspies.

Seriously now, if you are afraid of having retarded Autistic children, then get your nuts clipped and find an Assburger woman to bang.

If your social skills are so fucked up, you can't get an Autistic woman to bang you, then get yourself a doll. She won't say no and will fuck you every time. If you have an additional mental problem like schizophrenia then you can even have a relationship with her. Just watch the vid to see what I mean.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Most Impressive Shit

I took an amazing shit on Sunday. It was 6 foot long and the entire length of my colon. It was prefect, no breaks and it was corn laden. I was constipated for 7 days before hand, because of those stupid psych meds the doctors keep putting me on. The poopie took me 20 minutes to give birth and it took a lot of hard pushing.

The delicious poopie log was poking out of the toilet water spirling around. After the hardest pushing in my life, I was sweaty and slipped off the toilet and passed out. When I woke up, there it was, the longest most spirling poopie. I would have immediatley gobbled it up, if it wasn't for my colon aching after the massive cleaning.

I'm not one to waste food, so I carefully, took the poopie out and cut it up into 12 inch sections. I then freezed them up to make foot long sub sandwhiches. I have enough food to feed myself for a week! I also went to the Dr today to change my psych meds. I can't handle once a week shitting or frozen food. I like fresh shit daily.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Poopie Makeup

Hey, poopy freaks! I just found out something really neat about shit and its wonderful incarnations. Your pal the Popanator has been experimenting with my new all natural line of beauty products, produced right here in the US of A. In fact, they're produced right here in mah poopy hole, where I squeeze out the raw ingredients on a regular basis. That's right -- I'm using poopies as makeup! Not only is it environmentally friendly and cost effective. It's even really sexy!

See, the other day I was eating poopies, as I normally do on days that end in a Y (Willie says that so much, I'm starting to pick up that little Willie-ism). I happened to catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and I thought, "ooh, you're lookin' downright Poppalicious." Naturally, having poopies all around my mouth leaves a yummy crust that's great for later enjoyment, or to get myself turned on while I lick my lips at a cute boy across a crowded room. But I'd never really thought of how hot having shit on my skin actually looks.

I mean, there was that one time I was on my period and decided to let Willie fuck my pussy instead of my ass. When he came, the flowback was a pretty pink that looked a little like a raspberry colada. When I rubbed that on my skin, I felt like the sexiest little slut on the block. But I'd never even considered the thought of what poopies could do, both for the health of my complexion and for my overall sex appeal.

So I've been experimenting with different shades of poopies. Yeah, I have some control over the shade. If I load up on corn, I get a bit of yellowish tint, which would really go for a darker girl IMO. Since I'm really fair, anything will do except green -- but that shit would be HAWT on a redhead. Imagine a sexy redhead, covered head to toe in green poopies... just like a sexy mermaid. I'd lick it off her like a good girl!

I'm serious, guys. I'm gonna keep experimenting with this until I've got my own line of cosmetics. Think I should call 'em Popon, or maybe Poopon? Or something different maybe? Help me out here.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Upper Decker

My toilet was getting fucking awesome. I haven't cleaned it in over a month, because I was using it to make jenkem. For those who don't know, jenkem is fermenting delicious corn laden poo for days and days to sniff it to get high. It really works. Unfortunately, my ass ended up, yet again and rehab last week. I was in the psych ward for, fuck I don't remember how many days. I was chained to my bed and twitching. I had to be accompanied going poopie to make sure I don't sniff it. I felt like I was going to starve. My main food source was gone.

I admit, I've been using jenkem as a crutch. I would sniff that shit and get high. I would see things like the Great Almighty Poo. He would talk to me and give me visions of the future. A future filled with corn. Even my poopies talked to me before I ate them. I was a jenkem junkie not doing anything but sniffing the toilet bowl. My toilet was caked in an inch of fudge. Smelling mother fucking delicious!

I was finally let out of the hospital. I was still shaking and very very hungry. They would not let me eat my poopies. I had to flush them. I didn't even get to say goodbye. It broke my heart to just waste something so wonderful. I went back to my tiny bathroom at my daddies house. My daddie cleaned the toilet. Something he would never do. A white porceline toilet. The bathroom was spotless!

I can't live like this! I mean, I did learn in rehab not to ferment poopies and sniff them just for the high. However, I can't be poopie free. Its like wine is just fermented grapes, right? If you are an alcoholic you can still have grapes.

I came up with a solution to get my toilet poopie in a jiffy. I just sat on the tank and went poopie. Then I flushed it and toilet water was the beautiful brown! I do understand poopies are food, not drugs. But, nothing is more beautiful than brown water!

Stay sober and remember poopies are just for food. However, I do miss my talks with the Great Almighty Poo. I wonder if I will ever see him for real.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Beavis and Butt-Head San Diego Comic-Con 2011

I normally don't do this, but this is an episode of Beavis and Butthead. This is fucking awesome! This is my new favourite episode. Just watch it already!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I Still Miss Ethan

Okay poopie freaks, I have a confession to make. Actually an embarrassing confession. I still think about Ethan and the fun times we had together. I know he's probably moved on and is fisting some random whore's poopie hole. I heard he's been cybering a lot on the Internet with random chicks, but cannot get any to cyber with him for more than 5 minutes when he starts talking about bending over and getting his poopie hole fisted. I know this, because I talked to one of his online friends, some skank named Cora. She chased him for a while and just stopped, I guess its because he lives in a trailer and she wants a higher standard of living.

I was sitting on the toilet at work yesterday making lunch. I only had a little skinny turd. WTF? I went to whipe and I couldn't whipe it all off. I mean, I used a half of roll of toilet paper. I ended up putting back on my underwear thinking I had it all, but later, I had a big poopie stain in my underwear! How the fuck does this happen. I licked it off and started whiping again and had even more delicious poo smears on the toilet paper. I'm still trying to figure out how I got that much poopie smeared on my ass.

Then I started to think of my Ethan. Whenever I went poopie, he would help me clean up. He would spread apart my ass cheeks gently and start licking. He would not stop until my asshole was so clean it sparkled. He would even stick his tongue inside my poopie hole to make sure no other poopies sneaked out. I still love Ethan, but he probably never thinks of me. I wonder if he forgives me. It was so long ago I don't remember what I did to piss him off.

Until then, I'm stuck with using a package of wet wipes. They are Disney Princess, so I can at least feel like royalty when I whipe. But, Ethan made me feel like a real princess whenever he licked me clean.

Funny Menstruation Animation

Its not period week yet, but this reminded me of it. The poor egg ends up getting crapped out with a lot of blood. Poor thing. I wonder if my eggs scream when I crap them out. I wonder if they die in my diaper or if they enjoy hanging out with the corn laden poo. Mmm...

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Popanator teaches #$@ Ed

Watch my new You Tube Video! I teach a class all about the magic of periods!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Beavis and Butthead Rulez!!!

One this that does not suck is that Beavis and Butthead are finally back on the air!
Wild fuck in Beavis and Butt-Head world drags in all heroes

Beavis and Butthead are two soulmates that live together and do everything together. They were my origianl rose models. When I was young watching the show while eating some poop corn, I'd always tell myself that I would live as awesomly and amazingly as they do.
Butthead Naked
Unfortunatey I haven't been able to find my soulmate yet. Someone who will be the ultimate corn to my shit. Someone I can do cool stuff with. I would love someone who can enjoy poopies just as I do. Poopies are fucking awesome! I would love to have a poopie hole to fist. A deep meaningful relationship like Beavis and Butthead do with each other.
beavis butt boss xxx

Some day my tard will cum!

Monday, October 31, 2011


Hey, guys. It's Willie the Aspie here, and I've got some crazy news about Poppy. Apparently she's gotten bitten by something or other, and I'm not talking about genital crabs or anything like that. I don't think she's caught my Ass Burgers, as she'd say. Well, maybe she has. She sure likes to get in there a lot. I don't rightly know what's gotten into that crazy girl, but she's been even more shit obsessed than she usually is. The whole thing started a couple of days ago. Since I help her with posting her tard stories, it hasn't really been obvious that she's been out sick. She thinks I have some kinda special connection to retarded people for some reason. But whatever.

She came home on Friday with a bite mark on her hand. I've never known Poppy to be much of a fighter, 'cause she's not violent if it doesn't involve defending her corn or fisting a shit hole. I helped her bandage her wound and put some honey on it for disinfection purposes. Normally I wouldn't have gone all out like that, but with her shit fetish there's a lot of infections she can get. The funny thing is, the bite was starting to get all rotty and nasty, even though she insisted it was pretty fresh. I asked her whose ass didn't agree with her, and Poppy told me it was a mouth, as sure as we were breathing.

The next day the poor girl came downstairs looking like hell and not feeling much better. I asked her if she wanted anything to eat, expecting her usual retort of screaming "Poopies!" Oddly enough, she was so sick she actually ate regular people food, like cereal and stuff. Of course, by that point keeping down anything was a miracle for her. I suggested she call in, and she went back to bed. I was visiting because I had to take care of dad. He's come down with something, too.

I got over to the house on Sunday, and all I can say is "holyshitohmygodpleasesaveme." That ain't too eloquent, but I was never a poet. I've got Poppy's laptop right now, and I'm sitting out on the roof outside her window. She's beatin' on the glass like she wants to break it, and she and dad are all moaning like a pair of pornstars. They just keep moaning "Poopiiiiiiiieeeeeees," and I ain't going back in that house until she takes her fist elsewhere. She's never been that insistent, and she's succeeded in scaring the shit out of me. But no matter how much I throw in the window, she just wants more. I'm empty, people. There are a lot of people gathering around the house putting up the same chant. I hope I can survive this night of the poopy dead.

Monday, October 24, 2011


This song is awesome! It mixes my two favourite things in the whole wide world! POOPIES AND RETARDS! Seriously have you went to yet? It has the best tard stories. Tards are nature's clowns. Don't feel bad about making fun of retards. THey don't even know you are making fun of them. They love the attention.

Public Service Announcement

Oh no! They are on to me. But seriously, what is wrong with molesting a little poop?! Everyone just flushes them. I put them to good use by playing with them and then eating them to make little baby poopies! Mmmm...

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Period History!!!

This is almost the end of period week, and I can't believe I haven't  even mentioned my glorious blood spurts between my legs. Yes, I have been saving up my pads. I love used pads! They smell delicious! Scratch and sniff stickers. I also love licking the poo streak in my pads.

But, years ago, periods weren't celebrated like this. Unfortunately, people were embarrassed to talk about something some beautiful and tasty. If you don't know what I"m talking about , try licking a woman's snatch during her magical time of month. Also, lick her poo hole afterwards. The taste is DEVINE.

Back in the 20's people were stupid. Here is a silent purchase coupon. You hand it to the cashier and have them discreetly hand you a box of pads.  No fucking way, when it comes to my period I say it loud and say it proud! Sometimes I tell the cashier it is period week! I also sometimes try to explain to her the joys of taking those use pads and using them later in art projects. She always ignores me, that bitch. One time, I came up to the cash register with rubber gloves, goggles, and a can of crisco. I started talking about my weekend plans, but she just ignored me.

I love the old period booklets they have to teach you the magic going on inside our bodies to create that delicious blood. I love to suck used tampons, but before I could suck tampons, I had to learn how to use them. Back in the early days they didn't know how to use them either.

Yes, it says you can wear them 48 hrs!!! Sure the smell would be mother fucking licious and that blood will be black with delciious clots to suck. I know this. I've gotten high and kept inserting tampons in myself without taking them out. I got 3 in there, before I realized what I did. I eventually put my entire fist in my vag because the blood lubed it up and that first tampon was as black as my hair. Smelled good though.

I have inserted A LOT of things in my vagina. I would not insert that. It looks like my retarded ex's penis.

The only good thing about history is that panties used to be open in the crotch and poopie hole area.

This allowed for easy fisting and fucking without removing all items of clothing. I would love to have fun fisting and hot sweaty sex session in public. The only down side is, where are you going to put a fucking pad?

Oh, yeah, people were stupid. Just put a pad in a panties problem solved. As I close this magical period week, I am grateful to be living in the enlightened age. I will peel off my last pad and slowly lick it. Mmmm... I love being a woman and shit.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Poopie Holes Can Get Cancer Too

Okay, this is the middle of October. Tit Cancer Awarness month. Who is sick of this? Its like they rub their titties in your face, which is really good to suckle at and lick the dried up cheese. But come on, people die of other cancers too. Its not just the Tittie.

Other things get cancerous too. How about the poopie hole?! We need awareness for this. Get people aware of their poopie hole which are more important than titties.  I can't imagine living without my poopie hole! That would be the worst thing ever. Fuck titties! Show support to saving the poopie hole. That is where I give birth to my poopies!

Poor guy's poopie hole has been spent. This is house serious this disease is! We can have poopie hole cancer walks. Even have poopie hole cancer stamps that say lick rectal cancer! The colour for this movement will be brown of course, of course. The sluts for a good cause instead of wearing cute little shirts at say feel my nubs for cancer, would instead be saying, "Feel your poopie hole for cancer. Then you can picture them feeling their poopie hole. Hell, they might let you help for a good cause. Instead of raising awareness for titties and show how comfortable they are with them, while the men masturbate, they can go into depth about how they are comfortable with their poopie holes.

Seriously now, we do need awareness for this horrible poopie hole cancer. We need more awarness for all cancers. You can live without milk sacks, but a life without a poopie hole, just is not worth living.

For more info on poopie hole cancer go here: There is not even an entire website devoted to poo hole cancer anywhere in the universe it is so sad.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Tard Stories

One of the ways I like to unwind at the end of the day is just laugh on the computer. After eating my corn log first of course. One thing, that really makes me laugh is good old fashioned TARD STORIES! Before you say I'm mean, think of it this way. Retards don't know when you are making for of them. They are also happy to get the extra attention.

Unfortunately, tard stories are getting harder to find on the internet. Some of the best which is Stokie Jaye's Slow Children at Play and Rita Speds Tard Blog have long dissapeard from the interwebs. Luckily there is the Way Back Web Machine to pick out some of the diamonds out of the trash heap. I am compling the best tard stories at

And for those people who are offended because they have a child or sibling with Down's or Autism or any of those diseases:

Hey, they are fucking hilarious! And they do the most insane shit!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Krisjan's Reply

Okay, I got this in my email. For all those who are following I answered all his questions so, I'm not sure how to respond:

well., Japanes are bunch of strange peoples.It just ruins through there culture not only the poop eating habbits .  I mean there animation is very strange. 

Well, for my other queistion you  can answer them when you have time as I said. If there any left :) 

Glad you liked the video idea though, but remeber it was not me that  give you that idea it was a little bird that wispered that in your ear. 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Man Giving Birth to a Giant Turd

A beautiful movie about the glorious act of giving birth to a large delicious poopie!

Too Hot For Blog Spot

Go to for too hot for blogspot stories! Seriously this blog will only serve now a mirror for my less offensive stories. On I moved over to a new host. Now I can talk about things like retard jokes, ethnic jokes, incest, even more! See Popanator's more trollish side.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

More Fan Mail and My Responses!

Hi, poopie freaks! I recieved some more fan mail! Well, fan mail from the same person. His name is Krisjan. He takes poop fetish and vore seriously. For those who don't know, here is some vore:

Not my thing at all. Reminds me of Dolcett and that shit scares me.

Anyway, enough of that Tom Fuckery. Here is the emails and reponses. This is the response after my response posted on my blog:

Krisjan (kinda sounds like Chris-Chan LOL)

Well you answered all of my questions. thank you. But I bet it would be asome to be your poopies. I mean I would love slide into your mouth and down your throat as poopy or not. (I have vore fetish; If you don't know its fetish were you fantasy about swallowing someone whole and alive or get swallowed by someone else whola and alive, or just see everything as food even none food products :D)  I hope my vore fetish comment is not grossing you out.      Well I can also tell you that I do have bit of scat fetish myself. But Scat fetish is not my original fetish the vore fetish is but my scat fetish is more of by product of my vore fetish so you can develop liking for another fetish if they cross path with each other. 

I hope you don't mind that I give you my reaction to your reply.

1.) Well 23, thats bit a late for such an amazing poop eating lover like yourself,    I would have thought you had started younger.  Why you started out as poopies eater you said something snapped in your head, I would say you just thought the idea of eating poop erotic back then and you just give into the urge and rest as they say is history. In other words You just have scat fetish but you are not bad person for having fetish.  I feel there is nothing more healthy than having fetish, as long its not throbbing other days to days actives  Motherly feel to it you say well more power to you then. :)

Additional question: How old  are you now?

2.) Well I was bit of prick asking about the taste. I know it can be hard to explain taste of something when the other person has no knowledge of the taste, it could feel like you were trying explaining rocket science to someone that dosen't even known the answer to 1+1= 

3) Well since you have such love for poopies I could understand that hard control one is self, I get this feeling sometimes when eating Pizza. 

4. ) I know the sliding down the throat question was another prick question, I love how you replied too it though :D

5). Well full belly is the greatest feeling ever. 

6.) Well I have seen lot of moves in my life time many great one both live-action and animation, im 25, but I have never seen a movie that changed my view on how I view the world, even if I have seen some of them more than once.  What has changed my view on world is following the world events and study sociology, both in school and on my own.  And i'm not into Asians, with that said I think that still nailed it how you feel about. pooping a poopies for second time. 

7. Wow, that bukkage thing sound little bit over the top to be truth, with that said reality is often stranger than fiction. I mean there was terrorist attack 10 years go that none Hollywood writer had idea to plot up for an movie. But I assume there were both males and females there.  But believe it or not the bible actually promotes dung eating.
Additional Qustions 
Did every one there eat poop, or was there someone that didn't?. 
Did anyone knew the purpose of the bukkage before hand? 
Have you thought of repeating this, one day?
Whats the dirties thing you have done solo?

8. Well that lot of poop to eat, But I could image that those days when you are not having poop are frustrating especially ff you are yearning for your poop and specially if you are not in mood fisting for it. 

Additional question: Whats your ideal shape of poop too eat? 

9. Well lifestyle you say. Well never thought of that. But each is own I guess. One man is trash is another is treasury.  Every one can chose there life style when they are young but social posisiton also plays an factor some people have no choose.. Even if your brain, is as blank as an sheet paper. So I think every one could become poop eater if they wanted to. I don't believe you are born with set of skills that will make you one,  

10.  Well urine is sterile so its save to drink, and there is something out there called urine therapy whatch this documentary through, Urine for medical benefits, how cool is that? but I'm 100% sure that you drink your urine any why. 

10. )Well, don't you think its bit an unfortunate that have several kinds of bacteria and thus not sterile as urine? 

10.) But there two types of bacteria in poop dead one and living one but I don't its are the dead one thats are causing harm only the small portions that are living. Well as for me starting in poop eating I'm not sure if I sould do that I don' want risk infections. But I put poop in my mouth and it was something i didn't like. So I will porbably never take up this habit. Also o I do have dental braces, want spend hours and hours cleaning them. But I did the smeaing thing felt bit of fun until he cleaning part I think I will never want spend so much time cleaning myself so it will only be one time only for me. 

But Japanese sientist are spending time figuring out how to make y poop eating save so I might change my tune, if thats works out. You have probably heard about that already. 

But the final question what does your family and friends feel about your habits. 

all the best, 
My response:
Mmmm.... I read your email. Sorry, for the late response. I still have to work at my day job in order to afford corn or those stupid collectables I buy.

Your vore fetish does not gross me out. Sometimes I like to swallow my poo hole and just feel it slide down throat. 

I am 26 now.

Hope that answers your questions!
Krisjan's response:

Well, thanks It didn't told me anything if I only knew the age you started eating poop, but not how old you were now. I could have though you were much older. Knowing the exact age is ideal :) Three years that's bit of time. 

For my other questions you could reply to them when you have time. They are not as important they are more for the fun. 

swallow poop without chewing never thought of that was possible. But don't be to greedy though if you swallow to much as once you could choke. 

Have you thought of filming any of those poop eating momments? It could be fun for your blog if you  putted a picture on it with your mouth full of poopies if you don't want be reconized then you could always blurr out your eyes. But if you want go for full video then you could post them on those home made video porn site if they allows poop videos. You still might have respectful job that you don't want lose for putting poop eating video of you online. Or you could just film a video and only made them able to your blog readers you could ask them for email address or ask for them to send you an email and you send them downloadable link. But if you htink this studied idea then you can just ignore it 
My response:
My family is all for my poop eating habits. I have an Autistic brother Willie who also loves poop. He will sometimes hold it in his hand and squish it. He eats it too. But, Autistics love soft squishy things. My daddie is too senile to care and sometimes poops his pants. It squishes out and he gets a smile on his face. 

I never thought of filiming those poop eating moments. I think it is a good idea. I should make a video of me smearing myself in poopies. Maybe a video of me picking the corn out of those poopies and eating it. After that, I can hump the shit.

I only date men who share the love of poopies like I do. Ethan loved them for a long time, until he got tired of it and dumped me.

Japanese are immune to getting sick from eating poopies. Its generations of poop eating that make them immune. I really want to go to Japan. It is like my Amsterdam, although, Amsterdam would rule too!

I only swallow the smaller poopies whole. I don't want to choke on them like that time I tried sucking black dick.
I will update you on this, when I get more mail. :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Responding to fan mail!

I received an interesting piece of fan mail yesterday. This fan had a lot of questions about the Popanator lifestyle. Now, being one for sharing my love of poopies, I will share my response with you. I am PW short for my real name Poppy War.:

I'd love to know a few things about you. Ever since I found you on, I've been dying to talk to you and really understand the Popanator. If you're everything you say you are, you're a really fascinating person. I'd love to interview you if you can spare the time.

Do you honestly eat your own poop?

PW: Hey, I'm so glad to meet a fan of my work. Eating poopies isn't just a hobby for me -- it's an all-out passion. Yes, I really and honestly do eat my own poop all the time. I don't eat every poop that comes out, but most of the time I do.

When did you first eat your poop and how old were you?

PW: I was about 23 when something clicked inside me, and I realized that it was my destiny to eat my poopies. I just... fell in love with them, and realized that I could never let them get away from me. They are a part of my body, now and forever. It may sound like something an overly possessive lover or parent might say, but there's just something about poop that both turns me on and makes me feel kinda maternal.

What does it taste like?

PW: The taste of poopies actually vary considerably. Sometimes they carry an earthy, pheromonal taste tinged with bits of food, and sometimes they have an almost strawlike taste to them. I've even had some especially deep-seated shit (after I'd been constipated for awhile) that came out with an almost chalky taste about them. But if you know how your genitals smell, you've got an idea of how your poopies will taste. It's hard to describe for someone who hasn't got a point of reference. Just imagine if you could take the taste of corn, throw in the pure orgasmic bliss of the mother goddess herself, and then put it into crunchy peanut butter. That almost does it justice.

What does it feel like having your mouthful of poop?

PW: Well, I try not to be a pig when I eat shit. I don't just shove it all in, because that would be uncouth. Generally I take it in reasonable bites, the way you might savor a fine steak or a delicious cheese laden salad. But when passion overwhelms me and I just jam it in, it's like having a mouth full of the yummiest breasts you've ever chewed on, coupled with peanut butter and a fine fluid inside the poop that I can only assume is liquid joy.

What does it feel when slide down your throat?

PW: Remember when I said "liquid joy?" Oh yeah, it feels like swallowing the Willie juices of a god when it slides down my throat. I can't describe it, I'm sorry. Just imagine all the joys and pleasures of your life coalescing into a single gulp, and you've just about nailed the experience.

What does it feel like in your belly?

PW: Well, it's a little bit like being pregnant, in that you've got a true blessing swimming around inside you. I still blush a little bit when I feel my poopies kick. The fact that something that came from me is inside me once again is something I can barely put into words. It's somewhere between laughing and crying in the most amazing, orgasmic way possible. It's even better than fisting, and I don't say that lightly.

What does it feel like to poop a poop for the second time?

PW: Have you ever seen a movie that took your breath away and changed the entire way you viewed the world? Imagine seeing it a second time, having the effect be even more profound, while receiving the best oral sex ever and getting a full-body massage from a crack team of Asian masseuses, and you've just about nailed the sensation.

What's the "dirtiest" thing you have done, with poop on your own? And with other people's? (Including eating their poops and feeding them some of yours)

PW: One time, I did this bukkake thing where I invited a really huge group to shit all over me. I invited over this biker gang, a bunch of hippies, the entire local police and fire departments, all of my friends from work, most of the homeless people in the area... really, just a huge group of people. The turnout was truly awe-inspiring. It started out pretty mundane, with everything just doing a round rumper on me (that's where they all stand in a circle and take turns pooping on you). The REALLY exciting part came when someone got excited and shouted, "Dude, it's a BUFFET OF THE HEAVENS!" I'm not religious, but I had to agree. I was covered in a gigantic cocoon of shit, and it was unadulterated bliss. We ate until we could eat no more... and then we shat some more, and the feeding frenzy continued. We WERE one with everything. I literally BECAME the corn laden poo. I have never felt so powerful in my life.

How frequently do you eat your poop?

PW: I think the biggest joy of poopies is that they're always a surprise. Some days I don't poop, but when I do it's like an old friend visiting. If I had to post a number, I'd say about five or six times a week, give or take. Now, every once in awhile the poopy gods will bless me with diarrhea, and then it's ON. I've been able to eat 50 turds in a day before, when my bowels reared back and roared like a lion. Feel the power of corn laden poo!

Is poop eating something you would recommend to everyone, including me? Or is poop eating only for people with a certain type of kink mentally?

PW: I will admit that shit eating is a fetish, just like wanting a man with a hairy chest or loving super-thin women is. While I think everyone should at least try their own poop, the same way they should see Paris and go skydiving, it's like any kind of lifestyle choice. It's not everybody's thing, and I respect their right to abstain from eating poopies. More for me!

What do you feel about the alleged risk factors of eating poop?

PW: Honestly, it's a well-known fact that poopies contain several kinds of bacteria used in breaking down food. So there is the element of danger there for people who haven't developed a resistance or immunity the way most of my social circle has. So if you're going to start out, go slowly. Maybe put some delicious corn laden poo in your oatmeal, and kinda roll it around in there. You could even deep fry it until you get used to the texture. But in time, the risk factors become pretty light, as the bacteria is no longer an issue. I barely ever digest anything anymore, with my extreme fiber diet and auto-erotic scatological eating patterns.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Need Help!

My autistic brother Willie has a birthday on Sunday. I don't know what to get him. I'm thinking of a cake made out of poopies held up by corn cobs sprinkled with blue and yellow corn. Mmmm... Tasty!

poop cake

Or maybe a homade poopie fleshlight? Or even better a sex doll, so he can have poopie play anytime!!

I really need to make this birthday perfect. This is his big 3-0. Oooh, skip a step and have a plush poopie to cuddle.

Okay, guys, I need your input. What do you get a 30-year-old autistic with a poop fetish? Leave ideas in comments, please!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Do it yourself fleshlight!

Hey poopy pals! It's your old pal the Popanator here, and it's recently come to my attention that many people haven't been spreading the gospel of corn laden poo and its attendant pooey wet juices. Now, I'm not one to pass judgment, but I am one to give of myself. I won't just give you a piece of my colon and poopy hole, either. I'll give you a piece of my knowledge. Heh, maybe some day I'll tell you about the time my autistic brother Willie tried to take a piece of my brain, but that's a whole different story. Anyway, I was reading up on how to make a fake vagina in case you're feeling horny but are too much of a loser to get a woman to have sex with you.

Why was I reading about that? I don't know, just kinda felt like it. Just because I have a vagina doesn't mean I don't occasionally get curious about what they feel like. Any way, you take some potatoes and mash 'em up really good, then put in some water and oil to lube up to your tastes. Me personally, I like a good rough fisting, but some people are more dainty than I am. Then you put the whole mess in a plastic bag and bang away. Of course, I like to kick things up a notch, which is why I decided to try a little scatological experiment. I added potatoes to my diet for a week because I wanted to have some tater laden poo, and it worked after a few days.

At first it was subtle, with a slightly earthier taste to my shit. But after about five days of eating mostly potatoes, I could tell a real difference in both the taste and consistency of my poopies. So I took a big poo right in a plastic bag and was about to fuck them when I realized... I don't have a cock! Damnit! I've tried rigging up a poopie cock before, but I have way of knowing if it would give me the sensations a real cock would when I bury it balls deep in the tater laden poo. So how about you guys try it and tell me how it feels? Just don't eat the poopies before you fuck 'em right!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Trolling Omegle

Here is some trolling I've done with Omegle and some responses. For all you newfags out there Omegle is a place where you can chat with complete strangers and remain completely anonomyous.  I've gotten shitloads of  lulz, it will be one of my new trolling hot spots. Blah blah, these are just me trolling, don't take the first one seriously.

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Everything about this erotic website makes me so hawnee I choked my daddies chicken until his willie threw up in my mouth, then I fisted his poopie hole while pooey wet juices leeked on my face!
Stranger 2: not a question
Stranger 1: Thats so hot.
Stranger 2: .... but i fully understand
Stranger 1: :itsatrap:
Stranger 1 has disconnected

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Why does corn laden poo, taste better than regular poo?
Stranger 1: cuz' it has corn

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Why does corn laden poo, taste better than regular poo?
Stranger 2: corn tastes good
Stranger 2: duh.
Stranger 1: cos they taste of corn

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
If I have baby with my daddie who is also my grandpa, because he fucked his daughter, would the baby be my son, brother, or uncle?
Stranger 2: This isn't funny
Stranger 2: Incest isn't funny
Stranger 2: Okay?
Stranger 1: this is fucked up
Stranger 2: I hope you're not being serious because this really is fucked up
Stranger 1: ya it is ae!
Stranger 2: And it really does happen. And it's heatbreaking
Stranger 1: mhm!
Stranger 2: Ugh
Stranger 1: end!
Stranger 2: agreed
Stranger 2 has disconnected

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
If I have baby with my daddie who is also my grandpa, because he fucked his daughter, would the baby be my son, brother, or uncle?
Stranger 2: All three?
Stranger 1: whut
Stranger 1: son
Stranger 2: Just be sure to change the answer every time Jack Nicholson slaps you.

You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Is it possible to get your fist stuck while fisting your poopie hole elbow deep?
Stranger 1: Im not a scientist and thats gross:/ bye
Stranger 2 has disconnected

After fucking around for a bit asking gross insane (the incest is a joke, not true, I don't codone incest), I thought the trolling well was getting dry. Then I hit it:


You're now watching two strangers discuss your question!
Question to discuss:
Is it possible to get your fist stuck while fisting your poopie hole elbow deep?
Stranger 1: maybe
Stranger 1: never tried it
Stranger 2: Idk
Stranger 2: Try :D
Stranger 1: im fucking horny though
Stranger 2: Uh
Stranger 1: 30 f UK
Stranger 2: Maybe you could talk diry while that someone is spying
Stranger 1: Fuck me hard baby
Stranger 1: I'm so wet
Stranger 2: What do you want me to do?
Stranger 1: lick me out
Stranger 2: okay...
Stranger 2: My tongue is in your vagina
Stranger 1: im cumming, im cumming
Stranger 2: Im slightly bitting your clitoris
Stranger 2: I touch your breast
Stranger 2: I lick you faster
Stranger 2: I bite you harder
Stranger 1: mmmm yes
Stranger 1: get your huge cock out
Stranger 2: I move forward, lick your nipples
Stranger 2: Put my dick in you
Stranger 2: Deep
Stranger 2: So deep
Stranger 1: mmmm
Stranger 2: Push
Stranger 2: And pull it out
Stranger 2: Push
Stranger 2: Pull it out
Stranger 2: Again and again
Stranger 1: your so big
Stranger 2: Harder and faster
Stranger 2: All the time
Stranger 1: your cock is so juicy
Stranger 2: I love your vagina, so wet...
Stranger 2: So beautiful...
Stranger 2: I love to put my dick in it
Stranger 2: I bite your nipples again
Stranger 2: Fuck you harder
Stranger 1 has disconnected

If you are cybering to Popanator ramblings and jacking off, well, my rubber fist off to ya! Have a great weekend all! Stay inside, troll!