Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yoga is awesom!!!

I have been doing Yoga exercises lately to increase my flexibility so I can find even funner positions to fist my poopie hole. While I was doing my favourite pose where I bend over and put my head near my poopie hole so I can suck on my poopie as it is comming out of my ass mmmmm... I'm fapping!!!

Okay, done fapping. I realized I could stick my head up my ass. It is so beautiful up there. I mean my entire head fit! After years of fisting my poopie hole has gotten so big, my Ethan has to use both of his fists to get up there. But with my head up my ass I feel complete. I can eat my unborn poopies and recycle them over and over. Mmm..... It is like I am a never ending circle of love and poopies!
YOGA does work!
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