Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Used Tampons

I decided to do something different for period week. I actually used a tampon instead of my usual diapers. I put one tampon in my pussy and the other up me poopie hole. I used them all day until both holes leeked onto my panties. Mmmm.... After taking my panties off to give the usual sniff and lick and decided to take out both tampons. First I used the bloody one. I squeezed out the bloody goodness into my mouth and then licked up the juices like it was cherry Kool-aid. I got a delicious blood clot to chew on. Mmm... Yummy! It was like gummy bears! Then I took the other tampon out of me poopie hole and it looked like chocolate with delicious corn sprinkled! However, the bad the was my poopie hole started to lee out on my bed. Oh, well, I love the scent of delicious poopies as I sleep. mmm..... It helps me sleep faster! I wish I could be on my period every day! I have both holes a good fist and rolled around in the delicious juices and took a nap!


Anonymous said...

So do you still enjoy your period when you have crampies? Or are you into masochism too?

Popanator said...

Crampies are not that bad. Just a little muscle relaxer and I don't feel anything. Mmm... I just love the feel of the blood dripping out and whenever I whipe I get blood and poopies on the same toilet paper. Mmm.... Also blood makes a wonderful lube for when I'm with my Ethan!