Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is Popanator Dead?

Okay poopie freaks, I know I have a lot of explaining to do. I have gotten a few emails asking about why I am writing about more serious things and basically what the hell happened to me. After several months of taking psych meds and intensive counseling there was a personality change in me. That is what I wanted. I basically paid people a shit load of money to change who I am. I know I have annoyed people by writing about topics like church and sobriety. I guess I am Popanating the other end of the spectrum.

Now, don't fear poopie freaks, Popanator is still an aspect of my personality. I can't kill her completely and sometimes poopie jokes just pop out. They are getting fewer and farther between though. I may come back from time to time and write a blurb.

Right now, I am trying different aspects of writing. So, the answer is no, Popanator is not dead. She is evolving. Just like all humans, she has different aspects of her personality. Yes I did create a new website as all of you noticed to write my more serious ramblings. I love writing and hope to do that for the rest of my life.

I hope that answers your questions. If not, feel free to spam my inbox and apologies for posting yet another serious blurb on the not so serious site.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Intestinal Blockage

Hi, poopie freaks! I'm back from the hospital. This has not been a good month for the Popanator. I had intestinal blockage. Yes, my poopie hole well, was unfistable. I literally went 12 days without taking a shit. Yes, it is possible to go 12 days without shitting. It is very uncomfortable.

I tried everything, from laxatives to enemas. The nurses in the psych ward I was spending some time in was giving me some Milk of Magnesia. That shit does not work. It tastes like day old sperm and does nothing. I bloated more and more. I looked 9 months pregnant.

Well, I finally was able to shit some unedible golf ball sized poopies. I couldn't eat that shit or smear it. I tried throwing them at the wall. Still no go. The idiot nurse said, "See, your bowels are starting to move!" I really can't blame them, they are psych ward nurses.

I finally got to talk to a Dr about my ever growing gut and painful shits. I got prescribed more heavy duty laxatives. A day later they still did not work. I took some more the next day and tried to push. I push and pushed on that shitter. I was screaming agonizing screams of pain. I was on the toilet trying to give birth for 30 min. Finally a small brick came out. I thought, FINALLY, this shit is over. WRONG!

I had another urge to push. I did. Nothing could come out. My poopie hole was in severe pain! I can shove a whole fist up there but this shit was the size of a brick. I felt down there and it was wide. It went from my vagina all the way to my tailbone. In desperation I limped back to my room with part of this monster shit hanging from my poopie hole and looked for something to break it up with. I couldn't find anything! Shit, I remembered I was in a psych ward. I found a pen. I jamed the pen in the shit brick to break it up. It didn't do any good. The pen got stuck in the middle of the brick jammed up my poopie hole.

Now, in the point of desperation I limped to the nurses with the pen still hanging out of my poopie hole crying. I was given more laxatives. Shit! Laxatives don't work. Thankfully, I was going to be discharged the next day. I threw a fit that morning until they finally discharged me. They were taking their sweet ass time about it.

My daddie was so sweet to pick me up. I knew what I had to do being the expert on shit. Hours and hours of research I knew how to solve this problem and save my life. I bought 2 bottles of enemas and 1 bottle of that disgusting laxative drink. My daddie knew what to do. I got on all fours and he shoved the first enema up my poopie hole. Finally, it broke up the brick a little bit and it was soft enough for me to shove my hand up my poopie hole and break it out brick by brick. That was brick 1 I found out.

Now, at this point I only looked 6 months pregnant. I rested for a day because that was all my asshole could tolerate. That was Monday. On Tuesday, while walking around Wal-Mart looking for my Halloween costume I felt another urge to push. Shit! I waddled to the bathroom because some pooey wet juice leeked down my leg. It was ANOTHER BRICK! Shit! I jammed my hand up my shit hole breaking it up brick by brick, trying not scream, finally sweet relief. However, at this point my ass was bleeding and now leeking pooey wet juice.Oh, well, finally it wasn't as bad. After resting and cleaning up the blood. I went shopping.

I bought my Halloween bullshit and the next thing I knew at the check-out counter was I SHIT MY PANTS! Now, I'm getting resonable sized shits, but I don't know what curse was put upon me! I did save the bricks for the trick or treaters tonight as some delicious corney taffy. Yum!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Anna Michelle Walters Nudes tee hee!

Well, I'm home "sick" from work. Okay, you probably think I'm nuts, which I am, but I am depressed over not getting my promotion. My best friend Clyde is sick of my insanity. He said, "Pops, you are moving in a few weeks, you really don't need the money, why the hell does this bother you so much?!"

Well, the simple answer is MY EGO. Yes, it is the monster that rules my life. More important than money or poo or finding a fisting partner. It is the fact I was the most qualified, have the most IT knowledge, but my "autistic tendances" and awkwardness will always make me a peeon. That's why I care. And also I took today off because for the past fucking 6 months I've been a very very good girl. My attendence has been perfect.

Anyway, enough of my rant, here is what you came for. These were harder than fuck to find online, so you're welcome.

Anna Walters was a dumbass substitute teacher who fucked around with some ugly ass 18-year-old student. When she dumped his ugly ass he wanted revenge so he posted her nudes on twitter.

He also posted their text conversations. She got fired and the nudes were taken off twitter. The only ones you can see monstly are the censored ones. Really who wants to look at pixles?! I like the real thing.

Okay, that vagina looks wierd. really weird. her inner lips stick out too much. ick.

Well, that's the end. I'm now going on my weekend trip to cheer myself up. Hopefully I have a better weekend than she does.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I Hate Being Fake

I decided to start this whole hygiene thing to try to get a promotion at work. Now, I'm didn't abandon my love of all things poopie and natural. However, I wanted to get noticed. I researched on line about this "hygiene" thing. It seems so weird why someone would want to get rid of their natural delicious smells, but I went out and bought me a bar of soap and shampoo.

I actually did the horrible vile act of removing all that is sticky and natural on me. It was so strange. I even took a razor and shaved all my fur. My furry pussy and legs were weird and smooth like some type of alien skin. I hate it! Instead of being furry and smelling like that musky tuna scent, my pussy smelled like strawberries and was smooth. It looked like raw chicken. Then was the tough part, shaving and washing my poo hole. I didn't see the point in this, but I have to be professional. Why is it we can't enjoy pooey squishiness at work?! It is horrible.

After that horrible bathing experience, my skin was dry and hairless. I had to lotion it up, because I'm not used to not being surounded in my squishy juices. Although, I ended up smelling more like strawberries. What the fuck is wrong with people?! Why do they think people should smell like flowers and fruit.\

After all that unpleasentness came the makeup and nail polish. Great, now completely fake. Good news is, I never got promoted. Something about mental instability or some shit. They never got over the time I went poopie on the bathroom floor and skated in it while I smeared the poo on the wall. Hey, what I do on my lunch time is my own business!

Although now its time to look for a new job, I have to keep up this hygiene shit for a little longer. What is the point? Why is it we strip away the natural beauty our bodies produce and put on flowers and fruit. Seriously, I don't understand that about some guys. If you want a shaved pussy that smells like fruit, then fuck an orange.

I have a better idea. I should start my own business and not have to worry about all the "fake" rules of the corporate world and pretend we aren't even human but some plastic ideal. What business should I start?

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Shit Storm! YummY!

Well, things are getting better! It is a shit storm of yummy good karma coming my way! I just found out, my financial problems are soon to be a thing of the past! THANK GOD FOR DADDY'S RETIREMENT! The old fucker may have been senile in everything else, but he had secret savings and invested wisely. Also, he's giving me half. You know, for that whole knocking me up thing. My car will soon be mine! ALL MINE! In 7-10 days! I will soon have a house to call my own! I am so happy I can french kiss a big yummy pile of DELICIOUS CORN LADEN POO!


While I was a church today thanking the Great Almighty Poo for my great fortune, I also think of my piss ass enemy who loves to write about ways of killing me. For some reason, he can't figure out why he can't get laid. Hmmmm, if you try to murder a chick, it kinda makes other chicks not want you. Oh well, I would wish the Chris Chan fate upon him, but he's already doing it to himself.

More posts to come and soon the launching of the Popanator business. Can you picture a Popanator action figure? With fisting action!!! Imagine a Willie figure complete with a crash helmet and jack off action, because Autistics can't get laid!

I can't wait to start my own line of the Popanator action figures. I'll even make one for my senile daddie, in his honor. More to come later. My damn Uncle Tony is yelling at me to get off the web. I'll be sure to make one without teeth of him so you can put your cock in his mouth and to shut his ass up!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Is Popanator Evil?

Okay, poopie freaks this is something that has been bothering me. I was in group therapy tonight talking about things that I was grateful for. I did talk about Fistmas and my plans for making a Nativity Scene out of delicious corn laden poo! The therapist said, "For the love of all that is holy, can you please talk about something other than shit for once?! What else are you grateful for besides shit and Fistmas?" I know, I'm having difficulty getting over my shit addiction. I mean,, it is the best thing, since well, anything!

Now, I wish I was as good as the artist in the pic, I still had to think of something to be grateful for. I finally said, "Watching my enemy fail. Watching his life get worse and seeing him experience the pain he has caused me. I love seeing how all his failures is something he caused. I masturbate while reading about his shenanigans and how he just basically fucked up in life." The therapist gasped, so did the whole group. For two reasons, finally I said a sentence that didn't involve shit and the first time I honestly wanted to see someone fail.

Shit freaks, I've been through a lot this year. More than I would wish on my enemy, well I did wish it on him. And yes, seeing his life all apart just makes me all tingly inside. It is more satisfying than taking one of those large constipation dumps. As hard as I am struggling my life is getting better. Karma is working, I am finally getting some faith restored to me. Hey, it was Karma just doing what it does best. Is it wrong to be happy about it?

Maybe I'm just a hurt person wanting to see the universe provide some type of justice. I don't know. Emotions are a fucked up thing. I wish my psychiatrist hadn't put me on those meds. Now that I have emotions, I feel like a psycho. Okay, more of a psycho. I mean, its great I feel joy when holding a poopie and smearing it. However, some things just suck. I'm going to bed now, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Popanator's Getting Famous!!!!!

Well, this reminds me of a few days ago, I saw my old friend Clyde. I haven't seen him since the beginning of May and he asked how my writing was going.

I said, "Oh, I quit that and very rarely write anymore. I'm out there finding myself." Clyde looked at me at shocked and said, "You are a writer! There is no finding yourself. Don't quit!"

 Well, even my little pissy efforts from this summer got noticed. Here, on of my fav Autistics Ryanthehedgehog1998, made a 21 min video ALL ABOUT ME! Grab the poopcorn, turn up your speakers because there is an issue with the sound and enjoy!

Thanks Ryan, for making me remember my dreams. Here's the vid:

Monday, September 17, 2012

Dating Tips For the Autistic Male

Greetings, Popanator freaks! You may ask what I am doing posting at 10AM on a Monday, well, I've had a bad weekend. I spent all weekend in bed puking. At first puking is erotic because I get to role around in it. Its all brown and squishy like my poop, but then it gets old. You know, you can throw out your back if you puke too hard? Yeah, you really can do that. I'm now laying here making sure I don't go to the hospital for dehydration while resting my back. I'm just sipping my grape juice ever so slowly... :( I have more details in my more personal journal. So, to cheer myself up, I've been watching Chris Chan videos. You know Chris Chan knows a lot about dating. He even talked about Dating Education. He has some really good tips for the Autistic Male out there who cannot find pussy. Now, they don't apply to the Autistic female. The only good thing about being female is as long as you have a hole it will get filled. Don't knock it. Males have so many more advantages when it comes to being stronger, getting promoted faster on the job, and less likely to get raped and get those holes filled when they don't want them filled. So, here it is: Dating Tips For the Autistic Male: 1.) Get a makeover. Chrissy here, has dumped his medallion and and stripped shirts. He has put on a more modern mini skirt and a bright red tank. The red is sure to attract someone's eye. The bedazzling on the ass really draw attention to dat ass! 2.) Exercise. Women love a fit mate. They may look over your major personality defects if you have a nice fit body. Well, at least for a while. I did date someone more psycho than me for a long time, because he was, well hot. However, his disgusting personality finally got me in the end. So, exercise so you can distract the female with your hot body for a few months. As Chrissy shows you here, dancing is a good way to burn the calories. 3.) Practice your sweet talk. Here Chrissy shows you on a date with his mom. Hopefully this is practice, however, he may just be that desperate. He practices his pick up lines over his happy meal. He tells his mom how pretty she always is. This way he can gauge what he can say on a real date. 4.) Practice your best sex moves. Now when you finally get your girlfriend, one night stand, or prostitute into the bedroom (yeah right!), you don't want to be inexperienced. A woman likes a man with experience. In order to look like a fumbling virgin, Chrissy shows you how to practice on your blow up doll 5.) Finally, just take what you can get. Seriously, I've seen so many dating adds of Autistic males, Chris Chan included and their standards are way too high. I always want to ask them, so what do you bring to the table? Oh, a pokemon collection. Yawn! If you have servere personality defects brought on by Autism (Hey, I'm autistic myself), you can't expect a super model unless you make a lot of $$$. No, Autistics are not a master race or anything. They are just the leaders in special ed class. Yes, I will get hate from fellow Aspies, but its true. That is why I am a curbie. So, Chrissy finally takes what he can possibly hope to get, a blow up doll. At least they had a romantic date at McD's.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Life's Getting Better

I just had a wonderful weekend visiting my furry little boyfriend. Whenever I'm not working or in class or in group therapy or doing volunteer work I am back in Evansville with my sweet Sam. I've had plenty of fists up my poo hole, but his is so big and just stretches me out so far.

We have been together now for a blissful 6 months. We even got over the fight we had where some troll hacked his Facebook and and had him send flirty little messages to every female in sight. Facebook, is well, the devil. I admit, I love it and love posting my little ramblings about delicious scat porn I find online, but other than that, well Facebook is shit. And not in a good way. Not the delicious little corn dumplings I leak out while on my period while my boyfriend just lovingly cleans me up with his tongue. Mmmm... No, the dried up little shitties that have already turned white.

Seriously, Facebook is funny. But in other news, I am currently working as many hours as I can and saving up my pennies to make that big move to Evansville. I know, I know, in group therapy my psychiatrist said no new relationships. I've had this one since March. ;)

I remember the first time I saw him at that St Patrick's Day party and I passed out. The next thing I woke up to was his throbbing cock up my poopie hole. I was squirting some squishy ass poopies. I mean, squirting! He said he couldn't help it with my passed out body on the floor was enough to give him a raging erection. I knew it was true love. He has been searching for me for years. He was in love with me since 2001 and even showed me his closet shrine he made of me and even kept a pair of my poopie encrusted panties.

Mmmmm.... I've seen plenty of closet shrines of me, but this shit was impressive. Someone has been worshiping me for all these years, well, shit, I can't say no that! I just love the passionate fisting and ass fucking! Mmmm.... He just loves to lick my poo hole and then we kiss so deep, nothing is as romantic.

Nothing says true love like sharing each other's delicious nutty and corn laden fudge. Now, I must go back to work and dream of the day where I can be with my fisting buddy forever.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Period Blood Cookies

While surfing the web, I stumbled across a delicious little recipe. Period blood cookies. You just bake like regular cookies about add period blood. Seriously, this chick, who will now be my new bestie has done it! She goes by the name cunt barf, which reminds me of this weekend after my boyfriend fucked by poopie hole he slammed his dick in my pussy. It was tuna scented blood. Here is her words of wisdom:

i made menstrual blood cookies! i am not entirely happy with how they turned out, so i am going to experiment with some recipes throughout the rest of this month so i can try for something great next cycle. this recipe was far too floury.

I love how pink it is! Mmmm... I wonder if they even smell like tuna and have a copper kind of taste. I'm kinda sad I'm not bleeding out of my cunt now. However, this woman collects period blood like I collect poopies. I believe it is a delicious form of recycling.



She really gets into period blood like I get into poopies. I'd love to lickie that poopie hole while she is bleeding out of that cunt.

I love how she just lovingly stores her cunt blood. I would love to open it up and drink it up like Kool-Aid.

I still prefer poopies, but I can respect anyone who recycles and enjoys their own bodily fluids. Poopies and period blood do go beautifully together. Everything that comes out of the body is beautiful and magical.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Shitting Standing Up

Hi poopie freaks! Popanator here again! I just spent a weekend looking over my life and pondering important things. I've been thinking of memories while going over my old stuff. My house is so packed with shit, more packed than my poopie hole. Sometimes its just too painful to go over my past and and think of all that I have lost. So, I pack the memories in little boxes and stash them.

Well, I don't want to end up on an episode of Hoarders, so I have to stop that shit. Anyway, while thinking and throwing shit away and setting shit aside for the yard sale, I've thought about how is it possible to shit standing up? I knew an autistic guy who did that. He said it fucked up his inards to sit on the toilet and shit. I am not sure how it was possible, so the autistic fuck waddled to the yard (yes he was fat AND socially akward) and pulled down his pants and took a shit. The fucker did it all standing up in the yard by the trees.

I still don't know how he did it. Maybe he screwed up his intestines by putting one too many things up his poopie hole. I don't know. It is very rare for someone to be able to do this succesfully. I should have taken a picture when I had the chance. I always wondered why if he had to shit standing up why he didn't do it over a toilet. Must be an autism thing to where they love to share all the intimate details of their life with the world.

The closest I've been able to come to shitting standing up is a shart. It is where you fart and shit leaks out. I don't know if that is the same, because it is liquid. It requires no pushing of the poopie hole muscles. So, it is just poo juice leaking out of the hole. Now, I've seen that happen right in front of me at church. The guy got so pissed off whenever I offered to help him clean it up with my tounge. Hey, I was just trying to be a helpful church lady.

Well, I'm going to keep trying shitting standing up. I always end up in a squat. However, my boyfriend would love it better if the poopies splattered on his face from higer up. He loves that shit. He loves to lay down in the bathtub while I just squat over him and just rub that delicious corn laden poo all over his furry body. Tee hee!

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fur Fetish

Hi, poopie freaks. Yes, I am still hanging in there. My psychiatrist says I am doing really well. My mind is improving. With that improvement, I am starting to see things as they really are. Well, reality sucks. While I was sitting on the couch today just debating on whether to give myself a do it yourself lobotomy I decided to escape into my virtual world for a while.

One of the things that makes me hawnee I looking at hairy men. I LOVE FUR! So, here is some of the best furry pics:

Holy shit! I would love to rub my face in that furry chest. that is just about perfect.

Okay guys, why is there a pic of my mom on the internet?! Come on, that woman has been gone for a couple of years now, show some respect. At least she died doing what she loved best, choking on that cock. I feel like crying when I think about it. Hopefully some day, I'll have a job I love that much.

Fuck yeah! I love growing my cunt that furry. That way dried up corn and cum bits will always be there for when I get hungry later on. Mmmmm.... I wonder what things she has hidden in that fur pelt?

HOLY SHIT I"M GOING TO CUM!!! Now, back to the men folk.

A nice cushion to fist! Tee hee!

Mmmm... lick out the corn! See sharing my fetishes with the world just cheers me up. I hope that cheered you up to.


Popanator the poo eater!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Habbo Plus and Autism Questions

Okay guys, this site is more addictive than CORN LADEN POO!!!1!! Its more addictive than my website. Seriously you go into your own virtual world and can build your own rooms. I built my own kitchen covered in delicious corn laden poo. Mmmm....


For some reason, I enjoy building my own little poopie fantasy. I love to have a house smeared in shit, my bedroom smeared in shit. That shit just makes me so hawnee. You can even stack poopies like my autistic brother Willie, which brings me to my next question. Why do autistic males all have a bent dick. That is the number one way to tell if a male is autistic. Case in point:

What the fuck is up with that shit? Have you ever had an Autistic dick up your poopie hole? It really stretches you out. I've fucked a few autistics in my time and now my ass is wider than Goatse. But how is this linked to Autism? Is it to keep them from reproducing? I always thought their personality and social retardedness would keep them from it.

I mean, I've seen female Autistics reproduce just fine, but that's because females have it easier. As long as you have warm vagina, it doesn't matter what you look or act like. Someone, somewhere out there will fuck you. Case in point:

Well, I will ponder those questions of the universe while I am at work again tonight.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

How to Get Over Losing A Soul Mate

There is only one way to get over a soul mate. I've been pondering a long long time on this topic and I already know the answer! You get over losing a soul mate by changing your soul! Okay, poopie freaks, if this is too serious for you, you may want to skip to the next post.

I am posting this today, because it weighed heavily on my mind since I first woke up. I have been working really hard on, well, for lack of better words "fixing myself". It has been 85 days since I first started this process. In this time I have not only found independence but I've experienced emotions I never thought I could. I've gotten over fear and learned to live how to live fearless. I've experienced joy and the crushing since of heartache. Severe heartache, the type where you don't want to get out of bed in the morning to go to work and school. But you know what, I still do it.

Now, my point. I believed I had a soul mate. Maybe at that time in my development, he was. I know, I know I was sadly mistaken. I was trapped in a situation I could not grow. If you get told over and over again you are a useless piece of shit (not the good kind) you start to believe it. If you get told over and over again you will not amount to anything and that you are not even worth saving, you believe that too. I sincerely believe it took divine intervention for me to stand up and say:


I escaped... barely. I won't get into that part. Yes, sometimes I still think about my old soul mate. Part of it is longing for an easier time. But seriously, writing this out is therapeutic. What kind of retarded bullshit makes me want to go back just to be yelled at and put down. No wonder why I had to have something numb the pain all the time.

Holy fucking shit! I'm insane. Right now, I am in a place, and yes I am independent something I thought I could never be. Not only am I surviving, I am thriving. I am getting healthier. My skin has colour! Its no longer a sickeningly pale shade of white. I have friends who care about me. Most importantly I care about me.

The nervous breakdown I had in April was a gift. If I would not have gotten fed up and told the people in my life I am not going to take it anymore, I would not have all that I have now. Yes, I am poor, but I can put money into savings today. I have little, but it is mine. Most importantly I have self-respect. I love myself and respect myself.

I read a Facebook post about me weeks ago about how I am unable to take care of  myself. I can laugh at it today. I read lots of lies about me on Facebook. Accusatory slandering stuff. Today, I don't need to worry about it. The people who know me and love me as a person knows its just lies.

Yes, this year I've lost a lot. I've lost my sense of security. My "soul-mate" decided to turn on me. I'm still having rumours get back to me. However, I was shocked when young man told me he was glad he got to know me first before listening to the rumours. I was touched. There are still good people out there.

I am still learning and still growing. I know I have a lot of growing I need to do. Sometimes my soul will yearn for the past, but I have a better future on the horizon. Yes, it is a lot of hard work, but it is worth it. I am getting better each day. My soul is changing and growing.

Thank you for those who read to the end. I just needed to get this off my chest. Now, I feel a lot lighter and could go back to writing something a lot funnier.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Fap Material

I've just been sitting here, homework done in that little freetime between work and group therapy! YAY! I figured I might as well fap. My magical period week is comming to a close. I always wonder why near the end of it, my blood smells really fishy. You know that smell you get right after some random guy shoots a load of sperm in you. Well, I'm guessing it is 3 week old sperm finally falling out of my crab laden cunt. I am picturing the smell of that cunt in the pic. Fishy! I'd gladly give that a lick!

Check this out! This is something I'm looking forward to doing with my boyfriend next week. I love it when he uses me as his personal toilet. Also, those granny panties are hot! I'd sniff them while she's wearing them. I can imagine the fishy smell. Mmmm...

Soup! And its CORN LADEN! OH MY GOD! That has to be mother fucking delicious! Tuna scented, corn tasting, mmmm, perfect culinary art!

Speaking of art, I just want to give that a nice long lick! Mmmmmm... OH FUCK YEAH! Okay, now I came, its time for me to hit the red X and take a nap. Periods truly are magical...

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Another Day at the Tard Farm

Normally work stories can be boring and irritating. Not where I work! I work at as a Tard Farmer (supervisor) in a Tard Farm (call centre). As fate or karma would have it, most of my employees are even more low-functioning than I am. As an autistic, recovering drug addict, bipolar, fecalfeliac with multiple personalities I am one of the saner ones there.

Case in point, before my lunch today, I went to the toilet for some snackers. I hit the MOTHERLOAD! It looked like someone tried to smuggle a bomb in their ass. There was shit spray all over the toilet, in the toilet with what either looks like either period blood or anal blood all over the toilet seat! Mmmmm......... MOTHER FUCKING DELICIOUS!

After cleaning the mess with my tounge, I sit and wonder who leaves these wonderful delicious gifts. I mean, this person normally either leaves a couple of corn dumplings or whipes period blood on the wall. Sometimes they even flush their used pads after taking a corn laden dump then try to flush it. It makes kind of a corn soup.

I remember this winter when the toilets overfload. It was so freaking awesome! It even seeped out from the bathroom into the carpet getting all squishy. It was even too much for me to eat. But, seriously, even though I am into all fecal and scatological, this shit can become a pain in the ass. I feel like showing everyone at work the magical period video telling you how to dispose of your magical period products. I remember in January, when I still had hope because I sniffing Jenkem daily, I wrote about how to dispose of used period products like an adult. I keep forgetting that tards can't read.

Thank the Great Almighty Poo that almost everyone there is female and the only males there are either flaming homos or too old to reproduce. If not, there would be daily tard romances in the breakroom. That is just too much. I'll have to check myself back into the psych ward.

Okay, these pictures and psych meds are starting to hurt my head. I'm going to get off of here and go to bed. With a day off tomorrow, I'll be sure to work really really hard on my homework, so this is not my destiny for life.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Magic Of Period Week!

Guys!!! Its Period Week again! I started bleeding out of my crab shack today!!! I know, I am always way too excited about bleeding out of my diseased vaginal hole once a month, but it means I am not pregnant! Now, I know some people are a little slow when it comes to understanding the magic of periods. I love them. I love the squishiness of the blood in my diaper, and sometimes I get some blood dried to my pubes. After shaving my pubes for a long time, they went from being black to now brown. Its weird, its like shaving them changed the colour, but when I'm bleeding out of my cunt, they turn into a reddish hue. Still the carpet is lighter then the drapes. WTF? Here is a video for those who don't understand this magical time of month. Its all about what a period is and how to use pads! Yay! \

Now, this is a little outdated. I use depends instead of pads, because I only have to change them once a day. Between work, class, and group therapy, I just don't have the time to dick around with pads. Also, they smell MOTHER FUCKING DELICIOUS. I went to a fish fry tonight and I blended right in. I couldn't tell where the fish ended and my cunt began. Also, if I have to shit or piss and I'm busy, I just do it in the diaper. They make great corn snacks later on.

Life is awesome. I'm not pregnant. I'm getting healthier by the day. I know, its the magic of eating right (I get my veggies mostly from corn). I have been exercising by doing more than streaching my poopie hole and I've been expanding my life like my poopie hole outside the interwebs.

Dare I say it?? Popanator is becoming a woman in more than one way. I just took off my diaper and smeared the blood all over my chest like a badge of honour.

P.S. Period blood makes excellent lube for the poo hole. This is the week I don't have to buy any lube! YAY!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Chris Chan Trial of the Century (Warning Rant)

At first I was angrier than an Autistic with a broken Skyrim CD over the results of the trail. Chris Chan got away with 1 year community service, psychiatric treatment, and community service. Fuck! It sounds like at first the Autistic fuck got away with it.

Yes, I admit these past few months, I've been obsessed with the trial. I have seen way too many Autistics get away with disgusting, violent acts, and then use the Autism card and get off Scott Free. If they are that seriously fucked up, then why aren't they thrown in psych wards?! Why do they get the free pass?!

I looked at this further, with a different attitude. Chrissy did have to pay medical bills to Michael Snyder. He hit the guy with his car, twice. Yes, he is insane. I personally think he should have been locked up in a psych ward. Instead, he will be getting psychological treatment he desperately needs. Researching more into this autistic waste, I realize this is not a normal person with normal mental functions. He talks to his imaginary Sonichu character.

Also, community service for this fuck would be like a living hell. He dosen't work, doesn't want to, so this would a nightmare. He would actually have to do something positive for the community. Also, with probabtion, he would be kept on a short leash, unable to do some of his fucked up shit while he asspies out.

Okay, since I'm not a total asshole, I do hope this is the turning point in his life. Maybe, some good would come out of this. Sure, it just reinforces the Autism card could have one get away with attempted murder. I seriously hope Michael Snyder can heal from the trauma of having this piece of shit stalk him since '08. okay, back to topic, I seriously hope he gets psychological help and this community service helps him build some self-esteem from working.

Maybe, Chrissy will become an adult and move out on his own. Put this manchild life behind him. Oh, who the hell am I kidding?!

Here is a TRUE AND HONEST Facebook quote from our Chrissy hero:

Yep, the trolls know most of what went on in the court room yesterday; it is confirmed that two of them were in there, going by the online names of "Cyan" and "Indigo". Rob recognized them both, and informed them that their trolling stupid presence is noted and known. I have also found their transcribed, personal reports on the Cwcki Forum, and they have a 23 second video on YouTube of them driving by the courthouse and holding up the day's "New York Times" paper, titled "CyanIndigo", same as their account name. And they quoted me in calling Snyder "thieving and lying"; I had actually said "Bribing and lying".

Anyway, we ALL know of them, and they will be brought in regardless of currently being in Or outside of Virginia or even the United States of America.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fistivus a holiday for the rest of us...

Well, poopie freaks, Popanator is the world's best problem solver. Those unpatriotic wankers have the fireworks ban through Saturday. I have a bunch of fireworks I need to set off. Well, here is the solution, if the unpatriotic poofters do not want us to celebrate the 4th of July then we need a new holiday...

FISTIVUS!!! The first anal Fistivus will be held Sunday July 8th! Here, we can shoot off fireworks, and I will ignite my artillery shells covered in DELICIOUS CORN LADEN POO! I will also celebrate by taking my glow sticks and hanging them out of my poopie hole while igniting these delicious fireworks.

Well, that is until I get fisted of course. I can't wait! I'll even shoot some bottle rockets out of my poo hole. That would be one flaming poopie. Tee hee!

Anyone else have any ideas on how to celebrate this brand spanking new Holiday? Leave them in the comments!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Happy 4th of July

Happy Independence Day, my poopie freaks! I hope you are all enjoying delicious BBQs full of corn. Mmmmm.... Me and my daddie have something special planed. He heats up the grill and throws on some patties of delicious corn laden poo. It is vegan and delicious. If you jizz on them, like the fake Popanator taught me, you can make special sauce, just like the Big Macs at McDonalds.

To be extra fistive, I've been wearing the same panties for 3 days. I've been too busy to shower, so my panties smell MOTHER FUCKING DELICIOUS! I save up a few pairs I wear for a few days as air freshners.

Now, the only thing that fists my shit hole the wrong way, is the Fireworks ban in Indiana. I can't set off any of my poo laden fireworks. What I would do is take an artilery shell and shove it in a huge pile of CORN LADEN POO. Then I would set it off and corn would just fill the sky, it was all magical. I would dance around below and catch the little corn dumplings with my mouth.

But, I can't complain. I am grateful this year I have my freedom. Okay, not the freedom to set off delicious corn fireworks, but freedom nevertheless. I have freedom to pursue new oprotunties in my life.This is still a magical time in my life. Also, worse comes to worse, I'll just fling corn laden poo against the wall and it will splatter like a firework. It still looks kind of cool.

Seriously a good shit splatter against the wall looks like a firework. An edible delicious firework. I think I am going to decorate my house now. Happy 4th!

Monday, June 25, 2012

My Response to RyanTheHedgehog1998

I uploaded this last night and he is already butt-hurt. This disturbed little freak is in love with Chris Chan. He hangs out on all the Chris Chan videos defending his little girlfriend to all who dare say something bad about him. Here is my video response: For all I know, this fucker might be Chris Chan. I hope it is. First off it would cream my corn that the Internet's most famous asspie would pay attention to me. Also, it would alleviate my fear that someone is in love with this: Seriously, the fucker drinks his own sperm. He tried to run over someone with his car. He has no job, no future, he spends his days drawing Sonichu comics. Okay, my rant on Chrissy later. For those who don't know who Chris Chan is, go to Its a world you don't want to enter, though.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rant Against The Popanator

Guys, this just fills me with pride. I've been stalked on YouTube all summer from a little autistic with a boner for Chris Chan. Part of me thinks this might be Chris Chan. If it is, I'll spray corn all over my monitor. Anyway, he calls himself "RyantheHedgehog1998". Ryan even calls Chris Chan his hero. Anyone I smell bull shit. Not the yummy kind, either. Here's his lovely rant.

Okay, now that lovely piece of art work is over, life has been going really good. I've stopped working the overtime for now. Still going to class. I'm starting the reap some rewards. Life is still hard, but I am hanging in there. Life is getting better, even though some days it feels like it is falling apart. I've had to make so many changes lately, but for this second part of my life, it is time to focus on me. I am the master of my own destiny. More on that later. I'll also be sure to return the favor to the Chris Chan apprentice. I actually have 2 days off this week. It makes me want to poo and eat my lovely nutty poo. 2 days off!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Meeting the Fake Popanator

Yes, its true, I finally met the fake Popanator today! I have been having diarrhea for several days, so I finally needed to get me some solid food. I drove to McDonalds on my lunch break to get the closest thing to delicious poo: A sausage egg biscuit. And yes, I also had it with cheese. Why the fuck does cheese have to be special ordered? It should be a standard part of the sandwich.


Picture it a pigs anus with the cunt dropping of a chicken put the tit juice of a cow. Mmmm.... That sandwich makes me so hawnee. SO, I was standing in line waiting on someone, anyone to take my order. I lifted up my leg and hiked up my skirt to let out a delicious wet fart. This retard comes running up in a helmet yelling, "Gene are you making the McDoubles all ready?! Its only 9:30AM!"

Oh, fuck, now I have this retard waiting on my. I just yelled out, "Hey, helmet-boy take my order. I have to get back to my job babysitting other retards like you."

The retard limped up to the register. He was obese with greesy hair. I would never forget the crash-helmet. He drolled all over the counter. He slurred out, "I'm Popanator. I'm the head fry cook. I like buscuits. Mmmm... I'm Popanator!"

I perked up, "Holy shit, I thought I'd never meet you in person, why do you imitate the real Popanator?"

"She's my hero. My mommy gets mad when I squish my poopies. My boss only lets me squishy my poopies when I'm earning my raise. I'm the head fry cook."

"That's nice, tard-boy. I'll take a sausage egg buiscuit with cheese."

Fake Popanator tries to comprehend what I just said and then lifts up his leg and shits his pants. Mmmmm.... Fresh shit! I just said, "Oh, just take the corn from that delicious poo poo, bag it up and we'll call it even."

Fake Popanator bags up my order and says, "I have an important job. I make the special sauce! Gene helps me make it." Just the this big fat black man yanks the poor fake Popanator away. I hope to meet this special little bugger again.