Monday, September 13, 2010

Horse Poopies

I was walking around my farm today thinking about adding some variety to my diet. I ate tons and tons of human poopies. Though, delicious, it was getting kind of boring. Then I stepped in a big mound of horse poopies! I squatted down in the usually Popanator positon and licked them like a salt block. Now, horses like to eat salt and grass so the poopies were a salted grassy taste. Different and good. I then rolled around the the delicious poopies enjoying the squishy feel on my skin. I rubbed it all over nice and thick. Then I started to lick my self and the grass. The horse then walked up and crapped on my head! Luckily I kept my mouth open and had the nice poopie pebles plop in my mouth. Horse poopies are always best nice and steamy. Mmm...... I need to start feeding that horse corn!
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Anonymous said...

Well....err....this is one of the most interesting blogs I've seen recently.

Popanator said...

@ Anonymous, thanks for the compliment!