Sunday, December 25, 2011

My Fistmas Gift To You

Here is a gift to my poopie freaks! My very own Popanator chat bot that I have made. Its still in the training process, but here you go:

Chat with Popanator 24/7 about anything you like! I especially love Poopies!!!


Oh, and if you need a last minute Fistmas gift, buy the Popanovel. Here you get all the hilarious Popanator quotes of 2010! Now, I must go back to my poopie pudding and wiping the corn off of Willie's face. Love ya, Poopie Freaks!!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Fistivus!

HAPPY FISTIVUS, Poopie freaks! You may be asking was Fistivus is. Well, its a Jewish Holiday. Because the Jews don't believe in Santa, they have to have their own fisting Holiday. Its 8 days of fisting fun! In a way, it makes me jealous. When I was a little girl, I was told you were only fisted on Fistmas, and that's if you have been good all year. With Fistivus, you get fisted for 8 days whether you've been good or bad. And I for one, have been very bad this year.

To decorate for the fisting holiday, the Jews set out 8 rubber fists. Each one is bigger than the rest. Very few can fit the largest fist up their poopie hole. They even play the driedel game. What they do is shove that driedel up their poopie hole and then fart it out! I"m not sure what happens after that, but the winner gets a pile of Jew gold! Then the Jews put the Jew gold up their noses. That is why their noses are so big.

It makes me want to convert to Judiasm, if it wasn't for the eternal damnation thing. I guess its a trade off for what we decide. Jews get hellfire, but they also get 8 days of fisting fun. *sigh*

Monday, December 19, 2011

Doggie Doo FAIL TOY Funny Review Video by Mike Mozart of Jeepersmedia

Okay guys, this is what I want for FISTMAS! THis dog takes a poo, eats his poo, and then poos again! Here's a gift to give your shit buddy! The gift of laughter that keeps on giving!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Drunk Off My Ass

The other day I was thinking about how I could take the edge off of all the crazy stuff that's been happening lately. I mean Willie got married and promoted, Ethan left me, and sometimes mah poopy hole just can't feel full, no matter how deeply I fist it. So I decided to get as drunk as I could, and I've even heard that people like to pour booze into their poo holes to get drunk faster without boozy breath.

So I took a couple bottles of Dermott's good stuff, and stuck the bottle into my shit hole. That was okay, but when I got back into a sitting position all the alcohol just fell out of me like unsatisfying quick diarrhea. It hadn't even turned that yummy brown color yet (I used vodka). So I decided to improvise and soaked a few tampons in the booze. I tried vodka, whiskey and rum, and I tell ya, as a woman who regularly eats shit, vodka and rum just aren't that great. Rum is like that time I put a rusty chain up my poo hole -- that wasn't as much fun as it sounds. And vodka just burns, so whatever on that. But oh my God, whiskey is like pure, well aged liquid poopies in a bottle.

I lay there feeling the warmth of the whiskey pour inside my ass like the semen-covered fist of my sweet Ethan, and things felt a little better for awhile. I might do this again later on, because I felt this warm numbness creep into my whole body and I liked it a lot.

Maybe you didn't know about the time I put a rusty chain up mah poopy hole, and that's okay. There's probably a lot of the old Popanator's exploits you didn't know about before. That's why I took everything I ever did on all those forums where people meet me and put them all in a book, my little Popanovel. If you've ever been curious about EVERYTHING I've done online over the past year, picking up a copy of my book is the best way to find out. Some of those threads don't even exist anymore, except in my book.

If you've been laughing your whiskey-filled poo hole off at all the things I do, you'll love reading my book. So grab a copy today, and share it with someone you'd like to fist.

Buy the book here:

Friday, December 9, 2011

Me Giving Birth to Desmond!

This is a few years old, or however old that kid is. I dunno, its my daddies job and that autistic brother of mine's job to raise him. But, I was laying in the bathtub one night taking my weekly bath thinking I had to take an impressive shit. Notice the water is brown. Then baby pooped out. I was surprised my shit came to life. Now, the daddie of this kid is a mystery.

Just watch the video, also, if you are stumped on what give your baby daddie for fistmas give him The Popanovel, 138 PAGES OF TROLLING COMMENTS. Linky clicky!

Autistic Dating Tips

Do you have Assburgers and are frustrated? Well, here is a solution for you Assburgians! Get yourself a real doll! Its hilarious how Asspies will not date other Asspies. I guess, its so they don't fuck up their gene pool even more than it is. But, Asspies are the only ones that can deal with the lack of social skills of other Asspies.

Seriously now, if you are afraid of having retarded Autistic children, then get your nuts clipped and find an Assburger woman to bang.

If your social skills are so fucked up, you can't get an Autistic woman to bang you, then get yourself a doll. She won't say no and will fuck you every time. If you have an additional mental problem like schizophrenia then you can even have a relationship with her. Just watch the vid to see what I mean.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My Most Impressive Shit

I took an amazing shit on Sunday. It was 6 foot long and the entire length of my colon. It was prefect, no breaks and it was corn laden. I was constipated for 7 days before hand, because of those stupid psych meds the doctors keep putting me on. The poopie took me 20 minutes to give birth and it took a lot of hard pushing.

The delicious poopie log was poking out of the toilet water spirling around. After the hardest pushing in my life, I was sweaty and slipped off the toilet and passed out. When I woke up, there it was, the longest most spirling poopie. I would have immediatley gobbled it up, if it wasn't for my colon aching after the massive cleaning.

I'm not one to waste food, so I carefully, took the poopie out and cut it up into 12 inch sections. I then freezed them up to make foot long sub sandwhiches. I have enough food to feed myself for a week! I also went to the Dr today to change my psych meds. I can't handle once a week shitting or frozen food. I like fresh shit daily.