Sunday, November 28, 2010

Fistmas spirit!

Hey, everybody! Popanator here, your naughty little Fistmas nymph spreading the love and joy of shithole fisting with the kind of poop fetish you've come to know and love out of me. My leaking anus has prizes like a cracker jack box for all of you guys- I really want to share the naughty, beautiful joys of Fistmas with everybody! I'm just so overcome with it, and I want to share my poop fetish with everybody.

So I'm thinking, how can a girl like me open up her leaking anus, and spread all the goodies around like butter on toast? Well, I considered going to everybody's house, and leaving a steamer on their doorstep. But seriously, that would take the rest of my life- and I'd NEVER get to everybody! That would be a tragedy in the modern world, that the Fistmas spirit could die so young, and the poop fetish people all over the world could be forced to go without.
But I am determined to show Fistmas to everybody. So come one, come all to my poopy tree! Ethan and I have been seeking out donations of delicious poopies, so we can turn our simple poop fetish into something better than it's ever been before. And when we have plenty, we're going to top it off with a delicious, corn laden turd fresh from my leaking anus. Of course, we'll probably eat it in a week, but oh well!
Merry Fistmas!


Jacky Maille said...

I'm curious...Do you use toilet paper? How much and what kind?

Anywaise, I'm already in the Fistmas spirit. I'm going to go out and buy the family a poop tree. What's the best kind of tree to use?

Popanator said...

I don't use toilet paper. Tounges are better!!!1!!! A poopy tree sounds delightful! Its best to use the constipation poopies as ornaments. The best kind of tree to use is the blue spruce it contrast the brown in the poopies the best.