Thursday, April 26, 2012

My New House!

Alright poopie freaks, after everything that went wrong this year, something went right. Yes, hold on to your poopies.... I HAVE MY OWN HOUSE!!!!!!!!! My own poopie house. I posted a tour on YouTube. This is amazing, guys. I have my own little kitchen where I eat the delicious corn laden poo after making it in that porceline bowl. I don't have to do dishes, all I have to do is flush. I occasionally lick it nice and clean afterwards.

I have my own bedroom, to where if I want to fuck outside my gene pool, I no longer have to hide it. All I have to do is play spin the bottle. That's where I jam a bottle up your poo hole and tickle your colon. Mmmmm...... Then, I take it out and drink poo laden wine. That is the best.

I even have my own trolling closet. You know, so I feel comfortable like I did sitting in my daddie's basement. Well, I have to unpack. Kisses, hugs, and poo from your Popanator!

Check out the vid:

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Hero John Assanti

Hey there, poopie freaks. I know this year has been difficult for, well, for just about everyone. Hell, the things I've been through this year, kinda makes my life before seem like a cushy pink cloud. Enough of that, I want to be serious for once. I want to give a shout out to a man who seemed at first like a big LOL cow. At first he was as pathetic as Chris Chan. Hell, even I trolled him for the lulz.

He will be on TRU TV May 10th. He will also be on MTV Ridiculousness. With the extreme challenges in front of him, he never gave up. He even laughed in the faces of haters and trolls. This is why we should never give up. Even when life just throws you shit, and not in the delicious corn laden way. No, the 1,000 pound shit that just lays on your chest and you feel like you can't move. Or when you feel life has placed you in a dark tunnel from which you can never escape.

The Popanator will succeed. Sometimes, I need to be reminded what I am actually wanting to do. My goals and dreams seem so out of reach. But, if a 700 pound man with a webcam can achieve fame, well, so can I. With that, I leave you this:

Monday, April 9, 2012

The True Meaning of Easter

Hey there my poopie freaks. No, Popanator has not forgotten about you. My life has been very interesting and busy lately. I know, I am now too busy to troll a lot. One may start to think, I've gotten a life. But don't worry, I still fit in my poopie snacks and my love of extreme fisting between working, pleasuring my boyfriend in every way imaginable, and sleep.

I had a very mundane Easter yesterday. I spent the day with daddie and my son, Desmond. We had Easter baskets of all my favourite treats! Mmmm..... There were plastic eggs filled with recycled corn. There were little corn laden poo balls that looked so cute!!! Even cute little rice laden poo balls. The rice was still moving. It was an Easter feast to remember.  My daddie was so amazing that he hand crafted my favourite candy. He carved a bunny out of a large poo log. It was even the rice laden poo with maggots so it would tickle my tounge. He wrapped it up in a little pink bow and even made the bunny a little tiara out of poo and used corn as jewels. He just knows I love princess things. I was so happy with him I made sure I showed my appreciation if you know what I mean.

After the gobbling of delicious poo laden bunnies, it came time to dye the eggs. I used my favourite Disney Princess egg decorating kit of course. They have Disney princess everything, but that is beside the point. I wish I could be a princess... a poopie princess. Me and my prince charming would just ride off into the sunset after giving the horse and enema and making love while the horse showers its delicious brown rain on both our bodies...

Back to the point, while dying the eggs I realized the true meaning of Easter. It is a holiday to celebrate spring. The egg is a symbol of fertility. The egg came out of the chicken's vagina with its well, dead embryo baby after I boiled the fuck out of that egg. The egg symbolizes new life which is what can happen if you don't use protection while fucking. Seriously guys, stick with fisting and poopie hole play. That way, you won't get preggers. I thought more about it while I was now festivley colouring this chicken's aborted baby.

The chocolate rabbit, well, is another symbol of fertility. Rabbits love to fuck. They fuck more than I do. They will fuck anything. Rabbits reproduce quickly too.

Forget about what you learned in Sunday School. This is a pagan holiday. Remember, Christianity is anti-fucking. But, all Easter is is symbols of fucking. From the chicken's aborted baby to the hawnee rabit. It is even chocolate which is a symbol of poopies. So eating a chocolate rabbit is like eating a shit covered fuck. Oh, God, I'm gonna cum.........

Okay, I'm back. Springtime is the time of renewing life. Animals go out and fuck and shit out babies out of their cunts. Those babies suck their mommy's titties for that delicious white stuff. I mean, I just love spring!

If you get lucky enough to fuck and shit out a youngin' this spring here is a cute little outfit you can bring the baby home in. Don't worry, your friend Popanator thinks of everything.

Poopies on Board Jumper zazzle_shirt