Saturday, December 11, 2010

Romance with my shit buddy!

I love shit, I love poopies, and I love my Ethan. Say what you will about religion, but that's my holy trinity right there. I found out that this company is making a two person toilet the other day, and I wanna save up and buy the first one. That is probably the most romantic idea for introducing "vanilla" people to the joys of a proper poop fetish, and what it means to share your poopies with your partner. As a matter of fact, I want whoever designed that beautiful beast to autograph it for me, so I'll have a real collector's item. Then Ethan and I can poop together, and then swap seats and enjoy the little brown presents we leave one another in our own bowls.
We tried dog bowls once, but that was kinda strange.

I think it's great that I have a man who loves my naughty little poop fetish. If I didn't have one, that handsome, wonderful man would've gone and found himself another girl who did. So I guess I'm grateful that I'm a little kooky sometimes, because I just wouldn't have my life any other way. I hope this Fistmas season, you guys all take some time to think of what you're happy and grateful for- because Fistmas is about more than just shit holes.
The perfect gift for your shit buddy!


The Duck said...

Hey! Got any grapes?

Popanator said...

Grapes sound like a good idea! I can shove them up my Ethan's poo hole and suck out the pooey grape juice afterwards. Mmmm...