Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I'm going to write about something serious. I don't understand why we have modesty. What is the point? Why is it we have to pretend we don't fuck and wear pants to pretend whe do not have genitals and a poopie hole. Why must we have public restrooms with seperate stalls. Why must we pretend that we don't go poopie when ever does this every few days or so.

Why must we put up a false facade pretending we don't do things that everyone does? What I would like to be able to do is fuck and fist poopie holes in public. Why must I pretend that I don't? Why must I hide my true love? Why would it be really offenseive if my Ethan put his fist up my ass all the way and fists my poopie hole until it liquifies?!  We all have poopie holes! Its no secret!

Why the fuck can I not go poopie when I feel like it. I think poopies would be funner if I had someone there with me like a shit buddy. We could gather all our friends and just shit hard. I mean pooping feels so wonderful. Why not share it. What I love to do is poop when I make love and then cum hard. It is so romantic to share that wonderful feeling while holding my love tight.

Why must I pretend I don't eat poopies in public? I love to eat them. They are so delicious1!!!!! I would love to pack them in my lunch and take them out at work. I would share with all my co-workers the delicious poopies. Whever I tried before I got fired and thrown into the psych ward.

Think about all the glorious things our false modesty makes us miss out on. People fuck on the first date. Why not walk around naked so we don't get surprised on the first date. Why not air out the poopie hole. Why not share the delcious smelling gasses in the world?!

I dream for a world I don't have to hide it all. A world I don't have to pretend i don't fuck and shit and then eat my shit! People, lets all lobby to get rid of this horrible modesty. Lets take off our clothes and show the world the truth. Lets fuck

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Jacky Maille said...

Only on Planet Popanator!