Monday, October 11, 2010

Microwaved Poopies!!!1!!

I was watching one of mah poopies spinning around in the microwave – I call 'em steamers for a reason, you know – when I got an idea for something fun to do. Sometimes I like to see how much of something I can do, and one little turd just wasn't enough to satisfy me. That's just a little bitty snack for me. So I dug deep within myself, squatted down over the open microwave, and poured the contents of my colon deep into that little box. I felt pretty empty afterward – I'll need to get Ethan to fill me up when he gets home, hehe. But it was for a good purpose. I filled the entire microwave. So I turned it up all the way, and watched that squishy, beautiful brown baby of mine turn as best it could in there, round and round it went, until the microwave just exploded all over me. It was like bathing in my own child, as that sticking brown spray just coated my face and body. Oh my god, that got me so wet I fisted myself for like an hour afterward. I hadn't used both fists since my birthday, but they both went in with that sensual greatness I love so much.

Poopies for sale!!!!!

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