Friday, October 22, 2010

Rectal Rocket!

One of my friends told me about this thing called a Rectal Rocket. It sounded cute, so I picked one up. It's supposed to treat hemorrhoids, but I ate all of them a long time ago. They were kinda like jelly beans, and I miss having them around as a between-poopy snack. But Ethan likes it when my ass is all smooth and soft - he likes to grab a handful while he fists me with his other arm. So other than just having a cute name, the rectal rocket is a pretty fun little toy to put lotion in. I put in some cocoa butter, mayonnaise and obviously some corn (after all, my poo can never be sufficiently corn laden - that would be mediocre!), then gave her a good squirt.

Now normally I don't notice things smaller than a hand in mah poopy hole. I've been stretched out pretty good lately, especially since my big manly stud puts his muscular arm in there. But in this case, I actually felt that yummy goodness coating my rectum, and also getting some time with my anus itself. That was downright therapeutic!
Own a piece of the Popanator!

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