Friday, August 20, 2010

Special Post

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Hello there. Its Popanator again! I have a special post for you. I have always wondered why people are so offended by poopies. Poopies are so natural and wonderful. I love how poop squishes in my hand. I love to taste the corn out of my poop and it tastes like corn on the cob. Why are people so offeneded? Everyone takes a poop. I went to a public toliet the other day and the toilet seat was covered in shit. I liked it up tasting the crusty goodness and then I fisted me poopie hole adding to the lovely shitness. I smeared it on the wall.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you're odd & i wonder what kind of life you must really live. Do you have a real job? if so does your employer know of this blog? I mean really...your humor is tortuous and i highly doubt you'll make it anywhere in the real world. Poopie fetish? guh-ross...& i kinda hope you really do "eat shit & die" as they say. i hope you genuinley like to consume crap so that you get a disease and leave this world. i do not want to share it with some one like you. bleh.