Friday, August 13, 2010


I'm like a mad scientist, when it comes to shit. I'm always tinkering, playing around, just trying to create the perfect poopie. You might even say that perfect poopies are my passion. So I went back to the cat box, and harvested a few little crunchy poopies, to see what kind of fun I could have with 'em. But then I thought back to a day at the beach I had once. I'd made a castle out of wet sand – maybe I could make one out of shit and kitty litter.
So I lugged the bucket of litter out to the yard, and spread it out in a box. I dropped a few poopies in there (mine, not the cat's), and rolled 'em up in the gravelly stuff like breading chicken – it gave me an idea for a recipe that I'll try out later. I started shaping the crunchy poopies into little bricks, because that's what castles are made of. Putting 'em together, it started taking the shape of a little igloo – maybe a shitgloo?
I never realized how much I can poop, when I put my mind to it. It took a while to put the whole thing together, and I was sweatin' something awful by the end – but I had a little house that I could lay down in. I now have proof that poop can do anything.

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