Monday, August 16, 2010

Period week again!!!1!!!

Ooh, it’s mah period again! You guys know how I love my little Aunt Flo! I got a little hungry, and I noticed that I seemed to be a natural source of a thick, robust red sauce. So I boiled up some spaghetti, and squeezed out a thick lump of bloody stuff out of my cooch onto it. And naturally, I dropped a couple of little poopie meat balls on there, just to make it a complete plate.

But my meal just didn’t seem complete, for some reason. What goes really well with spaghetti? Garlic bread! So I got out some of my custom home made corn bread (which I can eat over and over again, if ya know what I mean), and copped a squat right over it. I’ve always thought my own pee smells a little bit like garlic, so I gave the bread a good golden spritz – and it was delicious!

You guys have GOT to come to my house. I made dinner!!!

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