Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Rapunzel--The more realistic story...

Here is a beautiful fairy tale for all those who love fairy tales:

There once was a beautiful woman trapped in a tower by an witch. She had long dark hair and was naked. (She lived in a tower, who would see her?) She had to piss and shit into a bucket (no toilets back then). Each time she pissed and shit she threw it out the window.

Her isolation drew her into insanity. Her only friends were the delicious corn laden poo she gave birth to and the witch she occasionally gave sexual favours to for scraps of bread and water. She would eat out the witch's period blood for extra seasoning.

One day as she was throwing out stale poopies out the window the prince rode up on his horse. He was drawn to her beauty. He snuck up to watch her big titties smeared in poopies and period blood jiggle as she threw out the bucket full of waste. He became so hawnee he had to hind behind a bush and choke his chicken while ocasionally fisting his poopie hole to get some lube.

Later that night, he snuck up under the window of that tower. He was standing in 5 foot deep of poopies. He was in heaven!! He rolled around the delicious poopies licking them up. He picked the corn out of the poop and tasted its corn goodness. He heard the woman come up to the window and he opened his mouth wide waiting for a poopie deposit.

Instead, the woman saw him and screamed. The prince said, "Don't scream, my love. Let me climb up on your long hair and I will teach you about anal love!" She never had a real cock in her before and wondered how it would feel, so she let down that long dark hair of hers.

The prince started to climb it and she screamed. Then she fell out of the tower. Luckily there was 5 feet of delicious corn laden poo to break her fall. She was on top of the prince and they started kissing. Then he told her to bend over and he fisted her poopie hole to break her in. She enjoyed it so much. They had anal sex for hours.

Then they rode off into the sunset smeared in poopies. They went back to the castle and live happily ever after. Of course, they had no childeren because all they did was anal sex. But they had fun anyway. Playing with and eating shit.

Now that's a love story!!!
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